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Note From the son of Dr. Alberto Rivera
This is a message From the son of Dr. Alberto Rivera to the people who are still accusing his father's testimony to be false. I think Alberto Jr answered very well. He is a very spiritual young man and I know his father would have been proud of his statement here. Alberto never shied away from debate. He called into an interview with one of his chief acusers Gary Metz and countered all of Gary's accusations. And I'm sure he would do the same today if Alberto were still alive. -T. Richards

SUBJECT: Concerning Dr. Alberto Rivera

"This is Alberto Rivera, Jr. President of A.I.C. International Christian Ministries.

I had the displeasure of reading your letter to Jack Chick, and I will inform you that since you pose questions about a man who is dead and cannot defend himself I suggest that you contact me, if it is a battle you seek to have concerning my father than you shall have it and you shall have it with me.

Your Humble Servant Alberto Rivera, Jr."

SUBJECT: Concerning Dr. Alberto Rivera, (Continued)

"What Alberto did, said, or who he claimed to be is none of my concern, however the following is, when a person has the audacity to slander a dead person whether wrong or right that concerns me. It has nothing to do with the fact that he was my father it has everything to do with the fact that you should have taken up your claims with him and no one else but him while he was alive. While you are complaining about something that does not suit you God uses his book every day to reach millions of souls for His glory!

Even through my fathers death has accomplished more than anyone alive (have you noticed how everything that he wrote concerning the Vatican and the Muslims has come to pass, where to you think he got he knowledge from?).

Which is more than I can say for anything that you have demonstrated, because instead of using your time wisely as the Bible calls us to and reach the lost you are more concerned about the truth concerning someone who is not even alive, and if you really are concerned with the subject of my father then I commend you to start a full fledged investigation if you are indeed not full of hot air.

Invest the necessary money to find out what you want to know. But I will not give you any documents concerning my father because one who does no wrong has nothing to prove if going against my father is something that God has put on your heart then He will give you all you need to reveal the truth if there is one to be revealed. One who is really called by God to do a work does not need to ask others for the truth to prove a misplaced theory.

When God asks He gives what is needed to fulfill the mission He might ask of us. As for myself please do not concern yourself for me as an evangelist that God has made my soul is well rather you should worry about yourself as you will be held accountable for your actions and not mine on judgment day.

Take notice that what you are doing is of help to know one but only of hindrance and that through your work I doubt there is any evidence of anyone having been saved and if there has I praise the Lord that you have not been a total waste in His service as you claim to be.

Your Humble Servant Evangelist Alberto Rivera, Jr. A.I.C. International Christian Ministries

2006.10.14 23:18