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Here are two scholarly works I very highly recommend:

Book 1: The Life of Stepan Bandera.
Book 2: Ukrainian War Crimes and Human Rights Abuses 2017-2020

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Enough with the secrets and subsequent conspiracy theories.
Release the CIA files on Jonestown!!

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Was Daniel (Dan) Mitrione and Richard Dwyer actually the SAME PERSON? This would be a groundbreaking research lead in this case IF it were true. And I believe you will have heard this here first. I have never read this or heard it from anywhere or anyone. Let's look at some pictures and hear some facts as to why this MIGHT BE, COULD BE, TRUE.

richard-dwyer-dan-mitrione richard-dwyer-dan-mitrione

Richard Dwyer - Allegedly Died Aug 29, 1991 at age 58 which means he would have been only 45 in this picture!

Daniel (Dan) Mitrione (8/4/20-8/10/70) Allegedly Died at age 50. Would have been 58 in picture on left if "Richard Dwyer"

45 or 58 question

mitrione wikipedia



Both men connected to the CIA through the U.S. State Department. Both men connected to Jim Jones. Both men connected to SOUTH AMERICA. Both men involved in SHADY OPERATIONS.


But Daniel Mitrione was supposed to have died in 1970. How or why did he show up in JONESTOWN in 1978? Congressman Leo Ryan went to Jonestown and was shot and killed as he tried to leave. The ONLY congressman to ever die in the line of duty. What information was he about to bring back to the states? What happened to cause the carnage which unfolded in those 48 hours? A congressman and over 900 Americans DEAD.


Jim Jones on tape saying "Get dwyer out of here.." would take on a whole new meaning. It would mean JIM JONES KNEW "Richard Dwyer" was Dan Mitrione's new code name (Because Jones personally knew Mitrione!). And it would mean JIM JONES was most likely also CIA and a part of whatever creepy operation they had going there in Guyana! It would mean we now have a better clue as to why the WHOLE operation had to be scrubbed with all the people there being MURDERED - If this is correct, to God be the glory, because I've been praying for answers and for justice to these victims at Jonestown. Especially praying for justice for the hundreds of children who died there!


I first made this connection through a recent google image search. You can call it "a moment of clarity" when I first realized that Daniel Mitrione and Richard Dwyer were in fact the same person. Contact me here if you have any comments on this. More information on Dan Mitrione and Richard Dwyer below.

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cia first ones to report suicides

Vatican Gun Control Link

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Unlike most other figures deemed as cult leaders, Jones enjoyed public support and contact with some of the highest level politicians in the United States. For example, in the heat of the 1976 Presidential Campaign, Jones met with Vice Presidential Candidate Walter Mondale on his campaign plane.

rosalynn carter jim jones peoples temple cecil williams
Rosalynn Carter and Jim Jones. Preacher Cecil Williams on Mrs. Carter's right. Listen to Audio of a conversation between Rosalynn Carter and Jim Jones

Rosalynn Carter and Jim Jones Video Footage!

Likewise, First Lady Rosalynn Carter personally met Jones for a private dinner at the Stanford Court Hotel. Mrs. Carter later called Jones personally. At the 1976 grand opening of the San Francisco Democratic Party Headquarters, Jones packed the audience with Temple members and garnered louder applause when he spoke than Mrs. Carter.

Governor Jerry Brown, Lieutenant Governor Mervyn Dymally and Assemblyman Willie Brown, among others, attended a large testimonial dinner in Jim Jones' honor in September of 1976. At that dinner, Willie Brown referred to Jones as "a combination of Martin King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein, and Chairman Mao." Both Assemblyman Willie Brown and Jesuit Trained Governor Jerry Brown attended Temple services.

"The coroner of Guyana, Dr. Mootoo, was on the scene quickly, and testified that almost all the dead had injection marks on their shoulder blades, or were shot or strangled. There was no evidence of mass suicide, but mass murder."

"Later that same day, 909 inhabitants of Jonestown, 276 of them children, died of apparent cyanide poisoning, mostly in and around a pavilion. This resulted in the greatest single loss of American civilian life in a non-natural disaster until the September 11, 2001 attacks." [Source]

The next three videos were created by myself in response to the research I did on Jim Jones, The People's Temple and Jonestown.

1 "Jim Jones and Jonestown, What Really Happened?"
2 "From Jonestown to Waco"

This one I created 03/15/08, There's an old clip from the TV show called PM Magazine about Jonestown.

The interesting connections Jonestown has to the government massacre at Waco, Tx against the Branch Davidians in 1993

3 "The Truth about CIA JIM JONES and Jonestown"

Other Videos (unfortunately some were removed from youtube over time):

NBC NEWS November 19, 1978 Part 1 Jonestown,
and Leo Ryan

NBC NEWS November 19, 1978 Part 2
Don Harris, Bob Brown

This Congressman Leo Ryan was working on an
Amendment for the CIA called the Hughes-Ryan Act.
More Videos:

PBS Special: "Jonestown: The Life And Death Of Peoples Temple" 1.00:24

Jim Jones CIA Connections 6:00

CIA and Jonestown 8:51

Evidence of Revision 5 MKULTRA part 2 Jim Jones 5:27

More CIA Connections:

Dan Mitrione was from the same town in Indiana that James Warren "Jim" Jones came from.

Daniel Anthony "Dan" Mitrione (August 4, 1920 – August 10, 1970) was an Italian-born[1] American police officer, Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, and United States government advisor for the Central Intelligence Agency in Latin America. He was killed by the Tupamaros.

"It is important to note that he had one special childhood friend named Dan Mitrione. This friend would later play an important role in Jim's future."

Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson journalist

On September 27, 1980, a column by respected investigative reporter Jack Anderson was published under the title "CIA Involved In Jonestown Massacre."

This was the first allegation of CIA involvement in the Jonestown incident. According to Anderson, both Richard Dwyer and Jim Jones had ties to the CIA, with Dwyer's ties dating to at least 1959; when quizzed directly about this alleged CIA involvement, Dwyer responded "no comment."

At one point on the sound-recording made during the mass suicide, Jones' own voice commands, "Take Dwyer on down to the east house" and a short time later, Jones says "Get Dwyer out of here before something happens to him." This is considered by some to be evidence that Richard Dwyer, a U.S. embassy official, was really a CIA operative.

richard dwyer suspected cia state dept

Richard Dwyer

Richard Dwyer was a known CIA agent who accompanied Ryan on his fact finding trip. He is seen [Above] in a film of Ryan's departure securing his boarding pass. Later [Above] he can be seen accompanying Ryan to the small plane before the murders of Ryan and other members of the team. He mysteriously separates away from the group just before the shooting begins. Just as mysteriously, he was not a target.

It is believed that Dwyer was aware of the impending massacre and had a special relationship with Jones. A tape found at the camp recorded the voice of Jones telling his guards, "Get Dwyer out of here before something happens to him." Later, a radio transmission on a special CIA frequency reported the massacre -- a transmission believed made by Dwyer after he terminated Jones.


Article about his death in the Washington Post

richard dwyer daniel mitrione jonestown torture cia

The Layton Family

Deborah Layton Blakey and Husband George Phillip (Phil) Blakey

Both were PT members. Deborah's father's name was Lawrence Layton, Sr.

"Now the Layton family were inextricably linked with the People's Temple. In the first place, Dr. Laurence Layton, Sr. was one of the main financial contributors to Jonestown and Dr. Laurence Layton, Sr. had previously been in charge of research and development for the United States Army's Dugway proving ground, one of the top chemical and biological warfare research centers for the United States Army. He had also held a key position in the U.S. Navy's rocketry fuel development program in Maryland and the family itself was very prominent, a prominent southern family who had had ancestors fighting for the Confederate Army and the Layton family had a number of interesting connections to the national security establishment. The most interesting being Lawrence Layton, Sr." ....

lawrence laurence laird layton allergologist biochemist dugway proving ground

"Now Laurence Layton, Sr. had a number of children. Laurence Layton, Jr. was one of them and it was Larry Layton, Jr. who led the firing squad which executed Representative Leo Ryan and others. Congressman Leo Ryan and a number of other people at the Port Kituma (sp) airstrip in Guiana. His sister was named Debra Layton Blakey (sp) and she was married to a fellow named George Phillip Blakey."

..... "George Phillip Blakey had been the individual who placed the down payment on the property in Guiana which was purchased by Jim Jones and the People's Temple. He had previously been a contract agent for the Central Intelligence Agency in Angola where the CIA was conducting a massive covert operation and the evidence suggests that among the purposes of Jonestown was the training of black Brazilian mercenaries to fight for the CIA in Angola." ~Source

(Phil Blakey was conveniently with the basketball team in Georgetown, Guyana when the mass murders took place.)

deborah layton blakey
Deborah Layton Blakey

Now it's very important to understand that Deborah Layton Blakey was the main person who was a "defector" of Peoples Temple and was telling the Media that the Peoples Temple members were practicing faked suicides and giving death threats to people who wanted to leave. She even wrote a book about it and she still does interviews to this day!!

Pictures and Captions from hard to find old news article:

lisa philips layton karen debbie layton

analisa thomas layton berkeley family

Other CIA connections with "Jonestown" include the allegations that:

  • Richard Dwyer's name had appeared in the publication Who's Who In The CIA
  • US Ambassador John Burke and another embassy official, Richard McCoy, had strong links with the CIA
  • The Georgetown CIA station was situated in the US Embassy building
  • Dan Webber, sent to Guyana immediately after the massacre, was with the CIA and
  • Joseph Blatchford, the officially appointed attorney for the "Jonestown" survivors, was involved in a scandal involving CIA infiltration of the Peace Corps.

The involvement of Larry Layton in the ambush of Ryan and his party also provokes great interest from the CIA theorists because of his family background. Layton's father was Dr Laurence Laird Layton who had been the chief of the army's Chemical Warfare Division during the 1950's. It had also been Larry Layton's brother-in-law, the UNITA link, who had negotiated with the Guyana government, on behalf of Jones, for the establishment of "Jonestown."

Another point, which CIA theorists use to support their beliefs, is the fact that, despite the growing controversy surrounding the People's Temple, Jones's move to "Jonestown" was given full support from the American Embassy in Guyana.

larry layton arrested guyana georgetown murder airport congressman leo ryan Port Kaituma airstrip

Larry Layton, the only one ever prosecuted for the murder of Congressman Leo Ryan has been paroled!!

More Pictures of Larry Layton:
larry layton wife
Larry Layton and 1st wife Carolyn
larry layton 2nd wife karen
Larry Layton and 2nd wife Karen

Congressman Leo Ryan

Congressman Leo Ryan is an interesting aspect to this case. Everyone says that he was a victim. They believe the CIA set him up because he was working on an amendment that would restrict the operations of the CIA called Hughes-Ryan Act.

I think it's a possibility that he was in on the whole thing. (Just to clarify this, I think they may have faked his death and that he could have lived out the rest of his life under an assumed name in South America or somewhere else. I'm saying IT'S A POSSIBILITY!) Why do I think this?

1st. He was Jesuit trained. He graduated from Campion Jesuit High School in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin in 1943. He then received V-12 officer training at Bates College and served with the United States Navy from 1943 to 1946 as a submariner. Ryan graduated from Nebraska's Creighton University with an B. A. in 1949 and an M. S. in 1951.

2nd. He was also an early critic of L. Ron Hubbard and his Scientology movement and of the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon. On November 3, 1977, Ryan read into the United States Congressional Record a testimony by John Gordon Clark about the health hazards connected with destructive cults.

Now many would think this is a good thing. But we have to understand what is going on here. The media and the government have usually stated that Jonestown was a result of "dangerous cults" and the danger of falling prey to "cult leaders" that use mind control techniques to take advantage of people.

They used the tragedy of Jonestown to demonize the people at Waco and smeared them through the media almost making the Branch Davidians to appear sub-human.

"..both Waco and Jonestown were CIA mass murders." ~Link (Also check out Anti-cult movement)

Believe it or not, Scientology have constantly been attacked the same way. And they have fought back vigorously. Making many enemies along the way. In researching this issue I have been very surprised at what I have found.

I know for a fact that they have used Jonestown and the theory of mind control against true Christian churches. What a perfect way to cause problems for churches. Label them cults like "Jonestown" and "Waco" and people will be scared to associate with them. Think of it as a sort of modern day "counter reformation." Heretic = Cult member

The "Anti-Cult" Movement

Margaret Singer spent a lot of time championing this theory of mind control. Her testimony regarding this subject was rejected by the Board of Social and Ethical Responsibility for Psychology (BSERP) of the American Psychological Association. Check out some astounding information on Margaret Singer (CIA connections).

"Although she prides herself as an expert in "mind control or coercive persuasion" she was not allowed to testify as an expert witness in a 1990 federal court case. In his ruling rejecting Singer's expertise, U.S. Judge Lowell Jensen said, "The evidence before the court...shows that neither the APA (American Psychological Association) nor the ASA (American Sociological Association) has endorsed the views of Dr. Singer....Her proffered testimony in this case has been challenged by the scientific community on grounds of both scientific merit and methodological rigor." In 1992 she filed a RICO suit against these two organizations for refusing to sanction her work! AFF psychiatrists have also been interlinked to the FBI's behavioral sciences unit at Quantico, Va. AFF-linked operatives, Margaret Singer, Priscilla Coats and Rick Ross were intimately involved in orchestrating the FBI and ATF's siege and assault on the Branch Davidian headquarters in Waco, Tx. in which more than 80 people died. ~Source

margaret singer cia berkeley brainwashing mind control


The Leo J. Ryan Award was established by the Leo J. Ryan Education Foundation in honor of Congressman Leo J. Ryan; Prior to the establishment of the Foundation, Margaret Singer was given the "Leo J. Ryan Memorial Award" in 1978, for research on cults, from Citizens Freedom Foundation.

Other recipients include:

1994 - Patricia Ryan
, daughter of Congressman Ryan, and former director of the Cult Awareness Network. (Interesting fact, Patricia's sister went on to join the Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh group in Oregon soon after her father's death.)


"After his death, Ryan's daughter Shannon Jo changed her name to Jasmine and joined Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a cult. While her sister Patricia became president of the (OLD) Cult Awareness Network.

Ryan's daughter Erin worked for the C.I.A. before eventually becoming an aide to her father's former aide Jackie Speier, who had in 1998 been elected to the state Senate."

1996 - Cynthia Kisser, head of the Old Cult Awareness Network (A big enemy of Scientology).

patricia ryan daughter leo congressman cults can
Patricia Ryan

jackie speier survivor shooting guyana jonestown cult
Jackie Speier

The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) was founded in the wake of the November 18, 1978 deaths of members of the new religious movement Peoples Temple and assassination of Congressman Leo J. Ryan in Jonestown, Guyana. ~More info on CAN.

So you have to be highly suspect of all these anti-cult movements since they are a result of covert CIA operations!

New Link <--- Regarding this "Anti Cult" Movement

All this research I've done on this page really verifies to me the truth in Alberto Rivera's words when he said, "...the Vatican planned the infamous Jonestown massacre in Guyana in 1978. Jim Jones was a Jesuit under that secret oath with instructions from Rome to commit mass murder in order to discredit Christian camps. According to Alberto, "The cry went up that politicians should pass laws forbidding groups from setting up retreats. This way, Bible believers would have to hide when the great wave of persecution from Rome begins."

According to the New York Times, the first official on the scene, Guyanese Coroner Dr. Leslie C. Mootoo, determined that all but three of the people in Jonestown had been murdered: 80-90% had been injected with poison, while the remainder were shot or strangled. The coroners for the few autopsies of Jonestown victims conducted in Delaware were not informed of Dr. Mootoo’s findings The bodies were left to rot in the Guyanese jungle for up to a week before being flown to New Jersey. Relatives and New Jersey officials complained about being kept from the remains, and according to the New York Times Dr. Sturmer, President of the National Association of Medical Examiners, sent an open letter to the U.S. Army, complaining about the handling of remains, and the illegal cremations of most of the Jonestown victims. ~Source Link

Important INFO Links:

  • FBI Files on Jonestown (1) (2) (3)
  • My info on Waco
  • Info on CAN What is the Cult Awareness Network and What Role Did it Play in Waco?
  • PBS: The American Experience
  • Un-Silent Night (Some good info here)
  • More Jonestown Info by Thomas Richards
  • CIA Book of Honor (Notice there are three nameless stars at 1978)

  • Jim Jones - Jesuit links

  • Jim Jones Peoples Temple jesuit Links
  • Jerry Brown's jesuitical Past

  • Strange deaths AFTER Jonestown:

  • Mayor Moscone and Harvy Milk Assassinated ~Link
  • Jonestown Survivor Michael Prokes, Shoots himself after making a Statement to the media ~Link
  • Mills Family found Murdered~Link

  • The nearly 39,000 pages of documents released by the FBI to Freedom under the Freedom of Information Act document the Peoples Temple as a mainstream congregation and show it enjoyed wide support, as from Jane Fonda, who wrote: "I also recommit myself to your congregation as an active full participant — not only for myself, but because I want my two children to have the experience." ~Source

    jim jones mayor george moscone walter mondale
    Mayor Mascone, Jim Jones meet with Walter Mondale (Left to Right)
    jim jones moscone san francisco
    jim jones bob wallach
    Bob Wallach, head of the SF Bar
    Association and Jones.
    jim jones reverend cecil williams charles gain
    Preacher Cecil Williams, Police Chief Charles Gain, and Jim Jones
    jim jones governor jerry brown attorney general jesuit california
    Jesuit Trained Governer Jerry Brown and Jim Jones
    garry attorney jim jones daniel mitrione richard dwyer

    Note: These [above] pictures on this page and the next appeared in the book Six Years with God The author, Jeannie Mills, her husband Al, and daughter Daphne were found murdered in their Berkeley home in 1980. They were ex members of PT.

    Jim Jones receives the Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award-January 1977

    More Interesting info on Jerry Brown
    (Current Attorney General of California):

    jerry brown

    "[Former] Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown Joins CCI’s Advisory Board" and according to This Website
    The Center for Civic Innovation (a subsidiary of Manhattan Institute) is CIA/Jesuit
    controlled and funded by Taxpayers Dollars.
    Jerry Bown also gave Ted L Gunderson a promotion within the FBI as Governor of California.

    Dear Brother Thomas,

     Excellent video! I agree this one raised the bar, my friend! I noticed in the second part you mentioned former CA governor Jerry Brown and he was pictured with Jim Jones! Did you know Brown at one time before he entered politics that he was studying at a Jesuit novitiate to become a priest? Source Link

    I maintain Brown still is a Jesuit to this very day! There is even a picture in Jesuit coadjutor Texe Marrs book, "Codex Magica" showing Brown pictured with his brother Jesuit Bill Clinton giving a strange handsign similar to the mano cornuto, but somewhat different. Marrs acknowledges both men were trained by Jesuits.

    Brown's association with Jim Jones is further evidence that corroborates that which was provided by the late Brother Alberto Rivera who exposed Jim Jones as a Jesuit! I learned Jonestown was actually located in a town called Georgetown (of all names). Even in Langley VA where the CIA is headquartered is located off of Georgetown Pike if you are heading there from the south! I've heard once I believe in college that as a result of the CIA psy-op Jonestown, no religious group can leave this country and retreat to another! I believe this was strategic. It is no wonder why this Jesuit-controlled government is growing more and more evil with each passing day! This was done to ensure that no group of true Born Again Bible Believing Christians can relocate and flee persecution from the "New Evangelization" aka Jesuits' North American inquisition in the future through their DHS!

    I definitely believe Bill Clinton is a Jesuit evidenced by the fact during his "impeachment" proceedings the late Robert F. Drinan SJ spoke in his defense explaining why Clinton should not be impeached from office! He said, "A vote to censure a president by one or both bodies of Congress would establish a dangerous precedent which would weaken the institution of the presidency."  Source Link The Jesuits clearly are behind the centralization of power in the executive branch of this government. The President is a mere puppet of the Order and they are working to make him an absolutist dictator!
    (scroll down for interesting photos of Drinan, Nancy Pelosi, and the Jesuit she personally invited Stephen A. Privett, President of the University of San Francisco to give the invocation the day Congress opened and Pelosi took her oath of office as Speaker of the House on Jan, 4 2007!)

    Drinan is the same man who called for the impeachment of Richard Nixon for SMOM-led Watergate. I believe the real reason Nixon was deposed (pursuant to the Jesuit oath) was due to his knowledge and involvement in the murder of JFK. Nixon's references to the "Bay of Pigs" on the Watergate tapes clearly refer to something else and his former chief of staff H.R. Haldeman in his book, "The Ends of Power" concluded "Bay of Pigs" was a codename for the JFK assassination. Nixon was a protege of Nazi banker and financier Prescott Sheldon Bush, he was in Dallas from Nov. 20-22 1963 meeting with right-wingers and Pepsi-Cola execs. Source Link

    Brother Nick

    A Driving Tour of Georgetown Guyana (HD)

    Brief overview of Guyana:

    Originally a Dutch colony in the 17th century, by 1815 Guyana had become a British possession. The abolition of slavery led to black settlement of urban areas and the importation of indentured servants from India to work the sugar plantations. This ethnocultural divide has persisted and has led to turbulent politics. Guyana achieved independence from the UK in 1966, and since then it has been ruled mostly by socialist-oriented governments.