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George Noory (From 'Coast to Coast' AM radio show) had Jesuit father Felix on his show explaining the hype surrounding 6/06/06. Of course George Noory helped Alex Jones become who he is in the "Alternative Media". Noory was one of the first people to interview Alex Jones where Alex tells how he got started in broadcasting. Alex had been imitating Crazy Eddie (His prices are INSANE!!! Yes that Crazy Eddie) and was handing his frantic bits around to radio stations. Someone must have heard Jones and thought he would be perfect to help whip this country up into a frenzy (unfortunately all traces of this interview of Alex Jones telling this story seems to have recently disappeared off the net. If anyone can find it please let me know). Jones Still promotes Hugo Chavez of Venezuela who recently implemented the enabling act over there as Hitler did in Germany.
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Looking at 6/6/6

In the first half of the show three guests offered their commentary on the significance of the 6/6/6 date. Father Felix Just, a Jesuit priest, suggested that people often take material out of context from the Bible and add their own meanings to it.

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Host: George Noory
Here is the link to all the interviews Alex Jones had by George Noory since 2004.  (This link recently had the story of Alex Jones starting off in the radio business by passing around his imitations of 'Crazy Eddie'. Why is it not there any more?)
-T. Richards

Date of Message:| Sat, Jun 23, 2007 1:21 pm