First Hand Experience Dealing with Racism

  In 1992 this Yankee (me) headed out alone to Mississippi for Navy "A" School. I was practically the only one with a car so I would always have a packed car driving around looking for stuff to do on our free time. One evening we see a bar and so we park and head in. I get to the door and there's a sign, "No Niggers Allowed". Quite shocking for me who was always good friends with many black people in a state where I never really saw racism. Not like that! I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Another time in the Navy I ended up doing some AA type group therapy thing. One guy was a Chief Petty Officer. Black dude. And he started telling a story about when he was a child and the KKK suddenly appeared on horses wielding all kinds of weapons and terrorizing and beating the local black people. He began to break down in tears and said one of the hoods slipped off one of the men on the horse and he saw it was the local grocery store owner where his family did all their shopping. The pain was fresh and real and I saw it and felt it. This is in our lifetime guys..

Just wanted to put this out there. #Racism is real.

Its not all a "Soros agenda" to stir up race wars.. Please consider just these two stories from a white Yankee who grew up believing the only difference between me and a black person was our skin. Its not all contrived. Black people are often the victims of terrible racist crimes. I saw proof of this first hand in two very clear ways


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