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From Vatican Assassins 3rd Edition by Eric Jon Phelps:

Brother Nicholas Norberto Rivera, 2003 AV1611 Bible-believing Independent Baptist - Calvinist, American Latino This dear brother has greatly enabled the author to make key present day connections between the Jesuit Order, its Sovereign Military Order of Malta and high-level Freemasonry now governing the Pope’s Fourteenth Amendment American Empire through the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission. Nicholas is a master researcher and his regular email updates are without parallel. His work is founded upon the truth of the Word of God, he being a vibrant servant of our God and Father while evidencing a humble and teachable spirit as he earnestly contends for the faith once delivered to the saints.

In 1998 he understood the gospel of the grace of God and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ by faith. He became informed of the perfidious Jesuit Order as a child having read Alberto I and Alberto II (Double-Cross), but long forgot about its intrigues and diabolical agenda until after that watershed event of September 11, 2001. He found and became convinced that that act of mass-murder was Papal high-treason carried out by the Order through the Jesuit-trained Archbishop of New York Edward Cardinal Egan and his Georgetown Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta, Council on Foreign Relations member and Central Intelligence Director, George J. Tenet. Nicholas informed the author that Knight of Malta and CFR member John J. DeGioia became the first non-Jesuit president of Jesuit Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., which fact is reflected in the present work. The author is pleased to be able The author is pleased to be able to work with Nicholas Rivera who can be reached at

From Jonestown to Waco

Jim Jones

Dear Brother Thomas,

 Excellent video! I agree this one raised the bar, my friend! I noticed in the second part you mentioned former CA governor Jerry Brown and he was pictured with Jim Jones! Did you know Brown at one time before he entered politics that he was studying at a Jesuit novitiate to become a priest? Source Link
Source Link 2
I maintain Brown still is a Jesuit to this very day! There is even a picture in Jesuit coadjutor Texe Marrs book, "Codex Magica" showing Brown pictured with his brother Jesuit Bill Clinton giving a strange handsign similar to the mano cornuto, but somewhat different. Marrs acknowledges both men were trained by Jesuits.
Source Link

Brown's association with Jim Jones is further evidence that corroborates that which was provided by the late Brother Alberto Rivera who exposed Jim Jones as a Jesuit! I learned Jonestown was actually located in a town called Georgetown (of all names). Even in Langley VA where the CIA is headquartered is located off of Georgetown Pike if you are heading there from the south! I've heard once I believe in college that as a result of the CIA psy-op Jonestown, no religious group can leave this country and retreat to another! I believe this was strategic. It is no wonder why this Jesuit-controlled government is growing more and more evil with each passing day! This was done to ensure that no group of true Born Again Bible Believing Christians can relocate and flee persecution from the "New Evangelization" aka Jesuits' North American inquisition in the future through their DHS!

I definitely believe Bill Clinton is a Jesuit evidenced by the fact during his "impeachment" proceedings the late Robert F. Drinan SJ spoke in his defense explaining why Clinton should not be impeached from office! He said, "A vote to censure a president by one or both bodies of Congress would establish a dangerous precedent which would weaken the institution of the presidency."  Source Link The Jesuits clearly are behind the centralization of power in the executive branch of this government. The President is a mere puppet of the Order and they are working to make him an absolutist dictator!
(scroll down for interesting photos of Drinan, Nancy Pelosi, and the Jesuit she personally invited Stephen A. Privett, President of the University of San Francisco to give the invocation the day Congress opened and Pelosi took her oath of office as Speaker of the House on Jan, 4 2007!)

Drinan is the same man who called for the impeachment of Richard Nixon for SMOM-led Watergate. I believe the real reason Nixon was deposed (pursuant to the Jesuit oath) was due to his knowledge and involvement in the murder of JFK. Nixon's references to the "Bay of Pigs" on the Watergate tapes clearly refer to something else and his former chief of staff H.R. Haldeman in his book, "The Ends of Power" concluded "Bay of Pigs" was a codename for the JFK assassination. Nixon was a protege of Nazi banker and financier Prescott Sheldon Bush, he was in Dallas from Nov. 20-22 1963 meeting with right-wingers and Pepsi-Cola execs.Source Link

Brother Nick

Treason on Open Display-America's First Priority is the Jesuits' Vatican

Dear Bro. Thomas,
U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See and Knight of Malta Francis Rooney pictured with Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and
the Pope's diplomats. Bonesman George W. Bush issued an Executive Order extending privileges and immunities to the diplomats of the Holy
See working as its Observer at the Pope's United Nations. ~ Source Link
This act of treason against Americans shows how the secret societies all controlled by the Jesuit Order take precedence over the best interests of the people of America. Here we have the Knights of Malta in the person of Jesuit-trained Francis Rooney, Skull and Bones (George W. Bush), Freemasonry/Illuminati (all of the Roman Curia and hierarchy are high level Freemasons). The Black Pope of course controls all three.

We can expect the Jesuits will increase the role of the White Pope in their Masonic Luciferian United Nations in the coming years. I believe the White Pope of their choosing will openly rule under the auspices of the UN.

Bro. Nick

Knights of Columbus

They are Knights of Columbus. Roman Catholic Jeb Bush is himself a Third Degree Knight of Columbus according to his brother Skull and Bonesman Luciferian Crypto-Catholic George W. Bush in his speech to the 122nd Annual Knights of Columbus Convention in Dallas, Texas, Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2004.

From This Link

Quote: Im proud to say that my family has contributed to your ranks. A few years ago, Governor Jeb -- -applause- -- became a Knight. -Applause.- And he -- yes -- and he recently took his Third Degree. -Applause.- Ill see him this weekend. His son is getting married. Ill pass on the word, aim for the Fourth.

Source Link

Jeb Bush received an award from the Knights of Malta of Florida on March 11 2006
From Source Link -last paragraph-
Finally, on the occasion of the 7th Annual Order of Malta South Florida Gala, the Board of Directors has voted to bestow The Honorable Jeb Bush, Governor of the State of Florida with its Ethic of Life Award for Outstanding Service towards the defense of life and human dignity of the unborn. Congratulations Governor!
Tell that to the family of Terri Schiavo! Jeb Bush most certainly does not have an ethic of life!

Emperor Bush, in his speech to the K of C mentioned that the Knights of Columbus head the White House Office of Community and Faith Based Initiatives in the person of K of C James Towey.
According to Luciferian Emperor Bush "I needed someone to lead this program, so guess who I turned to? The Knights. (Applause.) I found Towey. Jim Towey is the Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. He's with me. You know what his job is? His job is to help the faith community -- by the way, all faiths, all faiths -- Christian, Jew, or Muslim -- all faiths understand what is possible now. His job is also to make sure the federal government is a hospitable place for faith programs to work with. Let's be frank about it. Many faith-based programs don't want to interface with government. You know why? They're afraid of losing the ability to practice their faith. How can you be a faith-based program if you're not allowed to practice your faith?

Towey's job --applause-- so Towey has got a big job, it's to change a culture, a suspicious culture, and we're making progress. A suspicious culture in Washington, a suspicious culture in the grassroots. Here's Towey's story. He goes to meet Mother Teresa for the first time. He shows up at one of her homes for the dying in India, and the sister who greeted him assumed he was there to work. -Laughter- That's what I assume every day that Towey shows up. (Laughter.) So she gave Jim some cloth, and said, go clean the sores of a dying man. He says it changed his life, that experience. He went on to work full-time for the Missionaries of Charity. Incredibly enough, Jim Towey, Director of the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives in the White House, was Mother Teresa's lawyer. I ask you, what kind of society is it where Mother Teresa needs a lawyer? -Laughter and applause- It's a society that needs tort reform. -Laughter and applause.-

Bush also said, "I also appreciate the Knights' of Columbus stand on the federal judiciary. I have a responsibility as President to make sure the federal judicial system runs well. I have nominated superb men and women for the federal -- for the federal benches who will strictly and fully interpret the law, not legislate from the bench. (yeah right like Knight of Columbus Samuel Alito Jr. and Opus Dei and [Jesuit] John Carroll Society member U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts?)

The Bush family is a tool of the Papacy. George H. W. Bush is a Knight of Malta as is Prescott Bush Jr. Pro-Nazi Skull and Bonesman Prescott Bush Sr. was trained by the Jesuits of Stonyhurst.

Brother Nicholas N. Rivera


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Anthrax MicroBiologist "Suicide"

Dear Brother Thomas,

 With each passing day, the Jesuit connection to current events and especially those occurring here in their U.S. empire which is as you know looks more and more like a police state, grows stronger. The links are undeniable and it is disconcerting to see that there is no true prominent voice of opposition against it. A handful of us sound the alarm which is oft-ignored. There are people just beginning to wake up to what's going on, but the deception and progression of the mystery of iniquity has successfully blinded the masses, the god of this world keeps the majority in darkness and distracts his children of disobedience with every form of entertainment imaginable while their destruction is planned and executed by his Jesuit agents and the worldwide network of secret societies controlled by their unnatural Father General(s). 

 I don't buy the official story concerning Bruce Ivins for one moment. The whole created and planned anthrax attacks were intended to instill fear in Americans so they will demand that the government "protect" them from "Islamic terrorism." It is interesting to note, when you read the entry in Wikipedia about Ivins is the fact the "letters" he supposedly sent out were addressed to former Senator and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy. What do these men have in common? They are Roman Catholics, Democrats (just a label, part of a contrived dialectical political game) and there is of course a Jesuit connection. Daschle is a visiting professor at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute and a Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Center for American Progress (whose president and CEO Jesuit-trained John Podesta served as chief of staff to another bosom buddy of the Jesuits-Bill Clinton.) I strongly believe Daschle was rewarded with this professorship for his cooperation in all this. I believe the same is true of George Tenet and Jose Maria Aznar for their respective roles in 9/11 and 3/11 in Madrid. Aznar was of course placed on the board of Papal Knight Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

Patrick Leahy, educated at the Order's Georgetown Law School, current chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he supported Roman Catholic Opus Dei John Roberts to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) which is the thorn in the side of Mexico agreed to by Masonic traitors in their government pushed by SMOM Bonesman George HW Bush, Carla A. Hills (currently vice chairwoman of the CFR), I learned from Eric, Bill Clinton was encouraged to support NAFTA by SMOM Lee Iacocca  especially those of the working class compelling them to move north. The Jesuits through their Council on Foreign Relations spearheaded this free trade debacle and at the same time they publicly present themselves benefactors and paternal protectors to the newcomers. The plight they faced in Mexico is very real and it was the Roman Catholic Church ruled by the Jesuit Order that created it in the first place. Leahy was one of 10 senators to vote against the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act as if Leahy really was acting in the best interests of Americans (i'm sick and tired of this game, when you see Leahy and Masonic Arlen Specter bantering back and forth on C-SPAN during a Senate committee hearing, it's disgusting just how farcical it really is.) Ted Kennedy would do the same thing too, appearing to be a voice of opposition when it is merely controlled. Leahy only appeared to be against what his alma mater and its rulers had in mind when their law professor Viet Dinh was chosen to write it along with Papal Court Jew Michael Chertoff. Leahy like other Jesuit-trained and connected men like Dick Durbin have publicly endorsed Barack Obama. I've read neither Obama or McCain qualify to be president of the United States because they were both foreign-born. There's info online about this. Obama was born in Kenya if I am correct and McCain in Panama prior to the passing of a law which granted U.S. citzenship to those born there, something to that effect. I would not surprise me if McCain, Obama, and even Hillary Clinton are really foreign agents.

 The story is Ivins was an Opus Dei-type Roman Catholic and due to Daschle and Leahy's pro-abortion stance, he sent them anthrax. This is a cover story in my opinion.  Tom Brokaw had a letter addressed to him, he is a member of the CFR. I don't think he was in any kind of danger. He is a Roman Catholic and has never dared to utter a single word against Rome on the air. CFR-controlled media outlets were "targeted." It was an elaborate charade to hype up a threat of biological warfare and create justification for further centralization of power in "New" Rome on the Potomac, the Jesuit-ruled Masonic Washington D.C. 

  On to warrantless wiretapping, this link is very interesting brother since it shows Freemason CFR Dick Cheney's top lawyer and chief of staff David Addington was trained by Jesuits at the Walsh School of Foreign Service. Addington is an avid supporter of warrantless wiretapping and further expansion of power in the executive branch. Addington advocates absolutism as his teachers and masters the Jesuits love.  Addington replaced CFR member Lewis "Scooter" Libby as chief following his resignation after being indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. 

Onto the subject of the military "surge" escalation in Iraq. "Baptist" CFR member John McCain maintains it has been successful. CFR member Georgetown Jesuit-trained General David Petraeus was the first to announce this and he takes credit for it.  It is interesting to note that Roman Catholic Fordham Jesuit-trained retired Army General Jack Keane and another one of the Pope's Court Jews Frederick W. Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute are said to have planned it. LINK

Keane and Jesuit Joseph A. O'Hare LINK

Keane and Fordham President Joseph McShane SJ (scroll down) 

Brother Nick (Rivera)

Pope's Visit

Dear Brothers Eric and Thomas,

I'm sure you've heard the Pope, the modern-day Caesar, is visiting this month for six days (April 15-20). I learned he is going to meet with his slave Skull and Bones Knight of Eulogia (Eulogia was a common name for the Eucharist) George W. Bush for his 81st birthday on the 16th in the White House! I wonder what gift Bush has in mind for his master! What an insult to the memory of Abraham Lincoln-the last real President this country ever had!

The same institution that had him killed will be in the spotlight on the anniversary of his assassination! I don't think it's a coincidence he'll be here when the abominable Federal Income Tax is due, the same week in history President Abraham Lincoln was murdered by the Jesuits (April 14, 1865 and died April 15, 1865 at 7:22 am), and the Titanic was deliberately slammed into an iceberg by Captain Smith on the night of April 14, 1912 in obedience to his Jesuit superior Francis Browne who boarded the doomed ship on April 10 1912 and left from Southampton, took pictures of the targets,received a message from his provincial and disembarked before Titanic left Ireland for New York.

It sank April 15,1912 to facilitate the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 without opposition from one of the richest men if not the most wealthy at the time-John Jacob Astor-one of the Order's targets.

Also this will be the week of the Jesuits' Masonically-led Oklahoma City bombing (April 19, 1996) and Waco Massacre (April 19, 1993) commanded by Jesuit Bill Clinton, selection by Black Pope Kolvenbach of Joseph Ratzinger to be his White Pope (April 19, 2005) and the birthday of Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889!)
~Source Link 1, Source Link 2 According to~Source Link 3 (my notes are in blue)

"Pope Benedict XVI will make his first visit as the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church to the United States this April. The six-day trip will begin in Washington, D.C., and continue to New York City. The trip is historic, especially since the Holy Father will address the United Nations General Assembly (the UN was created after the Jesuits' Second Thirty Years War or WWII for the Pope to usher in the New World Order or New Dark Ages), meet with President George W. Bush and visit Ground Zero (This infuriates me! This Nazi should not even be allowed to set foot on this site because his predecessor was instrumental in ordering his altar boy George W. Bush to launch a 21st Century Papal Crusade in July 2001 [about 40-50 days prior to the orchestrated 9/11 ritualistic sacrifice] against the Muslims particularly the Shia who recognize their caliphate as infallible and the Papacy claims to be so and will not tolerate any opposition!)

There will be several public events during the visit, including Mass at Nationals Park in Washington and Yankee Stadium (There are many Yankee fans who are so caught up with batting averages, who is being traded and rooting for another World Series victory. Granted, there is nothing wrong with baseball as a sport, but when it and other sports events which are meant to entertain and distract the masses from the truths of history and obscure what is important, then it becomes a tool to dumb people down when they should be safeguarding and defending true freedom for their posterity and secure it for future generations; something is awfully wrong and these amusements keep the majority of Americans from seeing that.

I'm sure 99% of Yankee fans do not know (or even care) the land (real estate) on which the Yankee Stadium was built since 1953 has been owned and controlled by the Knights of Columbus for which reason every time the Papal Caesar goes there and performs the bloody perversion called the Mass; he does it on his territory! In fact, the stadium is known as the "Cathedral of Baseball" and Babe Ruth was himself a Knight!
~Source Link )  in New York.

For ticket information on those events, please visit the Web sites of the Archdiocese of Washington and the Archdiocese of New York."

I saw this article as well "Pope Adds Meetings With Jewish Leaders to U.S. Itinerary" (note Rabbi Arthur Schneier [clearly an example of hofjuden] mentioned in the article is a member of the CFR and President of Appeal of Conscience ~Source Link Both of his vice presidents are Roman Catholics. One of them is his Jesuit master Joseph A. O'Hare! Also notice SMOM George HW Bush and Jesuit Daniel L. Flaherty are on the Board of Directors! ~Source Link 
~Source Link 

Pope Joe the Rat is an evil man! Even his countenance and his eyes accurately portray this! His master, now Jesuit General aka Black Pope Adolfo Nicolas through his White Pope plans to unleash a new public relations move to convince Jewish leaders here in the U.S. that Rome has changed when nothing could be further from the truth! I sent a post I wrote on what the late researcher of Cloak and Dagger. de Sherman Skolnick called "hofjuden" referring to Jews of the Papal Court who have no king, but Caesar (John 19:15) and history shows the Pope of Rome is indeed Caesar since he maintains the title of "Pontifex Maximus" or "bridge builder" which the Roman emperors held! I also talk about the genuine opposition of some Jews against the unlawful land grab and encroachment of the Papacy on Israel, Jerusalem in particular.

Brother Nick


The Jesuits coincidently end up teaching The United States military leaders.

1.) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , Peter Pace. Trained at Georgetown University Link

2.) Commander of Multinational Force Iraq, David Howell Petraeus Trained at Georgetown University Link

3.) United States Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates Trained at Georgetown University

4.) former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR),General James Jones Trained at Georgtown University. Link

5.) former United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Henry Rumsfeld
Trained at Georgtown University. Link

6.) Current Chief of Staff of the United States Army and former Commander
of Multinational Forces in Iraq, George Casey Trained at Georgetown University

Absolutely! No chance this is coincidence. It is just impossible! They are all Jesuit-trained and controlled because this Papal Crusade is a war of annhilation both of the Muslim peoples and the apostate Protestant West. Youth like myself are especially targeted for the coming draft. This is means of population control. This war has been called "our children's children war" by CNN.

SMOM and 33rd Degree Freemason Tony Blair will be pulling out troops as well as other "Coalition" nations and their forces until the Armed Forces of the Unholy Roman Fourteenth Amendment American Empire will find itself going solo and by the time this diversionary war concludes (when the Muslim is reduced enough to ensure Israel will not be ransacked) the purposely sabotaged (the troops are ill-equipped because this is a war they are meant to and will lose. Rome is through with America-she has been drunk with the wine of the Whore's fornication since the illegal ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment.

I believe the death toll will surpass all wars the U.S. has ever fought and even now is greater than what the Order's CFR reports because only soldiers killed in action are counted, not those who die as a result of injuries, wounds, suicides, poisons in the form of pills, depleted uranium, etc.

I believe as a result of the HPV vaccine Merck wants to give pre-adolescent girls will make them sterile in the long-term. She has caused the America to forget God and now we are witnessing His judgment.

U.S. defense will be beyond recovery and absolutely powerless to resist our coming invaders from China, Russia, the remaining Muslims who will forget about Jerusalem and the Jews and wage a jihad against what they call "The Great Satan" whom they will blame for the destruction of the Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa mosque, Mecca, and Medina.

Brother Nicholas N. Rivera