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The "suicides" (murders) of the Peoples Temple members was on November 18, 1978. Bernard Darke, a Jesuit priest and photographer for the local Catholic Standard Newspaper was stabbed to death 8 months later by another group labeled "cult" by the Catholic CULT.


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Catholic Standard Newspaper Logo
Georgetown, Guyana

CIA Officer E. Howard Hunt states, "We have always said, you know, in an admiring way that the Jesuits form the greatest intelligence agency in the world, and always have." Watch it yourself:

Alberto Rivera Stated that Cult Leader Jim Jones was a Jesuit under the Jesuit secret oath. This web page is a result of myself putting Rivera's words to task. What I came up with were some intriguing results!

To start with, in the FBI files made public through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), there is testimony that Jim Jones often repeated a section of what is alleged to be the Jesuit Oath and alleged to be a maxim of the Jesuits used to justify any and every evil act:"the end justifies the means". Below is the screen shot from the web site:

the end justifies the means jesuits cia

Jim Jones and the People's Temple (PT) also had some endorsements from Influential Catholic Leaders. One was a Jesuit and the other, an American Franciscan friar. Source Link

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father alfred boeddeker jim jones jonestown peoples temple cult jesuits catholic church roman

Father Alfred Boeddeker, O.F.M ~INFO LINK

john mossi jonestown jesuit cia jim jones peoples temple

dr john p mossi jesuit cia jim jones jonestown peoples temple

Fr. John P. Mossi, S.J. ~INFO LINK

john mossi adolfo nicolas quinn san francisco jesuits cult jonestown peoples temple

John Mossi (Left) With the Black Pope Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, S.J.! (Right) and the Most Rev. John Quinn (center), Archbishop Emeritus of Archdiocese of San Fran, on 2/4/09,


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Jim Jones and Jesuit trained Jerry Brown when Brown was governor. Jerry Brown actually trained to be a Jesuit Priest. Jerry brown is the current Attorney General of California (11/18/2008).

jerry brown governor jesuit jim jones peoples temple california

"Jerry and friend Frank Damrell (now federal judge) join their fathers at Sacred Heart Novitiate. Jerry spends four years of silence, prayer, manual work and study of the classics." ~Source

Check this out for more Jerry Brown - Jesuit info and Pictures.

"That occasionally all-too-real cliche is the opposite of Jerry Brown. A Jesuit intellectual as a youth, a person still filled with strong moral conviction, in reality he's straightforward, honest, sensible, down-to-earth." ~Source

Jim Jones preaches on steps of catholic Church in Guyana

"Once he arrived in Guyana, as best as can be determined, Jones never left his jungle empire. He had drawn a crowd with religious proclamations on the steps of a Georgetown Catholic Church when he first arrived, had met with people in the Guyanese capital, and then had left for the interior and Jonestown." ~Source

andrew morrison sj guyana jonestown cia jesuits

(Picture taken from the book, "JUSTICE, The Struggle for Democracy In Guyana 1952-1992")

MI6 Agent/Jesuit Priest Allows Jim Jones to hold services at Catholic Church

"Jones had sent some staff members to his commune site, and he visited and tried to publicize himself by giving a sermon in Guyana's capital city, Georgetown. Members of Jones' staff looked for a place for Jones to preach, and in town was a Catholic Church. Jones' staff was aware of the enthusiastic ecumenism of Father Andrew Morrison (SJ), and they asked Morrison if they could use his Sacred Heart Church to give a service, without being candid about the nature of Jones' preaching. Father Morrison and his perish council agreed. Jones' appearance at the church was well advertised. Father Morrison was present at the service and was appalled. In the days that followed, Morrison apologized publicly for what he called a blatant hoax and fraud having taken place in his church. Some people in Georgetown saw Jones as having imported cheap tricks, and Jones was disappointed that techniques that worked in Indiana and California had not worked in Georgetown, Guyana. And Jones wondered whether he was losing his touch." (All i know is that a Jesuit let this methodist "minister" peach at his Catholic Church. They could say whatever after that but i don't buy it -TR) ~Source

"Tribute to Andrew Morrison SJ" (The one who let Jim Jones preach at the Catholic Church):

The Government Information Agency (GINA) joins in paying tribute to a fearless fighter for press freedom, Father Andrew Morrison, S.J.

Father Morrison’s contribution to the struggle for press freedom brings to memory another great patriot Father Bernard Darke, who was murdered by armed agents of the then PNC regime, whilst carrying out journalistic duties in a period when press freedom was non-existent.
Source link

"He was to grow immensely tall and successively to study accountancy, become a Jesuit and be approached by MI6 to train as a saboteur; he would edit a newspaper, be hailed continent-wide as a champion of press freedom," Read More

andrew morrison jesuits guyana jonestown cia english sis

Rev Fr. Andrew Morrison SJ

fr andrew morrison sj jesuit catholic church

Rev Fr Andrew Morrison selling his Catholic Propaganda.

Quote from the book: "The People's Temple had established their commune in the North West District near the Venezuelan border in 1974. little was known about them in Guyana, except that they had come from the United States to establish an Agricultural Mission in the jungle to help with the Government's "Grow More Food" campaign. This was the story put out in glowing terms by the Government controlled press."

As you can see from the above quotes that this Jesuit didn't like the People's Temple from the start. You see, the Jesuits had been busy trying to overthrow the current government because they had broken away from Britain in 1966. and remember, this Jesuit was an English MI6 agent.

Georgetown Guyana was named after King George III of the Holy Roman Empire ~Source

*Edit* (Added 11/30/08):

Here's something I found today which was interesting. Deborah Layton who married an alleged CIA agent George Phillip Blakey, wrote a book filled with propaganda about peoples temple. Well that book is "a part of the curriculum at the JESUIT Gonzaga University's Doctorate Program for Leadership" Source
And I found her father's obituary ("Laurence Laird Layton"): LINK
I was amazed to see this admitted in a mainstream newspaper. they added a lot of propaganda at the end but it still tells you a lot.
Notice how they are wanting his son/her brother freed. they are talking about larry layton, the only one prosecuted for the Georgetown airport landing strip which supposedly killed a Congressman and 3 others. He did get paroled in 2002 I believe. Imagine that. After killing 4 people of which included a Congressman!!


Alberto Rivera's Words:

More Jonestown Info