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This page needs to be updated. Thank you for all your kind messages and support!

chris pinto 2009

Subject: Thank You

Dear Mr. Richards,

I just wanted to thank you for all the videos you've made on YouTube. They've really helped open my eyes to things I had no idea about beforehand. God has really given you a gift! However, I admit, I still have a long way to go in terms of understanding everything God has laid out before me...

Like you, I was raised in a Catholic neighborhood. I went to Catholic school, was confirmed Catholic in 8th grade, and went to church on Sundays. And it remained this way for a long time, until I eventually stopped going to church altogether...

Through this time, I was also very big on conspiracy theories. I was real into stuff like Zeitgeist and Alex Jones, and supported Ron Paul like you would not believe. And then recently (about a week or 2 ago) I was searching for Alex Jones videos on YouTube when I came across your video called "Why Alex Jones is so successful at deceiving the people". I watched it, and I was blown away. I immediately began watching other videos of yours, especially the Bible Messages videos. I took in that info, and, after nearly 2-3 years of not reading the Bible, I used BibleGateway (my preferred method of reading Scripture) and began looking up the passages you'd reference. I found them all, exactly as you quoted them. I then began researching the Vatican. I found many verses in the Bible condemning Catholic practices, like idolatry, "vain repetition", etc.

I have a few quick questions, though:

1. In your opinion, is listening to heavy metal a sin? I read the "Why I'm Opposed to Marijuana Usage" article on your website, and you mentioned how you were "a pot smoking, heavy metal listening dupe in this world" before God opened your eyes, so I'm assuming you don't listen to it anymore. However, is it a sin to do so? I'll admit, I am a fan of heavy metal music, such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, and etc. I just wanted to get your opinion on this, since heavy metal has always been my "music of choice" so to speak. I know black metal (satanic metal) is a definite no-no, but since Iron Maiden's drummer, Nicko McBrain, is a born again Christian since 1999, I figured I'd ask your opinion.

2. Is going to a church necessary to keep the Sabbath holy? In your videos you say that for a born again Christian, every day is the Sabbath, but does that mean one must go to church every day?

3. And lastly, Easter and Christmas, while said to represent Christ's birth and resurrection, are actually pagan holidays, no?

Again, thank you for your time and effort in spreading the truth. God bless!



Dear Bobby,
Thank you for your kind note. It's much appreciated.
As far as the sabbath is concerned, yes, once a man becomes born again, that man enters Jesus, who is rest (sabbath - Matt 11:28). That means we are baptized, spiritually and we are reborn to a new life of living in the Lord and Him in us. That old man is DEAD.
WE are the church. the church isn't a building, but a people, a body of Christ. Paul stated "forsake not the gathering of yourselves together" Hebrews 10
That can mean many things. the Lord stated where 2 are gathered together in my name there i am in the midst. So we live by the Word of God, not the Word of man. there is nothing wrong with going to services every day if you can find such a place. But getting together with other believers is important. A believer is one who DOES what the bible says. Not just one who talks. The doer of the word shall be justified.  (Romans 2:13)
And a doer is one who has Christ within them. Only Christ can do His work. We are yoked up together with HIM. And He is with the Father. and they are in us by the Holy Spirit.
Once you are exercised in this, God will deal with the other many various issues such as listening to heavy metal music.
God bless,

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Thomas (if this is the person reading this)

My name is K.S. i reside in Wyoming. I was raised in a christain church called the " the Church Of Christ" Now being 50 yrs old ~ I guess its was about 1&1/2 yrs ago what was going on in this world wasnt making any sence ( actually it was before then, but like most humans i dove back into my comfort zone with blinders on and put it on the back burner!!!)I have been doing extensive research for about 9 months now, I have found out that evevrything on your web-site is very, very true . With this said its the only thing that i have found ( outside history books ~ the ones you can still find anywhoo) that i can read with a easy mind. What i have found out about the Catholic Church ( which is just a front) and the Vatican, makes me not rest easily. Dont get me wrong i do sleep;-) what is un-nerving to me is the Non-beleivers and (or) the people that dont want to accept the truth , of what is going on behind the scenes of our corrupt Government. I just currently watched a 3 hr video of Jordan Maxwell from 4 yrs ago, and was wondering if you have heard of him? he appears to be very well educated in the histiry and corruption of the US Government , and secret societies therein. He also is called "missinformed" if you can shead any light on this subject matter i would greatly appreciate it. I'm sure you as well as many 1000k people on this planet of ours have to take what they read on the internet at times with a grain of salt. Before I forget, the subject matter that lead me here was Alex Jones , whom i had my doubts but i did listen to him.....................For a while

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Hi Thomas,
Your research is informal, great work.
Disinformation to the left, misinformation to the right and a hole in the centre - we need people like you.
In regards to, there is a simple test anyone can do. I believe the results speak for themselves. If you strategically comment on articles and monitor the actions of moderators in response, indeed you will notice the site is serving ulterior motives. Comment moderation is round-the-clock and they waste no time removing the "enlightening" posts. Comments or blatant slander contributing to the left-right paradigm they are promoting are left alone for continued exposure.
As an observant web developer, I was suspicious of the first time I laid eyes upon it. Strict, experienced developers are known to leave "thumb prints" in their work. I recognise design characteristics and can match coding tendencies across different sites. My instincts lead me to believe the site was created by a developer who builds other government related sites. I'll say no more for the moment, but will continue looking into this.
People like us search for the truth. Unfortunately for the masses, they won't find truth for as long as they cling to the pillars of democracy. The opportunity for change is in the air once again, don't give up the fight. Leary gave birth to the wave all those years ago, now it shall return.

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I am learning about Nazi Germany right now and your Nazi page is very fascinating. Thanks for all the work you do. Great site.


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Subjest: Thank You Thomas

Hi Thomas,
I was sent your website from a friend and I've been perusing your videos and messages/statements. I look forward to watching and reading many more in the future.
You are a true watchman upon the wall with a resounding voice crying out in the wilderness. Thank you for allowing the Lord Jesus Christ to use your voice to warn all who have ears to hear and eyes to see the His truths.
We are in the last of the last days and He will soon begin his "strange work" and "strange act" as the days grow darker and time comes to a close.
They are so few voices out there today Thomas, so I pray you will continue to humble yourself before Him, and be the resounding voice to a desperate and dying world.
Thank you for all the tremendous effort on your sites. May He give you a double portion of His faith, wisdom and discernment, and above all, how to walk in those gifts.
God bless,

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Hey man, Thomas Richards?

I want to thank you sir! Because of you, I came across Bill Cooper and his information. And for that I have to thank you!
I used to take Alex Jones "reporting" as truth, until I started checking yours and coopers information.
Don't stop doing what you do!

Take care and God bless you!
Greetings from Stockholm

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Just found your website...

I am a Born Again, saved by grace Christian.  I was raised a Roman Catholic many years ago.  After Vatican II, I began searching for the Truth, and at the age of 28, I first knelt at the Cross of my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I have been witnessing to Roman Catholic apologists for the past year; quite an experience!

An author and friend of mine had asked me if I could figure out how to expose Rome's wealth in America and find out how much of that wealth is shipped back to the Vatican.  .............  Well, wouldn't that be a mystery to uncover, I asked him!

I began to google for information and found your website.  Remarkable!  It will take me days to read it all!

However, I have read enough to know one thing and that is, you have truly unearthed a wealth of information and perhaps you could point me and my friend in the right direction as to how to find out information on Rome's endeavors in the States, and how much of it they send on to Rome.

Thank you for your website,


New Hampshire

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Subject: Alex Jones
Date: 3/22/09

You really have a great site!
There clearly something seriously wrong with this guy Jones. His name itself could be faked by the organisation maybe.
Do you really think this is a real name, or a psychological code.????? No response nessiary. I'm presuming something psychological to his name for brain waves acceptence to properganda. It sounds far fetched but it could be true.
This guy has been clearly groomed for many years in some type of operative training. Seriously.
I used to enjoy posting comments on his infowars site. I got censored somewhere around 33 times, then the site eventually banned me from making comments altogether.
A natural born enemy to Alex Jones I discovered myself without any effort on my part at all. Like it's existed through thousands of years. Very strange. And an enemy for non offensive comments on his site. I'm a natural born observer. I see myself this way.
He is really a C.I.A. operative or something strange.
Thanks for your truthful site.
If there really is a God I'm sure it will truely bless your great effort.
Thanks for it.

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after i read behold a pale horse i googled william cooper and i started watching all the videos i could about the lectures he gave and in one video  on you tube their was a sign hanging on a door and it said a couple of days go by finally i google it (google is the shit)and my journey began that was in the fall of 2007.i would like to personally thank u for what u are doing telling it how it vigilant and god bless im still on my journey im like a sponge in this stage of my life trying soak up as much info as i was a sheeple for all my life im awake now thanks to u and other truth tellers i love your work on the roman church idid my own research and found that u are the real deal telling the truth and nothing more...i dont know what type of music u listen to but i would like to share a video of one my favorite rappers  and he too is a truth teller he raps about what u talk about and other things as well

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Subject: God bless you Thomas Richards.

Dear Thomas: I just came across your website after being sent links to Alex Jones' website from my son regarding Alex Jones and his view on corruption behind the powers that be.  It was scary to say the least.  I had never heard of Alex Jones so I wanted to find out about the man behind the views.  That's when I found your website.  I sent your link to my son and he has either disowned me as a mother for sending the link or hasn't had a chance to check it out.  Thank you for sharing what you've learned through research to so many of us who haven't known where to look.
I had been born and raised Roman Catholic to an Irish father and French mother.  You couldn't get anymore Catholic than that.  My mother was a very strong Catholic. She did all she could with the little she knew to bring us up in the Roman Catholic teaching. The school and church did the rest.  We never missed Mass unless we were near death, we couldn't play outside after supper until the rosary was said etc and yet sin was rampant all around us. 
My father was an alcoholic, a wife beater, committed incest with my older sister and was an adulterer.  (Before my father's death some years later at age 64 he accepted Christ as his Saviour.  I had shared my testimony in a letter I wrote to him.  It was the only way I could communicate with family at that time. In 1 Cor. 3: 6 Paul says, "I have planted, Apollos watered but God gave the increase."  I don't know who all God used to reach my Dad but God got through to him and my Dad acknowledged that he was a sinner and had been a terrible father and husband and asked for forgiveness.)  My Mom and other siblings are still deep in Catholicism today.  Some are in deeper than others.  One sister belongs to the Army of Mary.  My brothers attend church just to keep my Mom from having a heart attack.  They followed in my Dad's footsteps as far as the alcohol goes.   
As I grew older, married, began to raise a family of my own I was miserable.  My hearts cry was, God why did you make me?  There had to be something more to life than mere existing.  I was raising my family in the way my mother had raised us and yet I always knew that no matter what I did regarding..being good enough...and following the teachings of my church to what I hoped were to the letter, it wasn't happening.  I was a sinner and I was still going to hell when I died which I knew could be any moment.  
When I found out I was expecting my fifth child for some reason I was terrified.  I had it in my head that if I went into labor for the baby I would either die during the birth or be sent to a mental institution after the birth.  Either way it was not going to be pretty. 
After months of fearful torment I made an appointment to see the parish priest to get some spiritual counseling but he made me feel worse telling me something about a niece he had that went through labor.  What he described seemed to solidify the knowledge I already had of dying or going nuts during the delivery.  
One night realizing there wasn't a human being on this earth who could help me in what I was going through I began to cry out to Mary the mother of Jesus.  She'd had a baby so she knew what it was like plus I knew through Catholic teaching that God hated sinners and I needed to go to Mary in order to get God to listen to me.  I didn't get any where with Mary at that point, and I found myself breaking the rules of Catholicism and turned instead to God for help.  Thomas He heard me because the next thing I knew I felt like I was being cradled in arms that I couldn't see nor feel but I knew, because I knew, because I knew, I was being cradled in arms that were not earthy.  In those arms I felt like the weight of the world had lifted off me.  I experienced a peace that I had never felt, ever in my life.  I remember thinking, I don't want to fall asleep. I don't want to miss a minute of what I was experiencing right at that moment. 
That experience started me on the road to finding out who it was that held me that night.  Who loved me that much?  I grew up believing I was a big disappointment to God so it couldn't have been Him.....or could it?   To make a long story short, my baby was in trouble and had to be delivered by caesarean section plus I was in danger myself.  It was through all of that fear, anguish, and turmoil that a little over a year later I came across a believer who shared the gospel with me and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour and asked Him to be Lord over my life.  Within 6 weeks of my Salvation the Holy Spirit moved in our home and my husband and the 4 older children came to Christ.  The baby was just a toddler at that time.  She came to Christ three and a half years later when she was 5.
If I thought being a Christian was going to be the answer to living happily ever after, I was in for a rude awakening.  The more I read the word of God the more I realized we had to leave the Roman Catholic System.  It got to the point where more and more of my time was spent in the word and on my knees crying out to God to show me what I was missing.  I couldn't understand how so called Christians could be so comfortable calling a Roman Catholic priest "Father" when the scriptures said call no man father.  How could Tele-Evangelists have Jesuit Priests on their shows who were professing to be born again but still steeped in Catholic doctrine and traditions. There were so many errors I was seeing and I thought I was just to simple to truly understand the word of God and that I was the one not getting it right.  I was the one who was in error.  I was a nobody.  How could the spiritual giants be wrong and me right?  What was the matter with me?  Why wasn't I happy like the Christians on TV?  Why was I in so much turmoil and confusion? 
When I told "Christian" friends I could no longer stay in my church they said "Oh you must, you have to lead other Roman Catholics to Christ.  You need to lead your family out".  Was it God telling us to stay in, or was it the enemy?  It was only through the grace of God that I didn't end up with a stomach ulcer.  Thomas I was born 4th in a family of 8 kids and we were raised in the fashion where kids were to be seen and not heard.  There was a lot of fear instilled in us and it took a hold on me so bad I was afraid to say anything in case it made someone mad at me.  My life and the decisions I made is a testimony of the miracle working power of God in my life today.  My tranformation from Catholicism to Christ was hard because I was so fearful and didn't know who or what I could trust but I wouldn't change that time for all the money in the world.  It made me who I am today in Christ.  A stronger person and one who will search the scriptures for the truth rather than put my trust in the teachings of man. 
We did leave the church.  Our families disowned us (both my husband and I came from large Catholic families) and our children grew up without relatives.  When the relatives did see the children they would be very mean toward them and their meaness turned into hatred.  Protestants didn't trust us and Catholics thought we were crazy to leave the only salvation available to the world.....the Roman Catholic system.  We lived in a small town where everybody knew everybody.  We could sense a bit of what Daniel must have felt like when he was thrown into the lions den. 
A year before my husband Mike's father died in a Nursing Home at the age of 80 my husband had the opportunity to visit with him and was able to share the gospel with him without interference from the family.  Before Mike left that day, with tears running down my father-in-laws face my husbands father prayed the sinners prayer and accepted Jesus as his Saviour.  Praise God for the work He did in Mike's Dad's heart to prepare him for that moment.    
I was attending a Pentacostle church but began to feel more and more like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole.  They were getting chummy with Catholics instead of sharing the gospel with them.  They would get them to speak at services or Christian gatherings and it was getting more and more to the point that nobody was taking God or His word seriously anymore.  It appeared that unity without the Truth was becoming prevalent in Christian circles.  My husband was asked to share his testimony at a Full Gospel Businessmen's Conference but there were rules he had to follow.  He was not to offend anyone including any Catholics in the audience.  My husband told them he would have to share all of his testimony.  They got another person to take my husbands place.   Believe me when I say we got more flack from Christians when we'd tell them, Catholics need salvation too, than we did from the Catholics themselves.  We could understand it coming from Catholics but not when it came from people who were professing to be Christians.  
Your website was like a breath of fresh air.  I know what you say of the Jesuits is true.  I've seen it with my own eyes.  I didn't realize though just how much control they do have till I checked out your site.  God bless you Thomas and keep speaking the truth.  I want to get back into your website before I turn in for the night.
Your sister in Christ

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Subject: Thanks . . .

Brother Thomas,
Thank you for your efforts at informing the public.  You've done a fantastic job.
God bless you -- D

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Subject: Thankyou

Thomas, I found you about a week ago..  Each day I am spending many hours reading and learning.  The truth that you have shared keeps me awake at night.

No, I am not afraid for I am a believer in Jesus Christ.  I am just so dismayed that I have been lied to for so long and my pastor is SO ignorant and proud.  I could just sit and weep and I do.  I cannot find the words to thank you.  I will pray for you. 

Thankyou for your courage and your character.  What a MAN!!  Thankyou!


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Subject: Hello and a Big Thank You!

Hi Thomas,

I have been watching your videos on youtube and I have visited your site several times. Each time I listen watch and read I understand the deception and lies that are broadcast daily in the media.

You have helped me more than you will ever know in uncovering the truth and showing the way of these deceivers.

I was waking up about 2 years ago and when I went searching for truth I came across alot of disinformation and i became confused and it was very disheartening because of this confusion. What I want to sincerely thank you for is cutting through the garbage and lies and illustrating what is really going on.

I was taking what i thought was an innocent meditation class and found links back to the jesuits. I know you speak of mainly catholic infiltration but the new age movement is full of deception that is not so often talked about. If i did not come across your information honestly i would still be confused and grappling in the dark and looking in the wrong places. I thank thank thank you sincerely for just exposing this as pieces of the puzzle really fit together.

Have yourself an awesome day for you and your loved ones and your god.


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Subject: You are not alone

Greeting and salutations, brother.

You have inspired me to knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Proverbs1:7 and 2:2. To not stray from the lighted path. Brethren such as you remind me that i have work to do still. That i must endure unto the end.

Throughout much of my tarry i have not been successful in viewing the results of edifying people with the message for which i have been charged. Perhaps in time i shall see who i truly affected in my preachings, teachings and witnessing. Albeit seemingly futile, i have not to see any proof.

I am only a soldier in the trenches, nothing more. I must add that i have seen some of the most violent of spiritual warfare in my time firsthand. Not very pleasant at times, and of course very discouraging. The Master has certainly been with me by His Holy Ghost. I implore you to be steadfast in your work. Thank you for being there, you certainly are an encouragement to me.

In the name of out lord and savior Christ Jesus, continue the good fight brother.

Grace be with you.

Brother T

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Subject: "Thanks"

I thought America was Babylon in Revelations 17 & 18. Nonetheless, I heard a lot of conspiracy theories about Youtube, Martial Law, NWO and some Alex Jones messages (any minute we will be rounded up kind of talk).

I have been praying and asking God who is babylon for some time now. I found you information on Alberto Rivera and was shocked by Kathryn Kulman. When I was a kid my parents listended to her and they were very devout Pentecostals Christians. It seems like everything is originating from the Vatican the wars, Islam, KKK and the list goes on and on, I feel that I was going in circles trying to find a trail in these last two years. There was a story on the news this morning that a Church collapsed in Brazil and 8 people died. Probably from the Jesuits?? I see things even more differently now. I remember my sisters was saying that some Catholics are saved awhile ago, she was from the AOG. I see now that there are many Jesuit cover ups in the Church.

When I was truly born-again (a new person in Christ baptized in the Holy Spirit) God warned me about Churches about 4 months ago regarding Church system. Few will understand this when I would tell them. Also, to come out of Babylon, he would tell me personally. That is why I wanted to know more about babylon plus I am in the Mortgage Industry. I feel that this is the truth and will watch out for things regarding the VAtican it is all linked together. I was 100% sure America was babylon but now it seems like it is the VAtican?!?!

I remember a pastor at a 5 fold ministry camp that I atteded in another state would say Catholics are saved he was a deliverance minister. I am not sure word for word probably Charismatic Catholics. As long as we believe that Christ died, rose from the dead etc., etc.,. he would say. He was a former Catholic I believe. I bought some of the Chick tracts and will give them out with discernment to help others (catholics).

So horrible what the Vatican has done!!! But is must come to pass in because it is written! Also, regarding Alex Jones I would causually listen to him because I have to be careful what I am feeding my soul. But last week he had an interview with Steve Quayle and he said we had 90 days till something.... He gives the impression that any minute we will be rounded up and sent off to concentration camps. Alex JOnes said he had 16 employess that raised a red flag for me. It is hard to explain but it just did. I do not feel like I am on a mysterious trail anymore. It all makes sense.

Thanks again and May Yeshua the MEssiah bless you and your family. We may me close to the same age I just turned 37.

IW- San Francisco, CA

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Date: 1/14/09
Subject: Your Testimony

Dear Brother,
I found your website a few days ago and have found the information interesting, alarming and plausible.

Today, I decided I better read your testimony to see if it witnessed to my spirit that you are truly born again and it did. I wept and praised the Lord when I read how God miraculously saved you. I too am a former Catholic, marvelously saved by the Lord Jesus Christ in 1975. I never knew peace until the Prince of Peace moved into my heart. I have never looked back or regretted my decision to leave the Catholic Church. The Lord has been faithful as he promised he would be. My family of origin is still Catholic, although I have prayed all these years for their salvation and continue to trust that God is working in their hearts.

I just wanted to encourage you today in the work you are doing to expose the lies and point out the truth of the Gospel.
May God continue to work in your life and protect you and your family as you live for him.

M. R.

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Dec 28, 2008

It's late now because I found your youtube vid's concerning, first Alex Jones then the Vatican and though I'm very tired and have to get up in 6 hrs to go to work...I wanted to take a few minutes to write you and let you know the Lord has dealt with me to reach out to you and encourage you. I felt the Holy Ghost especially when you were speaking about how we have to come out from the world system and stop sinning. Those two things right there you don't hear from hardly anybody. I want to leave you though with what the Lord layed on my heart to share with you....

Acts 2:38

Please prayerfully read it and the whole book of Acts.

I've gotta rack out now. Keep up the great work your doing and never forget He will lead you into all truth.

In Christ,


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Dec 11, 2008
Subject: Thank you
Hi i just wanted too thank you for exposing the REAL evil forces of this world. Keep on figthing, and dont let the "others" bring you down. Sincerely thanks from Norway.

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Dec 10, 2008
G’day Thomas,

I have recently come across your website, after having my personal “awakening” a few months ago and realising the world is not what it seems, and our beloved GOD has been hijacked by the evil and darkness of our beautiful world.

As you may realise from the opening “Hello” I hale from Melbourne Australia and we as the US are going through some tough times at the moment.

Upon my realisation the world was a differing place to what I had been led to believe, I stumbled upon the Alex Jones show. Infowars to be precise. I guess his voice is Loudest and when you’re in the dark….it is easy to hear.

My search for answers and the truth about GOD led me to your site. Very refreshing and very positive too. Scary at times as it is another chapter in this journey of self realisation.

Anyway, Australia is finally looking to instil a Bill of Rights, and I am concerned by the timing that it may be Hijacked as well. Now while I am not overly educated on your topic yet, the man to lead it is our number 1 Jesuit in our country, Frank Brennan. Obviously I need to do some research on him to see what the go is.

Anyway, if you have the time, perhaps peruse the article here, and if you have any word of advice, or places I can go for further research, please let me know, Basically, I am wanting to “shine a light” on any dark agendas and help more people become aware of their surroundings.

Thanks for reading and GOD be with you


Melbourne Australia,25197,24781415-28737,00.html

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Dec 10, 2008
Subject: keep up the good work

I'd just like to thank you for letting God use you through his word. I stumbled across one of your videos actually by searching for Alex Jones. I watched the "why is Alex Jones so good at deceiving people" video and was skeptical but felt compelled to watch another from your youtube profile. Though I am yet to research all the claims you've made of Alex Jones, I've prayed about it and feel that you're on the right track about the false doctrines, the catholic church, and world government. I have been a christian for many years and have recently over the past year began researching conspiracies towards a new world order. The reason for the email is that you struck a nerve when you mentioned that you had no need to smoke pot or cigarettes anymore after coming to Christ. I have been someone of a closet christian and have defiantly noticed a difference in my friends to don't believe in God with their anger issues, obsessive need to smoke both pot and cigarettes while I feel I have power over that.

Long story short, I feel today is a turning point in my live and I plan to spread God's message more and to be more sober mind because in the past I have ventured into alcohol, marijuana, and occasionally cocaine.

I pray that your message of TRUTH reaches more people like me who want to do the Good work of the Lord!!


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Oct 21, 2008
I'm not certain how I came across your website, except for the Lord.
Thank you for your effort.  I'm not even Catholic, but I knew of William Cooper and you are similar in purpose.  I also enjoyed the information regarding Keith Green.
Wish I could say more,

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Oct 20, 2008
Dear Brother in Christ:

my name is AJ and i was just writing to tell you I really enjoyed your video on you tube on once saved always saved. I thank you for it and praise Jesus Christ for the knowledge I was blessed with from watching it. I have only been born again for 1.5 years and have been struggling preaching i now see i must allow myself to be educated much more to be effective as a preacher of the word of the Lord. Keep up the good work and i would very much enjoy corresponding with such a devoted soldier.
sincerely AJ

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August 29, 2008
Re: Alex Jones
The most obvious, or more easily identifible giveaway trait of Alex Jones is that everything he expresses is in a contrived manner. He is a poor actor. There is a video out of him "chumming" with Joe rogan (in a bar, i believe) where he begins his monologue rant and when finished, sits back and laughs at the satisfaction of his performance. This is a wonderful example of his "genuine" nature. On the radio, you can hear the insincerity in his voice, on video, his expressions are a dead giveaway.
There are many books that cover the subject of lying, and reading facial expressions, mannerisms, and the logic and maotivation of human nature. One such book is "Reading People, by Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, Ph.D."
Though in the case of Alex Jones, like I said, his attitude is too obvious. Listeners should concern themselves not with what his is saying, but how he is expressing it. The quality of his voice and emotion. The man is a hack and an opportunist.
It is my opinion that if this man knew so much, he would be able to identify who it is at the top of the pyramid. His "research" is nothing new that any concerned person could not find for themselves. His conclusions, however, are to be scrutinized due to the fact that they are based on poorly derived implications, thus selling premature fear. And causing young, already frustrated, listeners to act inappropriately.

Texe Marrs is a curiosity to me. There is much that seems missing to the picture with him. I cannot believe that with all his books and research he does not cover the Vatican, Jesuits, Ustashi, etc...

Anyhow, thank you for your work.
God bless you and your family in all that you do,


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Thank You brother, yes I'm christian from catolic country, you website is very popular in Poland, thx anyway I will listen with pleasure.

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Greetings Thomas Richards, we want to thank you for your thorough research. It has been a blessing to our family... Thank You!! May the Father bless you & your family.


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Thank You....... These videos bless me more and more. Thank You for the messages. i now realize that in order to stay under the blood i must, and will change my habits. the past few months ive come under a deep conviction about my life. I always said and pronounced my self as a christian but i have time and time again given into temptation no matter how hard i try to fight. But I was completely blind to the fact that th more i read the bible the stronger i grow in christ not only as a book of knowledge, but the most powerful weapon that a man can have throughout this world of sin. I shall use this tool in my life to walk right with God. Thank GOD for his message through you to me. Its because of him that he used you as a vessel to speak to me directly through you God BLESS You my brother. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

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I really like your preaching,all is so true.
The video ''Once Saved,Always Saved'' was a blessing to me and i'm sure to many others. We are not perfect but,we are working WITH God to become.
Our desire is to become more like Jesus,our desire is to make our actions and our mouth to be pleasant to God.
Thank you brother,Hope to be friend.


In response I sent this man my "Perfection" message (link). And this was his reply:

Hey thomas, thanks a lot for this video''Amarica's Holocost'',I wonder if I can put it in my video log,here on You tube...can I?? I got to ask your permission for that. I think it's an amazing message that everyone must hear!
Humm.....I thank you for the link you send too,your preaching is good my friend,I put ''Perfection,is commanded'' on my blog and I translated it in French too :)
Hope it will bless many peoples,Glory to God!!

Happy to be your friend, brother

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Bro Thomas,

Just wanted to thank you again for your leadership in the faith. Both through your words and actions, it has served to bring me much inspiration to draw nearer to Christ Jesus.

While I continue to grow in the faith, I still don't like the person I am today, but I am quite happy that I am not the person I used to be.

Hope all is well with you and family!

In Christ,

Bro Charles

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I just finished watching your video on Youtube about Zagami, and Gunderson. The last 10 minutes when you spoke of how people have basically traded the truth for their 'place' in this pitiful world is as true as anything I have ever heard.

You sir, have got some guts and I admire what you do. If you have the time to look at my blogs, you would find that my thinking is quite in line with yours. I do what little I can with the blogs and all but I would never have the guts to do what yo I thank you for it.

I'm sure you have but I'll ask anyway. Have you ever listened to Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon series? A masterpiece! Bill there was another guy with guts!

Thanks again for the add!

In Christ
Leon III

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Hi Thomas, A good friend of mine just emailed me the latest on GWB possibly converting to catholicsm since he met w/benedict in rome today. Check it out.

It wouldn't surprise me since his brother, Jeb, converted to catholicsm because of his wife (who's from mexico). No wonder he bows on his knees before pope in your photos.

IT's been all over in the news, last Friday, Tim Russert, who was the host of Meet the Press (weekly political show), and moderator of numerous political regional and national debates, vp of nbc news washington, dc. bureau, collapsed from heart attack and died in DC. He was a devout catholic, fascinated by the pope (he was instrumental in getting nbc's first interview w/pope in 90's.). He had just returned from a vacation in italy w/his family and had tried to get an interview with pope benedict. My ears perked up when watching a bunch of his journalist colleagues on TV this past weekend reminiscing about him, and journalist Andrea Mitchell (married to Fed Reserve honcho Alan Greenspan) said Tim was trained by the Jesuits in his college days! My mom also heard it again from another journalist on a different show. I looked up his college aluma mater, John Carroll Univeristy in Cleveland, OH, and sure enough it was founded by Jesuits in 1800s.& nbsp; He went on to law school, but that wasn't run by them. His only child & son, just graduated from Boston University and I found that it is also run by Jesuits according to a website that lists all the US & international universities founded and run by the J crowd. I'm sure there are alot of journalists whether they are catholic or not that are influenced by Jesuits and the reason they are on the air like some of the televangelists.


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Thanks so much.

You are inspiring and fresh in your zeal and willingness to speak the truth. You are a disciple of Jesus. Amazing.

Thanks. On every point you seem to be hitting bull's eyes... The epistle of Jude seems to be a key to all these issues, as might be the phrase turning grace into lasciviousness which you happily allude to and apply with good discernment on your website. Thanks for your studies. I just had a great (horrilbe) phone discussion last night, with an old friend exactly about this doctrine of despair where we "struggle with sin" all the time. How horrible. So your website today just made my day.

I am wondering. In a nutshell what do you have that you find wrong with Alex Jones? I have a sister in Germany and she and her husband really follow him. I have respected him and his testimony, though have kept my distance as he is overly overwhelming with his conspiracies. I videotaped his Bohemian Grove Infiltration and myself had misgivings about Moleck but never thought twice about it until reading you today, and seeing I have to listen to the Spirit's voice in the inner man. Where does he get moleck out of that owl?? (I have to study your site more, lol Perhaps you answer that.)

The larger question is whom do you trust in regard to 9-11. I have studied all the videos and the varied angles on this things for whole days at at time, months ago while on the job. I have probably a dozen videos and want to do my own. I grew up in Brooklyn and saw the huge hole they were preping for the WTC as we came back from camp one summer. I photographed the WTC from my bus kids (for church work) roofs in Sunset Park in Brooklyn as a teenager. So I am really really focused on this. The blood of thousands calls from the Ground, for justice. (Is it even safe to say this in email! :-)

Of course noone, like you say, friends/aquaintances will give you any time to really listen to anything. All my friends and even family oppose the effort to know or disseminate truth of this nature! I have been isolated and ostracized.

But then everywhere I go there is no dissemination of "truth," only misrepresentation and misuse of great Bible doctrines, like where Jesus says, if the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed!" Yeah, free from sin and from sinning, praise GOD, not from tyranny, persecution, evil men and discomforts! And I honestly think you have come to believe that brother! Wow!! I need a friend like you. I need a church that believes these things.

Please write me back. Thanks for your videos. What do you believe about 9-11 in a nutshell and should we look into doing a thorough documentary, movie caliber quality, for the internet? I think, after seeing all the evidence a very impressive and powerfully persuasive one could be made by scripting it and moving from one piece of evidence to another, like a machine gun and then going back and fleshing out various points with further explanations and authorities each which only adds further coroboration and continuity to unraveling all facets of the mendacious machinery of the ... ? (who). :-) The Silversteins of the world I guess who operate the Jesuits of the world.

Thanks again for all your work on this site. I love you man! Your actually know the Bible and apply it, not men's words about it for your true theology. That is absolutely rare and golden. You are a prime candidate for answers to prayer on the highest order, do you realize that? You are so precious to God, so beloved of Him! Have a great night. R.M.

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Thank you for all your diligence and scholarship, presented in the documented teachings of your website information that is exposing the ugly darkness that so many are spiritually blind and deaf to understand. The pictures and links dig deep and it must take time and effort to produce such a fine work for the Lord! Bless the work of your hands and peace to your family!

I found your website by searching for information about the Jesuits that are dominant here in an apocalyptic post-Katrina New Orleans, which we do claim for Jesus Name!
It brought attention to many mature, remnant, blood bought Christians who are eager to read more in these last days before the Second Coming of the Lord!

I was raised in the false apostasy of the RCC and to the evil strongholds of New Orleans. There is never any real joy or power in falsehood, but Jesus Christ is Lord!

After I fell into every worldly lie of the enemy, the Lord also called me to repentance, salvation, deliverance, sanctification, baptism of fire of the Spirit with the stirring up of the gifts freely offered to the children of God covered with the Blood of Jesus!
I am a student of the Word and now a restored 55 yr.old retired RN, due to 33 years working in the broken medical system bent on greedy lies and pharmekeia!! Revelation 18:23

I have studied the madonna-child idolatry of Baal and Ashtoroth worship set up in Babylon by Nimrod and Semiramis 3500 BC.
What was in the beginning, will be in the end and we are there now! As a travel RN,I have never attended a full gospel church or bible school that will open these doors to equip the one true church, as it is revolving to a fast conclusion before our eyes.

Revealing Truth with a discerning spirit of revelation and wisdom in knowing God, has empowered me to search the scriptures and historical writings and present them to those called by Jesus to witness and not compromise.

Expectant of great and mighty protection with provision for the Bride of Christ as we see the evil day approaching.
In Christ Eternally,

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Hi there.

You have a brilliant website, and so would like to congratulate all involved with it. I have still some way to go before I have seen all of it, but thoroughly enjoy reading the issues. While I never came out of the catholic system myself (I come from a long like of protestants!) I have a vehement hatred for that system. God bless you for highlighting the stuff you do.

Regarding 9/11, another reason why I personally don't believe all is not as we are lead to believe, and forgive me if it has already been highlighted on your website, is that both the twin towers actually collapsed in on themselves, which occurs in examples of controlled explosions.


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Dear Bro. Richards,

I too am a born again christian, and was also a big fan of Alex Jones since 9/11/2001.

A few months ago I ran across Smokescreens w/Jack Chick, even though I knew the Vatican was evil, and the Catholic church reprobate, the story of Alberto Riviera filled in alot of the gaps. At first I thought I you were "out to lunch" about Alex, but felt compelled to listen. Everything started making sense......I knew 9/11 was an inside job, and had a desire for the TRUTH no matter where that would take me.........and believe me the truth is not pretty. I met John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson, at a conspiracy conference in San Jose Ca. in May of 06. I had already heard of Johnny Gosch and the conspiracy of silence video and had watched it on the internet. I had been to alot of prophecy conferences and had alot of videos of various subjects. Anyway, to get to the heart of the matter.......I think you have alot of the puzzle but so far I haven't seen anything on your site about mind control. This is a veerryy BIG part of what's goin on. Maybe I overlooked it, so I don't know if you already know, if not there is a book called "The Tranceformation of America", a true story about Cathy O'Brien being sold to the government as a child, because her parents were satanists, and the government had sooo much dirt on them, so they did the exchange. She claims she was a Presidential Model, and was passed around to just about everyone in the government. It is too deep and veeerrryyy involved for me to go into right now, just check out "The Most Dangerous Game", on either youtube or google videos. Mark Phillips, ex-FBI officer got her out and deprogrammed her. Senator Robert Byrd was her owner. Also, Susan Ford, A.K.A. Bryce Taylor was also used as a sex slave, as was Marilyn Monroe. Anyway, check it out, it is the Montaulk (sp?) program w/ millions of victims. Maybe you already know all this, but another interesting piece of the puzzle: check out Bill Schnoeblen on youtube, he was in it up to his eyeballs til the LORD got him out. His testimony is unreal! Anyway, there is alot more, just don't know how much you know so I will finish w/that for now.............I must say your articles about Keith Green makes a whole lot of sense, I really don't even think Melody(his wife) would believe the real reason of his death. She has always said the plane was overloaded......but nothing surprises me anymore. I was just watching that satanism video w/Geraldo Rivera and Michael Aquino, and Bill Schnoeblen says Aquino is one of the highest in the NWO. I've also heard Betty Ford was his mother and Aleister Crowley was the father of Barbara gotta admit, they do look alot alike!! Well, enough for now, I"ve really enjoyed your videos and wish you Godspeed, in Jesus' name.

God bless you my brother, Karen in Cali

P.S. Fritz Springmeier has alot of goodinfo on youtube, check it out!!

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Greetings, and am glad I found your web site. As I have time, I will study it. You are right about Catholicism. Some say that religion is the opiate of the people. I say tradition is.

Best regards,

J.R. Visalia California

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Dear Thomas,

I just want to extend thanks to you for your wonderful website. I see how much time and energy you sacrifice to teach us about your findings and I am so appreciative. I listen to your sermons and feel that you are truly a man of God and a wonderful orator (though you deny this yourself, at times).

I think your most important message (at least to me) is that we should never take comfort in eternal salvation. I have felt recently that our salvation is not guaranteed if we just accept God into our lives 10 years ago but walk away from his will... or purposefully oppose his laws. Your messages tend to support this and I think it's great that you are awakening Christians before it is too late.

Thanks for all of your hard work Thomas. You are truly appreciated and I just want you to know this.

Yours in Christ,

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Brother Thomas I just want to say that your testimony edified my spirit to the point where I got the chills and my office where I work felt like it was on fire. You know the feeling I'm talking about. Thank you for all your hard work, study, and research. I'll see you on the front lines. God Bless you, your family, and your ministry. May God be glorified.

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Hello, ( I don’t know your name, but watched your video)

I’m sure you get a lot of emails. I wish I could meet you personally, but email is the next best thing.

I’ve been looking at your website this morning. I too have a story I could share with you about my journey to find truth in what we see in life, events, people, etc. A few weeks ago, my folks had a man who was traveling with a speaker stay at their home since he was from out of town. During that evening he shared with them about the Jesuits and a lot of information I have found on your website. The topic of false flag terrorism came up in their conversation and my folks revealed they have listened to Alex Jones and watched some of his videos. My parents do not tell everyone their views on this, so since the guy mentioned terrorism, the topic opened up. This man said Alex Jones is a Jesuit. He didn’t mention your site, but referred my folks to another site on this topic. They were skeptical about his view. I was on vacation with my wife and daughter at the time, so I didn’t have a chance to meet and talk with him. They later told me about the experience and well, I raised an eyebrow or two at the information at first, but truthfully something did bother me about Alex Jones, and I could never pin it down.

This morning I found a link on Alex Jones website to one of your videos. I listened to you and have concluded you are a sincere man – and that caused me to take an hour out of my work day and continue reading your website this morning. I have long suspected something about Alex Jones, but could never put my finger on it. I think your information has helped me a great deal with that concern.

Since I’m at work, I really can’t spend too much time typing here – but I’ll take time later to share my story, if you’re interested. I am a 41 year old Seventh Day Adventist Christian, and a curious Christian at that on the “how, where, and whys” of life. What I wanted to ask you this morning is in regard to the Popes visit coming April 15-20, 2008? I believe those are the dates. What are your thoughts on what the pope may reveal during this time? It has been suggest in my circles the pope Bededict will reveal some urgent statements regarding combining all religious organizations together, to become one church. The main focus of his comments will be on the environment and how the world needs to be unified on global warming and preventing eventual disaster. Of course, global warming by man is a complete hoax.

Through study of God’s word, my cousin and I predicted Pope Benedict as the next pope back in our college days, and that was based on eligibility, character, and quite frankly, his age, which we interpreted from Revelation 17 and the seven kings, and the text that says, “Here is the mind with wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman is seated. 10 They are also seven kings: five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come, and when he comes, he must remain for a little while.” The “little while” pope we feel is Pope Benedict.

Do you think Pope Benedicts first visit to the U.S. will be a historic one that will reveal the “next stage’ for America in regard to the Catholic church? I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

Thank you –


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Hey Thomas,

Happy Easter and God Bless you. I love your site and Let tell you it has been a major impact in me finding Christ. I accepted Jesus into my heart this last October. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life doing work for Christ. Thank you.

I need your help. I have been church shopping and I've been attending several Evangelical Church's and one of the Churches I've been regularly attending is the Seventh Day Adventist. So far they seam to be OK people. They study prophecy which i do believe should be studies more openly. I haven't seen the downside so far. Unless you are meaning the Saturday Sunday thing? Please help me out.


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Hi there
I wrote to you recently about alex jones, guess you proove me wrong i search him out , and he's a scam a fraud i listent to his 1999 show and it was nuts what kind of idiot would do such a thing i wrote to him 5 time and never got an answer from him i even propose him the use of my machine to se what we could do and nothing guess you were right and i was over enthusiam about this carismatic idiots
thank you
have a happy easter
Dr Z

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Hello Brother Thomas,

I read you Newsflash about Greg's interview with Zagami. I feel saddened that Greg and Eric didn't make a stand. It is amazing with what Eric and Greg know and to let this go. Zagami is all show biz. That has been his life. It is amazing how slick he talks. Zagami never answer Eric's question. I think it is time to really get into God's word. It was just entertainment at its best.

A Brother in the Word!!, W

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I recently found your website after a friend of mine recently mentioned that his cousin had determined that Alex Jones was a CIA operative.  I have been following Alex Jones for about 5 years and was rather astonished to hear that comment about him.  I have perused his websites on a regular basis during the last 5 years and purchased several of his films.  My overall perception of him had been that of a tireless patriot working to expose the New World Order and its plan for world domination.

A brief look at your section on Alex Jones in your website confirmed that you have the same opinion of him as my friend’s cousin.  Although I have not done enough research to absolutely verify your conclusions about him, I am nonetheless rather perplexed by the fact that Alex Jones has been allowed to move forward with an aggressive agenda that is in opposition to the status quo.  He has produced films that appear to directly contradict the accepted version of events with regard to 9/11 and he is a passionate opponent of the New World Order.  Yet, in spite of this, he has been allowed to actively continue his work while others mentioned on your website have suffered dearly, even to the point of death. 


That curious fact leads me now to believe that your assertions about him may have real substance.  As well, your well documented evidence regarding his defense of Roman Catholicism, the Jesuits and their role as nefarious gatekeepers for the Vatican bears serious consideration.  If what you are saying is true, the Jesuits have been the instruments of unfathomable destruction and evil since their inception through the efforts of Ignatius of Loyola in the 18th century.  Jones may very well be one of their accomplices in the CIA. 


As a former Roman Catholic who at one time was a Conventual Franciscan seminarian, I can attest to the fact that the Roman Catholic Church has many evil secrets to hide.  I am also aware that the Roman Catholic Church actively displays a myriad of pagan symbols in most if not all of its venues, dating back to ancient Egypt and Babylon.  The ongoing issue with pedophilia and homosexual conduct is just the tip of the iceberg. 


I must mention that I also attended and graduated from St. Louis University; the oldest Jesuit institution of higher learning west of the Mississippi.  Many of my instructors were Jesuit Priests, but I honestly never imagined that any of them could also be brutal assassins.  However, in retrospect I do recall that there was a certain air about them that I did not detect among my fellow Franciscan Friars.  Perhaps it was the fact that they belonged to a highly selective and specialized organization that is intrinsically evil; even if some in its ranks are not completely corrupt. 

Immediately after 9/11, I wrote to the president of St. Louis University, Lawrence Biondi, S.J., to discuss my concerns about Islam.  In my letter, I voiced my opinion that Islam was capable of egregious violence toward Christians, as evidenced in Christian publications like “Voice of the Martyrs”.  Fr. Biondi’s response caught me by surprise when he called Islam a “religion of peace”, called me “intolerant” and stated that he was even “ashamed” that I had graduated from his University.  I never wrote back to him, but now understand that his response was characteristic of those who support a false religion that is essentially the evil twin of Roman Catholicism.


Thank you for exposing this evil and for your testimony, Thomas - I too am a brother in the Lord.  I will pray that God continues to protect you in your work.  Remember Ephesians 6.  This struggle we are part of is against the evil powers that have taken captive the souls of men.  Our struggle is against them and our great calling is to share the Gospel with all those in need of repentance, in order that they might receive the propitiation for sins and entry into the family of God provided by the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.


I would very much appreciate hearing from you, especially if you have any additional thoughts or insights regarding Alex Jones and his role as an agent of confusion.  Thank you again for your time and consideration.


In Christ,



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TO: Thomas Richards
FROM: Darryl Eberhart
INFO: Richard Bennett, Pastor Butch Paugh, Dave Botton, and Phil Hudok
DATE: 3-3-2008
SUBJ: Me too!

Hi Bro. Thomas!

I received your E-mail ref your biggest persecutor - a Calvinist! As you know, my two biggest persecutors - so far - have been two Calvinists (Walt W. and Billy H.)! AND...AND...I have NOT heard a word from Eric Jon Phelps SINCE Walt W. and Billy H. "disfellowshipped" me because I refused to buy into their OSAS doctrine! I noticed that you sent a copy of your E-Mail to Eric Jon Phelps. Do you know if he has also "disfellowshipped" me as did the other two Calvinists? (I STILL promote Eric's website and CD-ROM book in some of my writings, and will continue to do so. I also used to send Eric my various writings and E-mails previously, although I haven't sent any E-mails to him since I was attacked by fellow Calvinists Walt. W. and Billy H.)

Anyway, why does such a "spirit of PERSECUTION" exists amongst a number of these Calvinists? John Calvin and his Calvinist buddies sentenced Dr. Michael Servetus to a "slow roasting alive" at the stake - JUST LIKE Papists did to thousands upon thousands of Bible-believing Christians! Calvinists in the Netherlands persecuted - and then murdered some of the leaders of - the Dutch Arminians/Remonstrants - just because they believed in "free will"! (The Calvinists spread various lies about the Arminians to justify their persecution of them, JUST LIKE Papal Rome spread lies about the Albigenses after exterminating them!) Some of the Arminian pastors that the Calvinists executed in the Netherlands were elderly men! Isn't this practice amongst Calvinists - i.e., of murdering those who disagree with their favorite doctrines of "Predestination" and "OSAS" - JUST LIKE what Papists have done to their perceived "theological enemies"? Yes, Papal Rome murdered on a much larger scale; however, Calvinists have murdered others over theological matters too, albeit on a much smaller scale. (And wasn't what the Calvinists did in inviting the Dutch Arminians to the Synod of Dort, but not letting them present their views JUST LIKE what the Papists did in inviting a few Protestants to the Council of Trent, but then not letting them present their views?)

You know, if someone believes in OSAS and/or the Pre-Trib Rapture, I will NOT "disfellowship" him over those beliefs - even though I strongly disagree with both doctrines. (I once myself at least half-heartedly believed in the Pre-Trib Rapture after reading books by Hal Lindsay, John Walvoord, etc. - that was, of course, BEFORE I started reading through the entire KJV Bible earch year!)

Anyway, "hang in there" Brother, because you are doing a great work on your website in exposing Papal Rome and her Jesuit Order, as well as in exposing OSAS and "Predestination". May Almighty GOD richly reward you for your efforts on behalf of truth, and mightily protect and bless you, your wife, and your children! Please know that you are often in my prayers!

In Christ,

Darryl (Eberhart)

Ezekiel 22:30, 31

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my name's Carlos and i'm mexican; i gotta say that i do totally agree with all the things on the website regardin the vatican and the jesuits, they terminated almost all the native tribes in northern Mexico and it's totlly unforgiven. You are doin a great job with the research on the subject.

I was always wonderin why Alex Jones in his latest documentary endgame still never mentioned the vatican role on the NWO plot, now i realized the reason for; my comment or question is in which way he is related with Daniel Estulin, another Bilderberg researcher cuz I gotta admit he got certain facts on his book 'secrets of club bilderberg' but he didn't mentioned the vatican either and he amitted he was protected by formr KGB agents.

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Hi, I just started traveling down this truth road and  your commentaries were one of many I've been watching.  I totally agree with you on Alex jones and find what you    say to be frank and truthful. Keep up the great work. There are many barriers for people seeking the truth to get through and they need your help.  Take care, Tony in Tokyo

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Thanks again.
We have traveled down very similiar path in reguards to my past. Drugs and alcohol and the emptyness of the sum of all the pain. God changed me when I asked-transformed me and blessed me with a wonderful lady from in fact Queens NY. We married in Dec. and we live on my farm in SD. I know that you are busy man just wanted to say thanks and will be watching more of your videos.

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Bro Thomas,

Thank you very much for tracking down this video, but not only that, but also for your strong advocacy of the gospel.

As a babe in Christ, I can honestly say that you have made an impact in my spiritual growth and relationship with the Lord. You have exuded such an undying courage, strength and love, which you portray on a daily basis. You can't lie or fake this genuine zeal you have for the Word. If it's not real as some point the passion will eventually begin to dim.

As well, I do want to hilight your tremendous integrity for the Word, as it is especially difficult to preach the pure unadulterated truth for many, since it often leads to isolation. But I've noticed that you do not compromise. You know exacly what side of the fence you stand, but then that is the theme of Matthew 7:13-14.

I can rejoice in this because I know the source and power of that, which guides you. I also know that which you cleave to, so I am proud of you and again want to thank you for countless hours of great research, which you continue to share in some ways to the "blind and dumb". However, though sometimes it seems it is falling on hardened hearts, I've gotta believe that it has resonated with much and even if it's one person, it would have been worth it. So I pray you have the strength to continue.

Bro C.

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Dear Brother Thomas,
Praise the Lord and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your videos. Your testimonies and earnest warning regarding cults has made it possible for me to unbiasedly re-evaluate what I had accepted as absolute truth. It challenged me to carefully investigate opposing views to what I had believed. It was to lead me to a GRAND expose of life changing proportions. Really, you don't realize how the Lord worked through it all! For some reason I felt compelled to watch ALL of your videos, and they each little by little opened my eyes to the false doctrines I thought were so true. I know that each one was fullfilling a grand design in my gradual awakening from deception. And then the new videos stopped just as everything clicked in my mind. It was as if it was "mission accomplished". If I had not seen them I could have gone on years in bondage!  Amazing! PRAISE THE LORD!
Keep up the good PROTESTANT work! Protest against all that is misleading honest souls.
God bless and protect you.

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Sent: 12/29/2007 6:47:03 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: G-d is good

Brother Thomas,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your online ministry.  I have already thanked The Lord for leading me to your site through Alex Jones videos.  It is very clear that He used you in an instrumental way to reveal truths that the evil one had me deceived on. I have been studying The Word for some 8 - 10 years.  More steadily as of late. 

Somehow I ended up "struggling" with my sin. G-d told me very clearly through His Word and even through you that there is no struggling that i must stop.  I realized I was never saved.  I had continued in sin while calling myself a christian. A very dangerous thing.   I thought that if I confessed my sin after i had committed  it that i would be fine.  But i was not resisting the devil like i should have.  G-d walked away from me a long time ago because of my actions.  I have committed a grave sin by saying I was a christian while continuing on a path to destruction.  I have had problems kicking drugs.  I would get involved in church and then fall away and then go back etc. for years... i was so deceived. 

So finally I have seen the light and realize i cannot "struggle" with pornography and drug use.  I have heard so many false doctrines that i thought they were right.  G-d was convicting me about my sin and finally I stumbled onto your site and The Lord used your concise message to get through to my Spirit which loves The Lord and needed to truly fear Him. I confessed and made a vow to the Lord that I will resist every unclean thing.  I am a new creation.  I believe I had to go through all this to get to where I am now, but I sure am glad I'm finally out of the world and have salvation and don't feel like a hypocrite. I am now ready to get my mission and do whatever ministry  He sends me to.

I am looking for a true church and am curious what church you were led to.  I am leaning towards the Messianic Jews-- that goes along with my beliefs the most.  There are so many false doctrines out there.  It's scary.  I used to think differences in doctrine were ok-- probably because my dad and stepmom are still entrenched in their catholic dogma even though they don't go to mass. Deep down I knew how evil the roman abomination is.  Your site brought it all to the surface.  Keep up the good work of Our Father.  May He bless you and your family in all you do.. May He bless your ministry and your life.  He deserves more than we can ever give Him.  The Harvest is plenty but the workers are few.  Let me know you received this if you ever get the chance.

Your brother in Moshiach--D.--

Southeastern PA

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It is clear to me that you have a clear understanding of GODS word and that you are empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT to share it with others.
Keep up the great work and a great website. In all that we do may we do it to the glory of GOD

Your brother in CHRIST

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Hey there. Sorry for another email, but I have this evening gone over more videos, interviews and other sites and my mind is made up, I believe Alex Jones to be a fraud and as far as I am concerned he is working for the Beast System.

I can see how we get sucked in , I have always had doubts, deep down and I know if I had not strayed from God in the past few months I would never have listened to Alex Jones in the first place.

Thankyou for your videos, time and research , I shall stick to the Lords Word and I shall continue to pray before reading material.

I have removed his links from my pages.

When I was writing about the Church Of Rome, and the Jesuits , it occured to me then why Alex jones never wrote or spoke about them and their connections to the beast system, the New World Order and how they are connected to the politicians, white house, CIA , FEMA etc

Satan wants to turn our attentions from The Church Of Rome and the Vatican and to place our energies into getting "Excited" & "Hyped up in hysteria" with the NWO and Alex Jones material. Alex Jones has been gradually dominating the internet and People can get so wrapped up in it, angry, and obsessed with it, as I was a while back.

I thank the Lord for bringing me back onto the Path I should be following , Him.... and I thank Him for opening my eyes once again to the truth.

I have always been interested in Spiritual Warfare, I have had many deliverences myself over the years and Alex Jones is another "Foothold" the enemy can use to steer Gods Chosen people away .

I may have strayed from God in the past few months but you know something, He didn't forget about me :)

Thanks once again, I feel at peace for the first time in months and Im turning back to the Lord Jesus and will continue to read and trust His word.

Kind Regards



Hi M.j.,

Thanks for the wonderful message. Can I place it in the response section of my website and show your name as intitials (M.J.)? This helps people wake up. Your message is right on target and right on time. I totally identify with your story. I too was wrapped up in Alex Jones for the past few years (up until about a year ago). I think following Jones' personally is a huge advantage to us for we know what he covers and doesn't cover and can speak with authority when it comes to him.

May the Lord God and Father of our Lord Jesus Bless you. Amen!

Yours in Christ,

Thomas Richards


Hey Thomas,

Sure you can use it :)

I praise Jesus that He is using you to bring the truth out into the open, not just about Alex Jones, but about His word,

Thankyou so much for replying, I feel genuine peace that I know can only have come from The Lord.

Your sister in Christ


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Oct 8th 2007
First of all, God bless you for your courage in exposing all of this stuff.  I, also, am a former catholic and I converted to faith in Jesus ALONE almost 30 years ago.  I felt so betrayed by the church of my youth and was trully angry with the nuns and priests who, I felt, lied and mislead me all of my years while in that church.
I began having the same feelings of betrayal by our government around the time of 911 and started looking into the 911 questions three years ago.  I have been almost obsessed to learn how all of this information regarding the illuminati and freemasonry, the CIA, etc. fit together.  I KNEW it was the Enemy behind all of this, but what organization connected it all together?  Was there an organization at the top, higher than the Rothschilds and Rockefellers?  I had read Alberto early on in my quest, but his information sounded too fantastic to be true.  Well, I got his information out again not long ago and began reading your information as well and now IT ALL FITS.   I have read too many accounts from other sources that back up what you and Alberto expose that I no longer find his account to be too fantastic to believe anymore.
But what is more compelling in my life is how it is causing me to be spiritually sober and repentant.  Whenever God begins to reveal His truth in my life, it always brings about repentance and seriousness about the business of Jesus on the earth.  I thank you for your information being out there to shake this slumbering Christian out of her sleep.  May our Lord protect you and your family as you continue to expose the deeds of our Enemy at work in the catholic church.


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Oct 6th 2007
If you are a big Alex Jones fan, I know that this might be a difficult thing to believe, but I encourage you to read what Thomas has blogged. Please just read it with an open mind!

Like many of you I considered Alex Jones to be a " whistle blowing hero ' for the past few years! However, after reading the insights Thomas Richards has revealed after much study, I have now developed a healthy suspicion of his motives. Thomas has been investigating the whole Alex Jones thing in depth for a number of years, and although I didn't want to believe it, I find that Thomas' disclosures about Alex have opened my eyes. According to what I now see, Alex Jones' silence on certain matters speaks far louder than his very loud words.

Look at the company Alex keeps and then question why he steers clear of speaking ill of the Vatican, when in fact the Jesuits and the Vatican are complicit in the whole NWO agenda that Alex Jones is supposedly warning us about. Hmmm! Next time you read one of his stories, perhaps you will read it in a different light. You may not agree with me, and I respect that. But I do ask you to just let this information digest before you react.. Thanks and God bless all of you! I hope I don't lose any friends over this, but sometimes the truth is hard to stomach. I am not trying to win a popularity contest here, so if you don't like what I pass on, then feel free to delete me. I just happen to believe that "the truth shall make you free." Jhn 8:32

Love and Blessings!

THX : All roads lead to Rome
Date: Oct 6, 2007 8:54 PM

I keep seeing Alex Jones' sheeple passing around mis-information for their cult leader Jones. So I'm going to say a little something about Jones. First of all going back to 1993, he stabbed Waco Branch Davidians in the back when he sold a story of theirs to ABC when they asked him not to.

Second of all the Bohemian Grove was set up in honor of St John of Nepomuk who is the Patron saint of the Bohemian Grove because he supposedly didn't tell the confessional secrets of the Bohemian queen.

So this St John of Nepomuk stands on the shore with his fingers over his lips to signify the secretive meetings the Bohemian Grove attendees have there. And so, if Bohemian Grove is a special secret place, there is no way Jones crept in there. If you want to believe that go ahead. I was raised in New York and there's a famous saying there. It's, "There's a sucker in every bunch".

So Jones walks in on the top government puppets during their secret rituals etc. What a bunch of hog wash there ! But then Jones comes out and says they're worshiping Moloch. Uh... Moloch was never portrayed as an OWL until Jones came on the scene.

Regarding him coming on the scene, William Cooper thought it was ODD how Jones did come on the scene. Cooper says, "Alex Jones was never a member of any patriot movement". This was in 2000 after Jones was trying to get everyone to lose their minds like he has about the whole Y2K bullcrap.

ok, so then Jones never reports on the Vatican. except he's says maybe a paragraph here and there.

So when he got on CNN when Charlie Sheen contacted him, he publically praises Martin Sheen in his brief appearance. If you dont know about the Sheen History check this out.

Ok, so then it comes out he's friends with really traditional Roman Cartholics. Like the Gibsons and Pat Buchanan. Now Pat Buchanan worked with the father of Project Mockingbird for 9 YEARS. No big deal though.

Yeah, you've "known Alex Jones for years" who the hell cares? Do you eat dinner with him at his crib. were you down with Jones to where you went to school with him, grew up with him and always knew about his whereabouts? Then your "Knowing Jones for years" bit doesn't hold ANY water.

What Jones has turned into is an idol and his fans (fanatics) hold him in esteem like the Catholic Church hold the Pope. They think he's infallible.

You people have to be on some serious drugs or something to think that this government who are masters at assassinating people can't get to Jones if they wanted to. Anyone who is following Jones at this point are the biggest suckers I ever met in my life.

so CNN were the ones who got that story on Bin Laden before 9/11 went down. Do you remember that? They supposedly walked right in on him and got an interview. in the interview he states he's going to attack America or Israel. Hmm, a few months later 9/11 goes down. And who did they blame it on? yeah, and CNN had on Pat Buchanan and Thomas Braden who was the father of Project Mockingbird on their CNN's Crossfire for 3 years. and then Alex Jones gets on there and praises Jesuit Coadjutor Martin Sheen.

Are you people really that dull in your minds? Jones hasn't done anything for me. I woke up by myself and with God Almighty's help. But Jones has become your god I guess. I know a million times more than Jones' fanatics because for the past ten years I've studied the biggest part of the NWO which is the Vatican. You are ignorant to the Vatican thanks to one of their number one agents in America. yes, you guessed it, your "brother in arms", Alex Jones.

By Thomas Richards @

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October 3rd 2007

Dear Thomas Richards,

I great you with peace and Godspeed on all which you have been set out to do.  I am a fellow brother who is walking with the Lord and it was not until recently (within the past year) had my eyes and heart been opened.  I was once a Roman Catholic myself who had attended Catholic schooling since I was in kindergarten all the way up through high school.  In fact, I was even to be married next year in the church where I was baptized Catholic and by a priest who was around and "hip with it" to me and my friends going through school.  More telling, I had my wonderful wife to be enroll in a confirmation class last October so everything could be "official" and in line with "the church."  

Digressing a moment, one thing I had always prayed for and always seeked to find was truth.  I wasn't always being open to it nor being diligent in my search but nonetheless, it was something I prayed for to God (not Mary or a saint - even though I did at times when I was Catholic) as well as wisdom and knowledge.  The prayers I made to God for wisdom and knowledge were answered more so than I could ever imagine.

Back to the story, this all started during the time of the Israel and Hezbollah war.  I was watching on the news and had a moment of intrigue.  I knew there was a whole lot more to this war than what was being portrayed in the news.  So I began my journey, I began researching the history of the two religions and then decided to research my religion I was claiming.  Being Catholic my whole life really didn't allow me to be open at first and I was biased in my research on Christianity.  I would disregard/discredit any website and/or book which was in opposition to the Catholic version.  

I was becoming more convinced Catholicism was THE religion to belong to.  Marina (wonderful wife to be) was open and accepting to me becoming more religious to the point she enrolled in the RCIA Confirmation class at our former church St. Joseph.  I went to every class with her (I was her sponsor since I had been confirmed) and we attended mass afterwards every weekend.  Later on we would recognize the strange coincidence in who our instructor was.  His name is Robert (Bob) Chiaradio and he has an extensive history in the FBI.  A brief insight to his background is pasted below:

In November 1989, he was ordered to FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. In May 1996, Mr. Chiaradio was ordered to the Tampa Field Office to serve as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge. After the terrorist events that occurred on September 11, 2001, Mr. Chiaradio was asked to report back to FBI Headquarters for a temporary assignment as Director Mueller's assistant. Robert J. Chiaradio left the FBIHQ in 2002: "...On July 8th, 2002 Chiaradio was named by KPMG Consulting (->), one of the world's largest business consulting and systems integration firms, as managing director and lead advisor on homeland security...."

This was the position he held when we began the confirmation class and about half way through the course he informed the class of about 8 he taken another job and left KPMG.  The new job was to be the director of TSA and told us he would have to always have to attend to his PDA if it went off.

The strange coincidence would become apparent as more and more truths were being revealed to me.  I was still a Catholic during February of this year and by this time I had done extensive research mainly on 9-11, secret societies and religions.  I was at this point convinced the story told about 9-11 in the mainstream media was a lie.  I was also convinced secret societies and the zionist Jews were the ones who are the perpetrators.  Also, I was for the most part convinced Catholicism was the correct religion and the way to heaven or purgatory in the case my soul wasn't pure.

Not too long afterwards, I came across a website ( and it began to challenge my recently affirmed Catholic beliefs except this time I was more open to it and took a step back to take it all in.  Shortly afterwards, I came across your first video and watched it.  I must say I was in a state of awe among other things.  However, I did not disregard it nor discredit it....this time I was able to be more open minded and curious.  I began a whole different track of research and this track would eventually lead to Marina and I being saved.  

The deeper I would dig, the more I would uncover and the more disgusting and sickening it all became.  I was now convinced the Catholic Church is truly the source of all evil and now wanted to understand how and why.  I gained my initial knowledge through your website and from your website I would seek out other sources on the same topics.  I found and other websites and books related to the subject.  The most impactful books were actually cartoon strip format from Chick publications about Alberto Rivera as well as Chick publications.

By time for confirmation of Marina on May 20.  I was done with Catholicism for the most part but Marina was on the fence leaning more away from Catholicism but wasn't sure yet.  We went through with the confirmation which was a "special" confirmation it was performed not just by a priest but by a bishop and two of his bishop buddies while also including about 20 other priests.  The whole thing gave the both of us a strange and uneasy feeling inside and we were not even participating in the mass as we would normally do.  She went up there and got slapped in the face and we both agreed she didn't feel the Holy Spirit descending upon her nor did she feel any different.  

Marina was in opposition to some of the facts and points I would bring up at first but eventually she gained understanding of the whole big picture.  It began with us not going to communion anymore and ended with us agreeing to never go back to Catholicism and any of its doctrines or beliefs.  It was at this point we truly found the Lord Jesus Christ because we came to the realization that all these horrible events which are upcoming "must come to pass" as our Lord has said.  There is nothing we can do to try and stop them from happening because to do so would be going in opposition to God's plan.  Therefore, we have put our complete faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and have never looked back.

I know this was a long letter but I wanted to type this for you in  order to show my appreciation and express gratitude for what you are doing.  It was your website among others and your videos which have lead Marina and I to the path of salvation.  I am always eager to check out your website for the latest on the truth about who is really in control of this earth right now.  I will gladly share any information I come across with you as well.  However, you seem to beat me to the punch most of the time.

Currently Marina and I are both employed by corporate America and are praying for our exodus while at the same time making sure we acknowledge the fact that it is His will be done and not ours.  We know God has a plan for us and we will patiently wait for it to unfold.  

I thank you for taking time to read through this entire email and  want you to know your efforts our reaching people and equipping people with the tools to reach certain people and I have.   I will never stop now that the truth has set me free.  I want to win as many catholic souls over for Jesus as I can while I am going through my life and your website played a major role in my salvation and has assisted me in delivering the message of the gospel to others.  

Know you are in my prayers and may the Lord continue to bless & watch over you and your family.

Sincerely yours in Christ and truth,


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"Thank you for the add.
I've been listening to Alex Jones for the last year or so. I was a big fan of Alex Jones until I found your video on google a couple of weeks ago. I have been reading and listening to the information you post on your website ever since. I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to the truth.
Take care.

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Thanks for your Keith Green info.

His death when I was younger was extremely tragic for me, and still is. I loved Keith Green very much, and the Holy Spirit would bless me greatly as I listened and sang songs from "No Compromise" and from "For him who has ears to hear", etc.

The Catholic Chronicles is something that I didn't know was going on. That's very interesting.

It shows how we need to expose Cathlicism for the Whore that it is. Let's avenge the soul of Keith Green for his diligence to carry the truth of God like a light through this darkened plane.

May God bless you, God speed.



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thanks for the add. I wanted to thank you for the info on Alex Jones. I found him very interesting at first but there were a couple of little things that set off red flags.

First, when I found out his age. He's only about six months older than me, when all along I figured he was in his forties. How could a 26-year-old guy afford to do all this research and make all these documentaries while supposedly broadcasting from his bedroom? This was several years ago, but when I was 26, I was barely getting by. You mentioned this on one of your videos...and believe me, it struck me as very odd as well. He comes across as being almost 10-15 years older than he is.

Second, when he supposedly infiltrated the Bilderberger meeting in Canada, and was "arrested" by the Canadian police. I remember hearing him call into his show explaining his 24 or so hours in lockdown. I would liken his story and speech patterns to that of a street bum conjuring up a cock and bull story about getting robbed and needing a few dollars to ride the train to a family member's house, when all he really wants is the next fix. There was just something about it that wasn't right.

I enjoy your page and information, you're doing the Lord's work.


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I am listening to your google video about the Jesuit takeovers, Alex Jones, etc.

Just wanted to tell you I heard Alex say on one of his videos that he is a catholic. Did you know this? I am pretty new to all of this and have listened to only a few of his videos when I was researching 9/11 a few months ago. I don't know how old the program was or which one. Sorry about that.

I also picked up on a news video on one of his sites that he tampered with to make Guilliani say something he did not say (though I'm not exonerating Guilliani in any way!). I wrote to Alex about this and he didn't respond. Just thought i would mention it to you.

I also want to thank you for all your information. I'm starting to get a hang of everything. But until watching your video just now I had no earthly idea how heavily the vatican/Jesuits are involved with/ controlling the US gov't. Amazing! But I'm not at all surprised knowing the natures of both!

.Thanks so much for all your good conscience and work to get the message out. I really appreciate it. And I'm so refreshed by your Christian perspective.

The very best to you, Thomas. Again much appreciation. You are a fine young man.

KG in TX

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Hello, and many THANKS to you! I cannot say how truly Thankful G-d led me to your site. Through my random searchings, my futile frustration, the worry, the dread, the constant confusion that arose out of my attempts to navigate the "truth" (or so I assumed) EVERYTHING you said in your video (Awakening..Alex,etc..) OMgosh--you absolutely "nailed" my concerns!! The information you gave, NOW allows me to move forward without the fear or confusion I once had. I will continue to read more on your site, and also seek out quite a few things on my own, but Thank You for "truly awakening me; rather than the "pseudo-wake-up" I'd thought I had. You set me straight before I got myself into trouble--either with my family/friends, or the law/gov't as a whole. Thanks again.
With much hope (for us all),

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Hi Thomas,

just watched some of your videos.

I also believe the same to be true. I used to watch alex jones and a number of other nwo reporters in 2003. I watched these videos and read the websites everyday for about a year and learned alot to do with politics, banking, occult connections... ect, and thought it was very interesting information. But, i wondered (like you) why they never mention the papacy with their endless connections and countless evil acts that they've been committing over the past 2000 years. Knowing quite abit about the roman catholic church since our Lord Jesus Christ shown me in 1995 and continues to show me, keeping the Bible as my bed rock, i watched these videos and visited the websites knowing that the controlling power was the vatican and seeing the absence of the papacy was very strange to me. I even emailed alex jones about the papacy being at the top of the command chain and the 'mark of the beast', 666, the microchip, ect... TWICE! and never got a sniff of a reply. By then I knew something was wrong.

I'd like to thank you for your videos and all the work you've put into them. I believe you to be on the right track and hope that our Wonderful Lord Jesus will look over you, protect and bless you and your family.

2JOHN - 1:6

God Bless,

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Subj: Thank You from the bottom of my heart

It was about a year and a half ago, that I first saw one of your videos. I am almost 60, and did two tours in Vietnam.

Your videos are all awesome!!!

When I was almost 30, I too had a, let me call it a slain in the Holy Spirit experience. But I stopped seeking only Jesus and started going to church. That turned out to be a major mistake. Because there aren't any churches who follow Jesus. I have spent the last 20 years in Baptist and Mega churchs.

What really got me started back to Jesus, was 911. It was surreal, just like when JFK got killed. Something inside said this is all BS that the government is telling us. Watching some google videos got me to knowing this was our CIA that did this. I know they did it, they supplied our enemy in Vietnam with the guns.

In Vietnam, I flew on huey gunships for at least 300 missions. I saw terrible things, and blocked most of that. What really came back to me on 911 was all the damm French airplanes that the CIA flew over there. Our gunships had to rearm and refuel alot so we were at airfields all over watching French made airplanes taking off and landing. Plus the white painted CIA hueys, and Chinooks.
We were constantly taking enemy weapons, hardly ever were there any foreign made weapons. All the weapon I saw were old vintage M1 carbines, and old Grease guns 45 cal. I saw maybe 100,000 of American made weapons and only ever saw one single AK47. Where the heck did those come from, I used to wonder. Those weapons were used in the Phillipines, against the Japanese. Then it all came together watching your stuff and others. The damm CIA was trading our old munitions, for herion, which lots of my friends in high school that went to Vietnam got hooked on.

So one day about a year and a half ago I prayed. "I am just a dumb sheep Lord, what's going on? I really need your discernment and wisdom. Help me to know the enemy. When I went to Vietnam, I did not know squat, and still don't really know what was going on there."

Almost instanly I was led to your videos on google, yours and others. Like Dr Walter Veith with the Total Onslaught series, on google video. God had told me to look up mason symbols, amazing how that led me to your stuff.

You are right on about the KJV, bible. You have a great genuine quality when witnessing. Don't let anyone tell you any different. The Lord is coming soon. And it won't be Santa, or the Easter Bunny. It will be the Lord God Almighty, who told us to fear him and not any other.

I can't say God Bless you because he already does. But I can say stay strong for the Lord, and I will pray that the Lord does not allow satan to tempt you, or your loved ones.

L.K. - California

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Just wanted to say that I appreciate what your doing. Knowledge is power, and power against this false religion they call "The Roman Catholic Church". They and the Jesuits have been behind every single war and downfall of man. They are the exact people who have been controlling nations threw their greed and had of those few who have stood up against them. They have run parallel with the goodness of Christianity because that is the deception. When the day comes "and it will", then the evil beings will reveal themselves and by that time if the people of the U.S. haven't gotten off their thumbs then they will suffer a great punishment for the sake of Christ. It is coming and it is coming fast. All nations....all people need to wake up to the world around them.
No one see's the goings on of their world because they have been well conditioned to "Just accept" what is being given to them, through the very very slow process of the media, which are owned and controlled by the power elite.
All this time it Really HAS been a religious war of God and Satan. I totally agree with you about the food issue as well.
In the bible in Genesis it tells that we were to eat of the fruit of the trees and that would be our meat. Instead we have been given processed meats, and processed everything. They won't tell you about Vitamin B-17, or how sodium fluoride is actually poisonous and yet we all us it to brush our teeth. It is all so is for one "Population Control",
secondly it is all about controlling the masses of this world, and making us accept it. The number of the beast is "the micro chip". I won't keep you with that, I say "Keep up the good work of the lord and may you be blessed in your heart and may he protect you from harm.
God Bless

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Great website. Thank you for helping spread the truth
From London Ontario.

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I wanted to tell you that I found your page yesterday, and it has had me reading on and off for the last many, many hours. First of all we have somewhat similar testimonies in certain aspects, so I can relate to you on that level. But also, the Lord does a work through you to expose the truth in a day and time when few will speak about the false doctrines and undercover practices of the RCC.

I get many opportunities to speak to catholics about what they believe and what their establishment teaches them. It is among the most difficult ministry tasks that I believe we can have today, because all of them genuinely believe they serve and know God; all of them believe that the RCC is God's only true and pure instrument on earth; and all of them will defend the pope no matter what, and at all costs.

I get angry responses even with the lightest, most loving, most gentle speech that points out any error. So I wanted to encourage you and let you know that the Lord is speaking through you.

The Lord has opened my eyes in the last year to the great conspiracy that exists in the world. Usually I see it in terms of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Carnegies... that sort of thing, because it was Alex Jones and where I got much of my information. I was surprised to see you explain how Alex Jones is being used as a tool of the Vatican (whether willingly or unknowingly). I do find it suspicious, now that I read about it, how he'll never mention them, yet they clearly play, either directly or through the Jesuits, a huge, undeniable role in world events.

So I wanted to encourage you and say thanks for your service to the Lord.


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I just want to start off by saying that I found your videos incredibly moving. I found your site while trying to research alex jones because I just had a feeling about him. I admit I have been listening to his message for a while now. Even as I type this, is saved as my homepage (not for long). Allot of the things you talk about I can directly relate to. I'm from Savannah Georgia (a town dominated by masonry) and grew up in the catholic society. I have spent 12 years of my life in catholic schools and had never felt the holy spirit burning the way it is now. Not too long after September 11, 2001 I began to feel like somthing was wrong. I just couldnt put my finger on where to start looking. The starting point for me was accidently finding a site about the Denver International Airport. The cloak of my false reality was quickly unraveled.
I spent much of my freetime investigating our government and cults when a friend introduced me to and alex jones. I have to admit I was really inspired after seeing someone (who i believed was) standing up to bigbrother and trying to do the right thing. But here and now another route has presented itself to me. I must thank you for that. I really enjoyed hearing your points in your videos. (especially the small point you made about kids cartoons now depicting occult legends. I have noticed this for a while now and nobody else seems to flinch) I just wanted to let you know that you really are making an impact. You have delivered the message about Alex Jones that i (didnt want to hear but...)needed to hear.
Truth is rare treasure and I'm trying to collect as much as possible.

Keep it up man,

p.s. - I never did catch your name. I want to save your vid's and show them to my friends but I dont know who to tell them is doing the talking. They are diehard alex jones followers and ron paul activists... You must be heard!

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Hi Thomas Richards,
Just like you, I have been always a fan and an admirer of Alex Jones. But I had several un-answered questions in the back of my mind: Why would the main media show Alex Jones and allow him to share his views with the public if they don't believe him and don't want other people to know about him!!!. How could he afford a top-quality video production, and cartoons!!! Why he hasn't been attcked, killed or improsined. Now that I saw your video, I am hurt. I am hurt because I believed in him and that belief started to fall down. I am hurt, because the person I thought he would make a good movement leader and leads the country to a better status has started to fall off my respect. Eventhough I am hurt, but I am glad to start seeing the truth about Alex Jones.

Thomas, Eventhough I am a Muslim, and not a Christian, but I still want the best for this country, because I am an American also. I have been an American for 25 years. I was really happy to see some American people uncovering the truth about their government who is trying to destroy America, people such as Alex Jones and others. BUT, to my surprise, he may be one of their slaves too... shame on people like that. I am very much interested in knowing truths and conspiracies. I am very lucky to run into your videos by chance. I really want to thank you for the 4 videos I saw. I had to write you this letter before moving on to watching the rest of them. Take care and God bless us all. Mohammad

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truthcomestolight's Comment:

"These videos on this page about comfort & fear have made me realize that my other site is promoting several videos & organizations & people who are in this "truth movement", yet they only instill fear of man into you, and make you want to arm yourself. I believe in the Second Amendment being essential in protecting your property & family, but would that be completely trusting in Jesus?

I will be getting into the Authorized Version of the King James Bible, and starting in Daniel (this time I will finish it), and Revelation (which I will also finish, along with the Epistles of Paul, John, Peter, etc.).

Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you to reach someone who WAS living in fear of man, and is now living in fear of God & His Word. I believe that the problem facing the Church today is that they are all reading out of Vatican-changed Bibles, and modern junk bibles that some even have up to 5,000 omissions in them! How many words do you have to remove from God's Word until it ceases to be God's Word? ONE!! (I am quoting Eric Phelps).

I also recommend Al Cuppet's Videos (Black Ops & Bible Prophecy) & (I Am vs. the New World Order) which you can watch on Google Video.

What is your opinion on him, if you can get back to me on it?



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I came across your videos recently and really commend what you are doing. I live in Austin, Tx - the home of Alex Jones - so you can imagine the overdose of radio and local access TV he does here. I have been on the journey towards truth for many years and recognized early on that even though Alex is exposing some truth, his overall objective is to create fear and divert people from continuing on towards the real truth. He is definitely a strawman. Inauthentic! He is a prime example of what's called Counter-Intelligence.

I have heard a lot about the Zionists(Babylonian Talmudic Jews) being behind the NWO but believe even they could be a creation of the Jesuits. Any thoughts on the Zionists vs. the Jesuits argument?

I managed to call in to one of Alex Jones' live local TV shows and asked him about this. Of course he cut me off, but because it was a live show I could watch his reaction and he became flustered and lost composure before going on to the next caller without commenting. His reaction to my question had "guilty" written all over it, at least "guilty" of hiding something.

I have a similar story of the spiritual awakening. I tried many churches but they all seemed like zombies. I am on fire with the spirit, as you seem to be, and they're all so timid and in chains of dogma. Needless to say, I will NOT affiliate with any organized, mainstream Christian community. Even though they are nice people, they're being led like sheep to their slaughter. Speak Truth and if they don't listen shake off the dust and move on!

However, standing firm in Truth against society and even family has created extreme isolation which sometimes can be difficult but I have learned to rejoice when I am shunned and persecuted for righteousness sake.

Anyway, keep doin' what you're doin'. There is a certain resonance to the words you speak which motivate and inspire.

Take care and God Bless,


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Dear Tommy,

I came to see your site via Utube. I frequently watch free press videos such as Alex Jones and independent films.

Your video actually touched my heart because dealing with so much emotional information has really overwhelmed me. It is so true that Alex Jone's videos and radio shows strike fear and a need to make irrational decisions. That's exactly how I felt as I watch every one of them.

I am a Christian woman and I realy felt a sense of sincerity and that your views are to help and not hurt people. Your site gave me a much more clear perspective without the need of emotional manipulation.

It would be so nice if you could put something on your site of what people should and should not do in there efforts to maintain freedom and prevent further damage to our country and society .


T. R Kansas city , Mo

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Messrs Spiritually Smart,
I'm a catholic that lives in Rome,
I must tell you that you are right about the catholic imperialism and in many other things that are written there in your website.
People here in Italy believe strongly that catholic world must rule the entire world.
The catholic world is based on corruption and expecially to these ugly things :
- If you want to have a job you must know "someone",if you don't know "someone" you are out.
- They make frauds against insurance companies
-They refuse freedom
-They hate America
-They hate honest people
-You must suffer all your life
-Italian food and italian culture is the best in the world and other cultures are crap!
-People cheat everywhere and they live to cheat other people
-You can live here if you are a honest man
-They are NOT serious at all
-They are unhappy people and they don't know how to have fun
In other words Italy is not what people talking about it, and for those people I can't live here because I'm a honest person.
The bad part of the catholic church with the good part hate other cultures and good people.
But thanks God I'm different :
I refuse the idea to be an italian and I don't feel like an italian,because
travelling all over the world I LEARNED how to be a man,how to be serious,how
to enjoy life and respect other people and cultures : HOW TO BE
I really love the world and life that I call America,and I
wrote something very interesting about this God that saved my life
: America.
America is my only reason to live and I can live in this place (Italy) only
thinking at  the moment of the american liberation after
the war ,that was the only and best moment where people were
I think that we must defend freedom in the world,we must defend America.
But I would to know what do you think about the fact of the faked Moon's missions.
Are they really faked or not,for you?
This is the most important point!
I do believe that man went REALLY to the moon and that was the best moment for the world and it made ONE world : America.
Sorry if I made some errors with english and thanks for reading me.

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Hey Outstanding website,
I have been waiting to get my hands on this info and I appreciate
the sources to go along with it. Because you can slap people in the
face with the truth with pictures and they will still be skeptical
but if you hand them a lie they are quick to believe it.
                                                             Christ Alone,

(From return Visit)
Once again awesome website bro. Where can I get some of the videos you have
about Dr. Alberto Rivera and the Ustachi Army videos etc.?

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Greetings Friend,       Your Site is very powerfull !
Keep your courage up and may the Lord bless you. All the pictures
speak for themselves. The page with the testimony of someone being
saved genuinely made my eyes fill up with tears. This story paralleled
my life in many ways and I was 27 when things finally changed for me
as well and my eyes were opened as the Lord woke me up to the reality
of this world.There is no doubt as to the authenticity of this person's experience.
I lived through the same things and the Lord woke me up in a mysterious  way
also..................Anyhow ,great job with the site and may Jesus
continue to protect you and bless you.                                                                        



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Dear SpirituallySmart,

I came across your website via if I remember correctly, GoogleVideos.  I
was hunting round for conspiracy topics. 

I have to commend you for courage to place all the contents on there, ESPECIALLY the information on Alex Jones.  I used to enjoy listening to Prison
Planet up till recently.  In all, I stayed intuned with his radio
broadcasts for up to a month.  But one bit of contents totally
turned me off...well, rang off some warning signals in me.  I
too are a born again believer in Jesus Christ ...and an ex catholic
since 1987.  I turned my back on the RCC system when I came across
the Jack Chick comics on Alberto, and THIS IS YOUR LIFE Tracts etc.  I
mustve read every one of them and still enjoy them to this date.  It
was material like that that set me free from the bondage of catholicism
and into the loving strong arms of Jesus. amen.

I at first enjoyed listenign to Alex Jones and such as David Icke,
until.  One big mistake.  They seem to have a hatred in their
propaganda for the Jews. This caused me to back off and cut off even
listening further. I would not party to so called christians who hate
the Lord's ancient covenant people. It does say in the word of God
that those who hate Abraham and his seed will be cursed and those who
bless Abraham shall be blessed. Not to touch the apple of GOD'S eyes.
His hands are still on them.  I do note there are soem bad jews,
but the entire race or nation is under God's Hands.  The person
who slanders and attacks...something is wrong.  I didnt know what
you shared on your website, but looking back. It all makes sense.  I
remember that all my family of roman catholic upbringing. there is
a natural anti semitism for the jews, until there is repentance and
washing of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Truly the jesuits are infiltrated
everywhere, I suspect in high hierachy circles of even protestant evangelicals,
,well know names. etc.

One question I do ask and maybe you may have the information..I dont
know...I am still ploughing through your website with glee and intrigue
but thankful, that there are questions I have had for a longtime seems
to be answered. Have you ever heard of another radio ministry called
the Prophecy Club? Do you have any info on them too? I have also been
connected with them, but recently, have had the 'prompting' to pull
away. I did. Cut off connections with them.

Anyway, I still want to say thank you for all that info..its truly
eye opener. I wish my late fatheer was around to read this stuff, yet..he
knew about the roman catholics more than I thought. He tore away from
them, hating everything it standed for. He passed away in 1987, shortly
after I became a true believer of Messiah Jesus Christ. amen.

Shalom and God's richest blessings



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I want to thank you very much for having thi material on this web.It
was very enlightning to me and hope to many others. -anonymous

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I loved the video on Who Infiltrated America. I was curious as to what the music
was and if you would be willing to give me a list of the bands and song titles.

Have you checked out Total Onslaught on Google Video yet? More great stuff!!


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Click here: index  Great web site concerning
the Vatican, the Jesuits, and our Goverment! They offer free books,
videos and audio`s....Check it out!

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I really enjoy your sight. So much I
never knew. I was born and Raised catholic. I became born again about
15 years ago. Now that my eyes are opened, it is very difficult to
get anyone to listen. I now will never go and partake in these pagan
rituals ever . I will only go if some very near has died. But I will
never take communion again. Lately, I see the convergience of Bible
Prophecy being fullfilled all over the signs are there. I honestly
feel a little paranoid someone is listening on my phone calls. Every
time I talk about this stuff my phone sounds like some is beeping
in but there is no other call. Anyway God Bless!

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Dear Tom,
May I say I found your ministry most interesting
and quite informative.
We in the UK are one of a very small number of
former Catholics, that are trying to expose false doctrine and introduce
the Biblical Jesus to a lost and secular world.
I do hope we can link sites and assist one another,
as we help take up the Great Commission.
Yours in Christ,

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Dear Brother

Thank you so much for your great website. I especially enjoy the hard-hitting videos. I have been a great admirer of the late Dr. Alberto Rivera for many years and I am delighted that there is some reliable information on him now availabe on the web for anybody interested. It seemed to me that all websites on Dr. Rivera were making him look like a fraud or maniac. Please keep up the good work. I don't know how long we can still distribute Alberto's message here in Europe, since the Roman Church is regaining more and more of the territory that she lost during the Reformation.

May God richly bless your work for Him and I hope that many precious catholics will find Christ through the testimony of Alberto Rivera and others who escaped this evil, devilish system of Roman Catholicism.

Yours in Him,


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"Here's a poem I wrote in the early '80's I was born again in 1976,
recieved the gift of tongues in '77, and went on to figure out everything
about the Catholic Church. I read a great book, "The Great Prostitute
Babylon", and I got a lot of insights reading the Bible on my own.
I had no religious upbringing." . ...... "Through 20 yrs of christianity,
I came to realize that the protestant reformation is in leagues, ultimately,
with Satan as well, and the real truth is one of unconditional love
for everyone. The movie, "What the bleep do we know?", to me, describes
what Jesus actually came here to teach us. Self empowerment and first
hand experience of God. anyway.. here's my poem:Who's the whore on seven hillswith a cup in her hand,drunken with the blood of saintsfrom stealing all their land?And who's her son who does her workunder another name,and shows no honor to her,though their motives are the same?Jesus said, "call no man father."that God alone is King,yet there's a man who'd have you kneelto kiss his filthy ring."Come out of her, my people"was John's message for today,or reap the blood that she has sown
if you decide to stay.      H.A.

My Response: Yes, mainly Protestants have been taken over by the whore
of revealtions but I believe Protestantism started off as simply being
born again and they protested against all ungodliness and God commands
us to do and as God does Himself through His chosen vessels. "Protestantism", "Christianity" on the most part is not what it's supposed to be and God says He will judge them appropriately. "And then will I profess unto them, I never knew
you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." (Matthew 7:23) No one is
born into salvation but in sin and death. All must choose who they will
serve and be born again.
Yours in Yeshua HaMashiach, Thomas Richards

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  What an impressive site. I am a news junkie and a close reader
of the new world order takeover of our whole planet. Am well aware
of the intended return to Romish rule in the end times. Have read Vatican
Assassins site for 2 years.
Then I find you. The photographs are too much ! So undeniable and
totally damning to the reptiles in Washington.
Videos are magnificient. Just finished Rules of Engagement. Waco
was my wakeup call to begin with, and I am again inflamed as I watch
the massacre happen and listen to the nonstop lies.
Thanks to you for all your impressive work. I hope to pass it around
to any who will listen and see. They are few these days. Has something
to do with the "narrow path" I believe.
Most sincerely, B.B.    Mobile, Alabama

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I believe in Alberto
testimony in every sense .I'm an ex catholic and I have been
through persecution by that evil institution. Rivera  is a faithful
Christian and now is heaven with the Lord Jesus.

I have been
save by your father testimony (Alberto Rivera), and since then
I fight against any body who trade to disoner the name of Alberto
Rivera .I have beem save by the precious book and video tape
of Alberto most saint in Christ...please send some information
about where you both live .I'm an former italian catholic and
I quote in everything Alberto Rivera tstimony.My self I have
been through abuse and rape by Cathoic clergy. Now is nearly
twenty years since your father open my eyes and now I send your
father testimony every where Italy and America. Blessed his soul
for the salvation of thousend people.Don't warry about the prostitute
of Rome ,soon or later she have to answer to God.

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Wow! Great job putting that together! The Audio quality is Excellent.
Alberto backed up alot of what i already knew for sure. I didnt know
that the word Vatican means Divination, that is what he said isnt it?
One thing is for sure, all roads lead to ROME! He was an Excellent speaker,
he has alot of emotion and passion. It would have been an Honor and priviledge
to have met him. He would be proud of you for keeping his message alive.
I know I am. I cant wait for your next one!

Here is a site I found with a ton of info and pics


and this one as well, I didnt know the Vatican coin's its own money

take care,

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hello tom.  i read your testimony and have been
reading parts of your extensive site and watching
videos. what an incredible ministry that Heavenly
Father has given you. may we continue to seek and
follow Truth at whatever the cost. i am going to pray
for you ernestly as you continue to put it out there
and fight the good fight of faith.  i too, came to
Christ 4 yrs ago. i have since then renounced my
profession--psychotherapy which is false and governed
by the government and i have renounced all churches as
they stand today. i am simply a believer, nothing
more. i have no identity with this world, my identity
is in Christ. this has taken great struggles
spiritually to come to this point in my life. Jesus
stripped me down to nothing, stripping me of the
identity that i held tightly regardless of whether it
was right or that i liked me, it was who i was
comfortable with.  But with great prayer and fasting,
Heavenly Father continues to strip me of deep seated
issues/identity and replaces it with His divine
identity. Praise Him for this. it is a life long
task...none of me and all of Thee... The key element
is right relationship with God, to take on His
character and as we allow Him to establish His
characterological Kingdom in our hearts, He in turn
destroys the characterological kingdom of satan in

you have an extensive website and i can see that it
has your heart and passion into it.  I pray for
courage for you in these last days as you take up the
cross of former reformers and be a standard bearer and
truth proclamer.  we are living in the end and this
will eventually cost you and perhaps your family your
life.  i pray for your safety...Deut 31:6 

peace and prosperity to you and your family my
christian brother, loren

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I heard you on the radio, great show, keep up the good work! God
be with you. Here are some references that you can use in your
continual search for the truth;



There are many more documents from Catholic sources, as well as others
which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, what the final end game
will be, (The enforcement of the Mark Of The Beast).

It appears to us that you have been chosen, along with a few others,
to give the last warning message to the world, just prior to the
Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless you in your mission and assignment. May you be faithful to
the end. Maranatha.



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Thank you for the remarkable photographic documentation and accompanying
explanations. I hope all this info is well protected and backed-up. And
thank you for your testimony.