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"In the NED-OT materials, [L. Ron] Hubbard calls F.B.I. and C.I.A. men "dormant clusters" and doomed for eternity. He depicts them as sub-human, to make it easier for cult members to strike against them with no remorse." ~Affidavit of Larry Wollershiem (Founder/Director of FACTNET)

Here you can see a confusion technique coming into play. Larry Wollersheim attempts to make the CIA and the FBI look innocent by switching the victims. It's the term "Cult Member" that depicts them (People) as sub-human, to make it easier for CIA, FBI, the Media and Anyone to strike against them with no remorse.

Video: Anonymous SF w/ Director of FactNet and Jason Beghe

MY COMMENT: In the above video, Larry Wollersheim states 'The End justifies the Means' as if Scientology operate in that method. But that saying is one of the Maxims of the Jesuits. So in other words he is using Intelligence Agency confusion techniques.


Notice the Guy Fawkes masks in the background. Guy Fawkes (Jesuit Assassin) was a terrorist who plotted to blow up the Protestant controlled English Parliment and was executed. That was a known Jesuit plot. (The Gunpowder Plot)"

Watch "V for Vendetta = V for Vatican" Part 1 and Part 2


Date of Message: | May 12, 2008