Baptism in God's holy Spirit

Six Part Series on the BAPTISM in God's Spirit through the gift of faith in the Christos Son of God:

Message 1
Baptism 1
Message 2
Baptism 2
Message 3
Baptism 3
Message 4
Born Again 1
Message 5
Message 6
Going Further
Offered to us through His baptism in Spirit
By far the most advanced technology gifted to us through Christ

About the baptism in God's Spirit:

"And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ." Romans 8:9b

Anyone who does not have God's Spirit dwelling within them, they are still orphans! This is true, but I doubt you will hear this anywhere in "church land." I never heard this out there. But the Lord showed it to me very clearly in many different ways (in His Word coupled with His Spirit). Not just for me to know, but to highlight the scriptures and share with YOU and the world. So please read my six-part series on the baptism in God's Spirit as soon as you can.

Because as Paul tells us, "Test yourselves and find out if you really are true to your faith. If you pass the test, you will discover that Christ is living in you. But if Christ isn't living in you, you are counterfeit." 2 Corinthians 13:5

This is no joke. We have to put all our heart into this. We can't be phonies and go to heaven. No matter how religious, nice or kind we are. We have to be authentic believers in Christ (truly knowing and loving Him). And we must know and teach that Christ is our redemption and justification and FINAL JUDGE in the end!

I pray God the Father open our hearts and understanding today to our spiritual condition and give us an urgency to react and adjust ourselves, before it is too late! I only ask through Christ Jesus, the Anointed Son of the Father. Amen.

Tommy Richards​

Latest Messages:

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