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Ivy League School Graduates use their Degrees to Destroy the United States of America. Too bad your degrees can't help you off the slippery slope to hell you are on...

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Yale has strong ties to the Catholic Church which is foreign religious power controlled from the Independent Country of Vatican City, Rome, Italy. Bill Clinton went to Yale Law after attending the Jesuit Georgetown University School for Foreign Service. Bill Clinton born William Jefferson Blythe met his wife Hilary Rodham at Yale law. George W. Bush and his father and Grandfather all went to Yale. Think about it. If Hilary is elected president. That would mean these four people have run the white house for 30 years. I say this because it is said that Ronald Reagan was told exactly what to do by George H. W. Bush who was Vice President during Reagan's entire presidency. And of course, George H.W. Bush was ordered around by the Jesuits and the Catholic cult based in Rome.

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Above Photo shows that 5 of 9 Supreme court Justices (5 of 8 are now, after Scalia's death) are active Roman Catholics (Including Chief Justice John Roberts). Two of whom were Yale Law graduates. Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas. Alito is a member of the Knights of Columbus and is a Red mass attendee and St. Thomas More award winner, and Clarence Thomas is a Red Mass attendee and Speaker and graduated from Catholic Holy Cross college.

thomas f martin justice associate supremem court roman catholic
samuel alito roman catholic st thomas more award red mass scotus
Alito receiving "St Thomas More award" at Red Mass brunch
samuel alito supremem court scotus roman catholics yale university

The Bush Clan
All Skull and Bones Secret Society Members

prescott bush yale skull and bones george hw bush skull and bones yale director cia jfk assassination george bush 911 cia yale skull and bones yale skull and bones jonathan bush riggs bank george herbert walker III 3 yale skull and bones
Prescott S. Bush George H.W. Bush George W. Bush Jonathan Bush George H.W. III

"This would explain a lot because Prescott Sheldon Bush studied under the Jesuits of Stonyhurst for five years from 1908-1913 then went on to Yale where he kissed the slippered toe of the Pope and bowed before Don Quixote who is really Ignatius Loyola (Cervantes based his character on his contemporary Loyola who he studied with at the University of Salamanca) and dubbed a Knight of Eulogia in the tomb of Skull and Bones-the Brotherhood of Death who tap individuals from certain backgrounds and lineage to initiate them into the Jesuits' Illuminati.

Prescott's father-in-law George Herbert Walker was trained at Stonyhurst as well.

This is a fact but the specifics of what they studied and what went on is unknown except that Prescott designed the golf course for the boys. Were George HW Bush's father and grandfather Jesuits of the short robe? Could be. It would make so much sense when you consider the fact that Prescott acted as an advisor to President Eisenhower, was a Connecticut Senator, a Nazi financier, mentored Richard Nixon. He had so much access to power. What do you think?

~Brother Nicholas N. Rivera"

"Prescott Sheldon Bush George HW Bush's father and Prescott's father-in-law George Herbert Walker were Jesuit-trained NOT SMOM George HW "Poppy" Bush (his Skull and Bones occult name is Magog). However Bush Sr. was working for the CIA at the time of the JFK assassination. Bush claims he can't remember where he was on Nov. 22 1963. Well, this FBI memo shows he was in the CIA before he was made director. He proved his loyalty to the Jesuits' NWO and was rewarded with the CIA directorship by acting as an accessory to the murder conspiracy against JFK before the fact. Bush Sr. is a murderer and worthy of the death penalty for his complicity and involvement in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. If there were an honest and fair trial this incriminating evidence alone would convict him and an impartial jury would find him guilty. There is more evidence which ties Bush Sr. to the CIA. The CIA of course denies it and claims the George Bush mentioned in the memo is not Bush Sr. but an Army General George Bush. is a sure smoking gun which is irrefutable. The memo here places Bush in Dallas on Nov. 22 1963 the day of the assassination.

Scroll down to see photos of Nazi Jesuit of the short robe Prescott S. Bush
with Ike and his protege Nixon (another conspirator)

Brother Nicholas N. Rivera"

Above you see members and the leader of the Saint Thomas More chapel at Yale University which was started by Yale Graduate, T Lawrason Riggs who was also a member of Scroll and Key secret Society and a Catholic Priest His father was also owner of Riggs National Bank which was the most prestigious and largest bank in Washington D.C. for many years. It was just bought by PNC Bank after several controversies. Jonathan Bush was on the board of directors when it was found that there were bank accounts there by Saudis who were funneling money to terrorists. You can read more HERE

Additional Story

Yale law student, Suzanne Jovin was brutally stabbed 17 times on the night of Dec. 4, 1998, four days before her senior thesis was due. The police say the killer was someone she knew and drove her to the scene.

The only publicly named suspect was her thesis advisor and Professor who was Navy Intelligence and had top Pentagon security clearance!

What was Suzanne's thesis subject was about? None other than OSAMA BIN LADEN!
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