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The Cult Awareness Network is now called the, Leo J. Ryan Education Foundation
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From Jonestown to Waco
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Waco, Rules of Engagement is the most important documentary about What really happened at Waco:

Here are some Highlights:

Buy this documentary for a lot more of the truth::

Waco, Rules of Engagement

Two More Videos on Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple:

"The Truth about CIA JIM JONES and Jonestown"

"Jim Jones and Jonestown, What Really Happened?"

Cynthia Kisser, Former director of CAN

Cynthia Kisser

"Kisser's own words and actions repeatedly came back to haunt her. In trial testimony, jurors heard how she had told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that if Jesus Christ were alive today, she would have him investigated by the old CAN and their findings shared with the media. They also learned how she had endorsed violent deprogrammer and convicted felon Rick Ross as "among the half-dozen best deprogrammers in the country." ~Source

Patricia Ryan, Former Director of CAN

Patricia Ryan


Patricia Ryan, the daughter of former Congressman Leo Ryan who was shot and killed in Guyana after investigating Jonestown.

This clip ABOVE states her sister Shannon Jo, joined some Hindu type "Cult" (Sect) in Oregon after Jonestown happened.

Another daughter of Leo Ryan, Erin, got a job as an intelligence analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, where she worked for eight years until 1992, before becoming an aid to former senator Jackie Speier. Erin is a Jesuit Georgetown university Graduate.

Later, Patricia became the Director of Cult Awareness Network (CAN)

Here it states she filed suit regarding her father's death alleging that Jonestown and Jim Jones was all part of a CIA Op and that jonestown and Peoples Temple had been "infiltrated with agents"

So her father dies in Guyana "at the hand of Cultists" (CIA), then she attempts to sue the Government saying the CIA was involved in her father's death. Patricia Ryan then becomes leader of an ANTI CULT group.

(What may have happened is that after she filed her suit against the government that she was let in on Top Secret information regarding her father's "death" and that she dropped the lawsuit. it was dismissed due to a technicality. Reasons of which has been kept secret.

Don't forget her father was very vocally "anti-cult". Strange how his death sparked an anti-cult movement that helped lead to the massacre at Waco of the Branch davidians. -T.R.)

"And they show that while the church underwent a long period of harassment, surveillance and infiltration at the hands of government intelligence agents, these intensified once the group, founded in Indiana, relocated to San Francisco, and particularly after its headquarters moved to Guyana.

Indeed, in 1977 and 1978 came anonymous threats against the Peoples Temple, accompanied by random acts of violence against group members. It was in late 1977 that heavy pressure began on Ryan to visit Jonestown—pressure which built to a crescendo shortly before he agreed to go. Those pushing him to take action against "cults" included psychologist Margaret Singer, while others, among them Tim Stoen, a former member and top aide to Jim Jones with alleged ties to the CIA, pressured Ryan to visit Jonestown. (See "The Real Cult,".)

More than 20 months after Leo Ryan was killed, his five adult children—two sons and three daughters—filed a lawsuit based on extensive investigation into what had precipitated their father’s death.

Filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on July 31, 1980, the suit asked for general damages of $3 million, plus costs for Congressman Ryan’s funeral and bringing the action.

The lawsuit charged that “the Jonestown Colony was infiltrated with agent(s) of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States."

Jolly West and Margaret Singer


(This is in reference to the OLD CAN. Before it went into bankruptcy after several lawsuits. The OLD CAN is now called, The Leo J Ryan Educational Foundation and works through many channels, including Factnet (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network), and SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) )