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quotes about the jesuits and the catholic church

"Through their dominance in the educational system, the Jesuits and the Church have controlled the collective Belizean mind. Mind control is the next best thing to slavery. Some even argue that mind control is a more efficient system than physical slavery. Thus, the single most suicidal move you can make politically in Belize is to attack the Roman Catholic Church." ~Source

"... according to ancient lore, this is because the wind and the devil were walking together one day when the devil suddenly disappeared into the Gesu (Jesuit church in Rome). The devil has not come out again, and the wind is still waiting outside!"

Vatican Gun Control Link

"NEVER before in the course of the world's history had such a Society appeared. The old Roman Senate itself did not lay schemes for world domination with greater certainty of success...."

"In Georgetown, now a suburb of the city of Washington, the federal capital, they established a seminary, the first Catholic educational institution in United States territory ; from there, they extended their activities to Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Indeed, it is to a certain degree due to their activities that the newly formed united States included in its Constitution the principles of religious freedom.
In those days, one of Benjamin Franklin's friends was a Jesuit ; this was John Carroll, who had been brought up in Maryland, and who later, on Franklin's special recommendation, was appointed prefect apostolic and afterwards became the first Catholic Bishop of the United States."

Rene Fulop - Miller (1930)

page 273 (download whole book at above link)

Authority to kill heretics.

"The Catholic Church has the right and duty to kill heretics, because it is by fire and sword that heresy can be extirpated. Mere excommunication is derided by heretics. If they are imprisoned or exiled they corrupt others. The only recourse is to put them to death. For the highest good of the church is the Unity of Faith, and this can not be preserved unless heretics are put to death." -- (Prof. Hugh O'Donnell, auther of "The Ruin of Education in Ireland," page 3).


Taken from "Uncle sam or the Pope Which?" page 117

“When the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually.” — George Mason of Virginia, 1788.

“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. ” – Noah Webster of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1787.

"The Pope must admonish kings and punish them with death." Antonio Santarelli, 1626 Italian Jesuit Del Papa

"By reason, the Pope is the head, and Kings are but as arms or hands of the same Body; therefore if they do not their duty being careful to preserve the Body, the Head as Lord and Master may cut them off." Multiple Jesuit Contributors, 1685 Warning to England’s King Charles II The Jesuits Catechism

"It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country—the United States of America—are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe." General Lafayette, 1799 Aide to General Washington Romanism: A Menace to the Nation

"My History of the Jesuits is in four volumes in twelves, printed in Amsterdam in 1761. The Work is anonymous; because, as I suppose, the Author was afraid, as all the Monarchs of Europe were at that time, of Jesuitical Assassination." John Adams to Thomas Jefferson November 4, 1816 An Inquiry Into the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

"It is the bounden duty of every Christian to pray against Antichrist. And as to what Antichrist is, no sane man ought to raise a question. If it be not Popery in the Church of Rome, there is nothing in the world that can be called by that name. . . . Popery is contrary to Christ’s gospel and is the Antichrist and we ought to pray against it." ~Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 1873 England’s Prince of Preachers Quoted by Ireland’s Ian Paisley Protest of the Pope in Parliament

"Wherever the Jesuits go, revolution quickly follows" -(Behold A Pale Horse, Chpt.2,pg.92,William Cooper)

"For the Pope holdeth place on earth,
not simply of a man but of the one true God."
Pope Innocent III, 1215
Antichrist of the Dark Ages
Fourth Lateran Council

"...if you trace up Masonry, through all its Orders, till you come to the grand tip-top, head Mason of the World, you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits] are one and the same person." – James Parton (American historian)

William Blackstone shared the general Anti-Catholic prejudices of his age and milieu. As discussed in more detail in the article on Anti-Catholicism, his Commentaries summarized his attitude toward Roman Catholics as follows:

As to papists, what has been said of the Protestant dissenters would hold equally strong for a general toleration of them; provided their separation was founded only upon difference of opinion in religion, and their principles did not also extend to a subversion of the civil government. If once they could be brought to renounce the supremacy of the pope, they might quietly enjoy their seven sacraments, their purgatory, and auricular confession; their worship of reliques and images; nay even their transubstantiation. But while they acknowledge a foreign power, superior to the sovereignty of the kingdom, they cannot complain if the laws of that kingdom will not treat them upon the footing of good subjects.(very good subjects)

— Bl. Comm. IV, c.4 ss. iii.2, p. *54

"Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order] was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversion plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute [i.e., Thomas J. Campbell]. Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection." (1987) J.E.C. Shepherd (Canadian historian)

"Within the last century, popes have called religious freedom madness, free elections godless, and a free press- tantamount to atheism. "

Snippet from, "The Martyr in Black, the Saddest Bride on Earth" the life story of Sister Justina. For twenty years a nun in the shadow of convent walls.

(From the very first page of the Preface.) "Woman---blinded by superstition---has ever been the defenseless victim of the Catholic scheme in all ages. It was Gladstone, England's greatest statesman, who will said: "No more cunning plot was ever divulged against the intelligence, the freedom, the happiness and the virtue of mankind than Romanism." And what deep significance these words carry when we realize that behind thousands of grim convent walls in our own beloved land there are tens of thousands of frail, helpless women, clothed in that significant black garb of the grave, sacrificed every year to the lust and greed of priestcraft!"

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The True origin of Scottish Rite Freemasonry
According to the Masonic Quiz Book:
Ask Me Another, Brother
by William Peterson

"The Jesuits wrote the first 25 rites of Scottish Freemasonry in then College de Clermont in Paris in 1754"

"Chevalier de Bonneville [like the Bonneville automobile manufactured by Chevrolet/General Motors] formed a chapter of twenty-five Degrees of the so-called High-Degrees in the College of Jesuits of Clermont, in Paris in 1754. The adherents of the House of Stuart had made the college of Clermont their asylum, they being mostly Scotchmen. One of these Degrees being the "Scottish Master," the new body organized in Charleston, S.C., in 1801, gave the name of Scottish Rite to these Degrees, which name ever since that time has characterized the Rite all over the world."

In a letter written by Charles Sotheran addressed to the New York Press Club, dated January 11, 1877,: "It is curious to note too that most of the bodies which work these, such as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the Rite of Avignon, the Order of the Temple, Fesslor's Rite, the 'Grand Council of the Emperors of the East and West Sovereign Prince Masons', etc., etc., are nearly all the offspring of the sons of Ignatius Loyola. The Baron Hundt, Chevalier Ramsey, Tschoudy, Zinnendorf, and numerous others, who founded the grades in these rites, worked under instructions from the General of the Jesuits. The nest where these high degrees were hatched, and no Masonic rite is free from their baleful influence more or less, was the Jesuit College of Clermont at Paris."

By Brother Nick Rivera

In response to your question AntiSionist, Michael Chertoff is credited as the architect of the USA PATRIOT Act but he in fact co-authored it with Viet E. Dinh of Jesuit Georgetown Law. I am certain that Dinh consulted with the Jesuit community there as it was being written up because the Order had similar laws passed throughout the world which it considers to be their provinces and assistancies.

John C. Gannon is a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps meaning he is admittedly a Temporal Coadjutor as well as a lay Jesuit. Gannon is the founder of the Department of Homeland Security so while Papal Court Jew Chertoff is visible, Gannon is his boss and that of SMOM Emilio T. Gonzalez.

Knight of Malta Emilio T. Gonzalez is the head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for the Jesuits' Department of Homeland Security and he answers to Edward Cardinal Egan. The connection between the American Fourth Reich's DHS, SMOM and Georgetown University is undeniable.

Here is an example, pictorial proof of the aforementioned connection Notice DHS Deputy Secretary Michael P. Jackson a Georgetown alum, SMOM Gonzalez and Papal Court Jew Chertoff.

Hope this info helps.

Brother Nick Rivera

Book: "The Roman Catholic Church in Italy" by Alexander Robertson, DD (1903) Page 101 of said book: "Men had served the devil, and men had very imperfectly served God, but to think that God could be served more perfectly by taking the devil into partnership---this was a novelty of St. Ignatius,"
-Thomas Carlyle

Book: "The Roman Catholic Church in Italy" by Alexander Robertson, DD (1903)

Page 51 of said book:

The position of Pope Leo XIII. in the Church to-day is simply that of a slave of the Jesuits. This is so universally recognized in Italy that when he says or does something outrageously disloyal the Italian press as a whole regards him in pity, rather than in anger, reserving its indignation for the Jesuits, saying, "Povera creatura (poor creature), he has to do what he is bid." The General of the Jesuits, the 'black Pope," is the real and only Pope. The one who bears the title is but a figurehead. It is the Jesuits' policy he pursues, their voice that speaks through him, their hand that guides him. When illustrating this fact to me, Count Campello, who was a great friend of the late Pope Pio Nono, drew a circle, and said, "Within that circle he is free; if he crosses it, he is a dead man." That is to say, in minor affairs he has a certain amount of freedom, but the moment he dares to act for himself in important matters, against the will of the Jesuits, he runs the risk of being got rid of, and the means the Jesuits threaten to use for this purpose is that one so indelibly associated with their name and history, poison. There is no exaggeration in the late Emile Zola's reference to this in his Rome, when he represents Pierre saying, "What! Poison? Again? The Pope poisoned!" To which Prado answers, "Why, yes, poison,...poison with all it's legends, poison which kills like lightening and leaves no trace, the famous recipe bequethed from age to age, through emperors and the popes."

"I know the Jesuits never forget nor forsake. But man must not care how and where he dies, provided he dies at the post of honor and duty." ~Abraham Lincoln ("50 Years in the 'church' of Rome" by Charles Chiniquy pg. 472

"Your enemies are devils incarnate" ~Abraham Lincoln speaking to Charles Chiniquy about Jesuits
("50 Years in the 'church' of Rome" Pg 471)

"The Power of the Inquisitor." from "The Devil in the Church and his Snares Laid to Destroy our Public Schools" Pgs 173-174

From the Directory for the Inquisitors. Part III

Question 32. "An inquisitor may force the governors of cities to swear that they will defend the Church against heretics." -- Page 560
Question 43. "Inquisitors may proceed against the dead, who before or after their death were reported to them as guilty of heretical depravity." --Page 570
Question 56. "Inquisitors may proceed to execute their office with an armed force." -- Page 583.
Question 57. "Inquisitors, to seize heretics or their favorers, may demand the aid of the civil authority." --Page 585.
Question 62. "Inquisitors may coerce witness to swear that they will testify to the truth, and should frequently examine them." --Page 600.
Question 65. "Inquisitors may lawfully admit perjured persons to testify and act in cases concerning the faith." -- Page 605.
Question 66. "Inquisitors may lawfully receive infamous persons, and criminals, or servants against their masters, both to act and give evidence in causes respecting the faith." --Page 606.
Question 68. "An inquisitor must not admit a heretic to testify in a cause of faith against or for a believer." -- Page 611.
Question 69 "Inquisitors may allow heretics to witness against heretics, but not for them." -- Page 612.
Question 73. "Inquisitors may torture witnesses to obtain truth, and punish them if they have given false evidence." -- Page 622.
Question 74. "Inquisitors may cite and coerce the attendance of witnesses, and also persons charges with heretical depravity in different dioceses." --Page 626.
Question 93. "Penitent heretics may be condemned to perpetual imprisonment." --Page 641.
Question 108. "Inquisitors may provide for their own expenditures, and salaries of their officers, from the property of heretics." --Page 652.
Question 110. "Prelates or inquisitors may confiscate the property of impenitent heretics, or of persons relapsed." --Page 662.

Same Book, Page 466.

Catholics First and Citizens Next

"Nationalities must be subordinate to religion, and we must learn that we are Catholics first and citizens next. God is above man and the church above the state." --Bishop Gilmore.

America The Hope of Rome

"Out of the Roman States there is no country where I am Pope except the United States." --Pope Gregory XVI.

"America is the hope of Rome." --The Pope.

Same Book, Page 424.

Plans For Overthrowing our Government

The Duke of Richmond, formerly Governor General of Canada, said: "The government of the United States is weak, inconsistent and bad; it must and will be destroyed. So long as it exists, no prince in Europe will be safe on his throne. The sovereigns of Europe are aware of this, and are determined upon it's destruction. They have come to an understanding upon this subject, and decided on the means to accomplish it. They will eventually succeed by subversion, rather than conquest. All the low population of Europe will be carried into America---it will be a receptacle for the bad and disaffected. This will create a surplus, a heterogeneous population, speaking a different language--of different religion and sentiments---they will carry with them their principles--will adhere to their former governments, laws, manners, customs and religion--speak of them among the nations, some will join with them---and they will become citizens---discord and civil war will follow---some popular man will take the lead to restore order---the European sovereigns will aid him---all the ignorant will join, and the government will be subverted."

An early colleague of Rhodes (whose trust funds Rhodes scholarships) was Sir Alfred Milner (1854-1925), one of the early members of the "Society of the Elect" formed by Rhodes about 1885. It would be "a secret society patterned on the Jesuits." As described in Rhodes's first will (1877), the goals were "the extension of British rule throughout the world; perfecting a system of emigration from the United Kingdom and colonization of all lands... the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of a British Empire; the consolidation of the Empire... to make war impossible and promote the best interests of humanity."

sister magda

jfk secret society speech