May 2nd 2017 Tony Alamo has died at age 82 in federal prison in North Carolina Federal Medical Center

Other Alamo Ministry cult members who have been arrested for abusing children:

Douglas Christopher:

Douglas Christopher Tony Alamo Cult Church

He was a very well liked and respected member of Tony Alamo ministries. He personally took care of Tony's brother Dan Hoffman for a few years in Nashville Tennesee (Both Tony and his brother Dan went to Father Flanigan's Boys Town in Omaha). Doug Christopher is now in jail for life for sexually assaulting his step-daughter. His own sister testified against him in court.

Read the articles yourself:

1. Valparaiso man faces prison time in Arkansas,
2. Alamo Ministries Member Gets Life Sentence On Child-Sex Charge.

Anna Marie Baez Davis Lloyd:

anna baes davis marie lloyd tony alamo ministries cult

Another member of Alamo Ministries. It was alledged that she allowed her infant child to eat cat feces out of the kitty litter box.

1. Complaint: Toddler of Juneau woman accused of abusing, neglecting children ate out of cat litter box
2. Dodge County mother accused of child abuse
3. Juneau woman charged with child abuse

Jonathan Patrick Curry

jonathan curry tony alamo ministries cult abuse

Jonathan Patrick Curry, 39, pleaded guilty in May and appeared before U.S. District Judge Robert T. Dawson on Monday for sentencing. Aricles:
1. Alamo associate sentenced on failure to file as sex offender
2. Alamo follower pleads guilty to federal charge

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the real tony alamo danny kaye band
(The REAL Tony Alamo)

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