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rev james jim poole sj pedophile priest knom

Rev. James E. Poole SJ

This page on the "Rev" James Poole is two-fold. One, to document Poole's depraved criminal actions and two, to expose Phil Jayhan's disinformation.

Phil Jayhan of the the internet forum entitled "Let's Roll" is saying that James Poole SJ and Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit Priest, are the same man. Thus attempting to discredit Alberto Rivera and many others who have promoted Alberto Rivera's excellent exposes' on the Vatican and Jesuits.

LINK to Phil Jayhan Forum .

One big reason why they look similar is because they are in almost the same exact position.
Some of their features do look the same but some do not. Also, Alberto is a very short man.
This will be very easy to prove that these two men are not the same person.

What is making me suspicious that Phil Jayhan is a disinfo agent now is the comments
Phil is making in this particular thread. Let's take a look:

"But there is no doubt that Albert Rivera and James Poole are the same man." ~Phil Jayhan

Here Phil is trying to get his forum members to believe this:

"Digest quickly as much more data is on its way to your cerebral cortex.....
'What thou doest, do quickly!'
(This is what Jesus said to Judas Iscariot right before Judas betrayed Him -TR)

cheers- phil jayhan " ~Link

Then Phil pulls another rabbit out of his hat with this next comment:

"So then, James Poole AND Alberto Rivero are both JESUITS, and BOTH pedophiles?
What credibility then does anything, no matter how true,
said by Alberto Rivero have any longer?
" - Phil Jayhan

Phil Jayhan is either VERY stupid or he is some kind of agent. Take your pick.

Rev. James E. Poole SJ
DOB 18 May 1923  Ordination: 20 Jun 1953

IRISH Rev James "Jim" Poole SJ Founder of the first catholic Radio station in the United States, called KNOM. KNOM Radio station biography LINK

Recently accused of sexual child abuse. LINK the Actions Of Two Jesuits (Poole and Duffy) Contribute To The Bankruptcy Of The Archdiocese Of Portland.


Associated with the Alaskan missions for fifty years, KNOM founder Fr. Jim Poole, SJ has decided, while he's still healthy,  to retire to his work in the Pacific Northwest. 
  Father Jim came to Alaska in 1948 as a Jesuit seminarian, working at the village mission of Holy Cross 

He was ordained in 1952. 

Throughout his Alaskan missionary career, Father Jim has served as pastor for Alaska's most northerly parish at Barrow, as well as the villages of Mountain Village, Pilot Station and Marshall." 


Jim Poole SJ was also a Secretary of Nome, Alaska Rotery Club
1988    Jim Poole, SJ    Ministry - Catholic 

Another Picture of Rev James "Jim" Poole SJ ~Image Source ( Photo taken between 1963 and 1969.)

Below, another picture of Jim Poole SJ.
Poole is now 85 years old and lives in an assisted living facility in Nebraska. Alberto would be 73 if he was alive.

Alberto Magno Romero Rivera
DOB 1935 - June 20 1997

SPANISH Ex- Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera. While IRISH James Poole was heading the biggest Catholic Radio Station in America and molesting children, Alberto was leading a high profile expose' against the Jesuits and the catholic Church.

You can see alot more pictures of Alberto if you scroll down below. Compare them side by side. They look alike but they're not the same person. For Phil to say they definitely are the same person is suspicious in my opinion.


New Unhived Mind thread on Phil Jayhan

Phil Jayhan now joins the ranks of other Alberto Rivera attackers. Such as Leo Zagami, and Gary Metz.

Alberto Rivera became very close with many staunch Jesuit and Vatican exposers. If Alberto remained a Jesuit he would have knocked off many of these men. Including Jim Arrabito, Jack Chick to name a few.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Alberto Rivera

Jesuits Settle Claims by 110 Alaska Natives for $50M
November 16, 2007
This settlement resolved complaints against 12 priests, 2 deacons, and a brother, who sexually abused children in the remote native communities of northwestern Alaska. The victims alleged that their communities were used as dumping grounds, that Jesuit attitudes about native populations figured in the abuse, and that the Jesuits placed managerial conversations under the seal of the confessional to conceal their prior knowledge of the abuse. See articles about the communities and the Lundowski survivors with map and photos, Jesuit attitudes and the Poole survivors, Jesuit vs. native culture, the secrecy issue, the genesis and history of these cases, and the settlement with background and comments by survivors with photos.



Rev James Poole SJ

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Christianity Today and Cornerstone Magazine published and article by a man named Gary Metz who called Alberto Rivera a fraud. But just look at their Pro-Catholic, Pro-Pope and Vatican stand. And look at a brief write up on this man called Gary Metz AKA Doctorzin.

Note From Alberto Rivera Jr.

The Vatican and the Jesuits have denied that Alberto was ever a Jesuit priest. They did the same thing to Ex Catholic Priest Bernard Fresenborg. Read his book here: Thirty Years In Hell by Bernard Fresenborg. Like Alberto Rivera, he was murdered by Jesuit assassins and we don't know the year of his home going or the place of his sepulchre to this day. But God's knows and he will be one of the first ones to arise on the glorious Resurrection morning.

Day One of Dr. Alberto Rivera Lecture

Day Two of Dr. Alberto Rivera Lecture

Day 3 - Dr. Alberto Rivera and ex Nun Expose the Vatican 8/26/84

Alberto Rivera - Testimonio de un ex- Sacerdote Jesuita:

Video Title: “The Secrets of the Jesuits” A very Rare video of James (Jim) Arrabito interviewing Dr. Alberto Rivera. (Both Died under very suspicious circumstances. I believe they were both assassinated.)

(died in a plane crash in 1990)
Statement by his wife

My statement in response to her's is, God can protect but he allows His servants to be martyred also. The report she received could have been false. "They" know how to make your death look like an "accident".

I believe he was martyred for his work exposing the Whore of Revelation 17 and 18 (i.e. the Jesuits and Vatican).

The Widow Of Former Jesuit Priest, Fr. Alberto Rivera, Said The Vatican And Jesuit Order Killed Her Husband, Then Wanted To Dig Up His Bones, Taking Them Back To the Vatican.

Nury Rivera tells Americans how her husband was persecuted and killed for trying to tell Vatican secrets about how they infiltrate churches and the U.S. government. She also tells how she has been harassed, attacked and her life threatened by agents of the Vatican and Jesuit Order.

By Greg Szymanski
20 Feb 2007

Nury Rivera came forward with conviction and courage Monday on international radio, saying her husband was assassinated by the evil Jesuit Order. "They poisoned him and I am 100 per cent sure of that," said the widow of the late high level Jesuit priest, Fr. Alberto Rivera, killed in the early 1990's after defecting from Vatican treachery and trying to tell the truth about the real intentions and satanic practices of the Jesuit Order. Fr. Rivera became a Jesuit priest, worked in the Vatican and eventually assigned the deceptive job of infiltrating U.S. Christian churches with the intent to destroy Protestant pastors while controlling doctrine favorable to Rome.

"After my husband left the Church, found Jesus and decided to tell the world about Vatican deception, the Jesuits did everything to keep him quiet and discredit him," said Ms. Rivera, who has been harassed, her life threatened and her house broken into on many occasions by Vatican agents in order to steal her husband's documents and artifacts.

Read More

Hear Nury Rivera interview with Greg Szymanski

The Late Jesuit Fr. Alberto Rivera's wife, Nury, Refuses Vatican Bribes

After her husband was killed for trying to tell the truth about Vatican and Jesuit Order evil doings, Vatican offered Mrs. Rivera $1 million if she signed a paper saying her husband was delusional and insane. Refusing, her life was then threatened many times, but she continues in spite of threats, trying to inform the world of the satanic nature of the Vatican.

By Greg Szymanski
7 Mar 2007

More revelations about the untimely death of former Jesuit priest, Fr. Alberto Rivera, surfaced this week when his widow, Nury Rivera, said Vatican emissaries offered her a million dollars if she signed a paper claiming her husband was insane and delusional. Rivera told her story Monday on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal at, telling listeners after her husband tried to inform the world about Vatican corruption, he was first discredited and then assassinated in the 1990's on direct orders by the Jesuit Order.

"They poisoned him and I am 100 per cent sure of that," said Rivera, adding they killed her husband after defecting from Vatican treachery and trying to tell the truth about the real intentions and satanic practices of the Jesuit Order. "He worked in the Vatican directly under the former Jesuit Gen. Fr. Pedro Arupe and then was assigned the task to infiltrate Baptist and Protestant churches in America. When he found the Lord, he wanted to inform the world how the Vatican and Jesuit Order have infiltrated the top governments and religions of the world.

Read More

Article: Confession No. 16: Former Bishop of Guatemala Claims Jesuits Control the Vatican and Are the Real Spiritual Controllers of the New World Order.

(In this article the Former Bishop Gerard Bouffard of Guatemala verifies Alberto Rivera's Authenticity and says he received orders for his murder).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(click pictures for more info)

1st: "Alberto" The testimony of a former Jesuit Priest. Learn how this ex-Jesuit priest found Christ and begins to expose Rome's innermost secrets. (32 pages)

Alberto Series Part 1

2nd: "Double Cross" After his salvation, Alberto is a hunted man. No Jesuit can leave his order alive! He reveals the infiltration of Protestant organizations, and warns of false "brethren" in our midst.

"...the Vatican planned the infamous Jonestown massacre in Guyana in 1978. Jim Jones was a Jesuit under that secret oath with instructions from Rome to commit mass murder in order to discredit Christian camps."

Alberto Series Part 2

3rd: "The Godfathers" Part III of Alberto Rivera's testimony. Here's how the Roman Catholic Institution, as the "Mother of Abominations" (Rev. 17), caused many wars. This is the book the Catholic press is afraid to mention. If you are a Catholic, or have Catholic friends or loved ones, this story is for you.

Alberto Series Part 3

4th: "The Force" This comic reveals how the Vatican is using its occult force to deceive millions. It's the "habitation of devils" described in Rev. 18:2.

Alberto Series Part 4

6th "The Prophet" Part VI of Alberto Rivera's testimony. Learn how the papacy helped start Islam, only to have this new daughter rebel against her. You'll understand the Arab's place in Bible prophecy. ~Read Now!

The Prophet - By Alberto Rivera

Proof that Dr. Alberto Rivera was indeed and Ex-Jesuit Priest
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dr. Alberto's ID

His Jesuit I. D.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This I. D. card was issued by the Spanish government in Spain in 1967, under the rule of the Spanish dictator Franco. His security forces were equally as strict as the Gestapo had been in Germany. To obtain this document, Alberto had to supply birth certificate, identification papers and positive proof from his archdiocese of being a priest. Several security organizations were involved, similar to our CIA and FBI. The priest, Alberto Rivera, had to be approved by all of these organizations to receive this document. There was no way it could have been a forgery. There is no question he was a priest. What you see here is positive proof. This document was granted by a government that had pledged absolute submission to the pope through the concordat signed by the government of Spain and the Vatican. (Quote by Jack Chick's Book “Smokescreens”)

Additional Links
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

1. Here is the letter that Alberto received from the Archbishop of Madrid-Alcala stating that Alberto was a priest in that archdiocese, and giving him permission to travel broad on church business.

2. Was Alberto Really Who He Claimed To Be?

Another Excellent Book
Is Alberto For Real?

Reproduced by permission
©1988 by Sidney Hunter

Book Cover

Table of Contents
Publishers Foreword

Chapter 1 - 12 Most Frequently Heard Charges
Against Alberto Answered
Chapter 2 - Private Investigation of Alberto
Chapter 3 - Answer To Article In Christianity Today

Other Pictures of Alberto while he was a Priest
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Assassination of Alberto Rivera

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We want to inform you that June 20, 1997 the beloved brother in the Lord Alberto Rivera was poisoned, and the church of the Savior lost another saint in the hands of criminals. Alberto was killed in his own congregation by people He knew. These people disguised themselves as saints of the Most High and played the role of saints, with the purpose to kill and destroy Bible believing saints.


Michael Cicchese reporting (on Sunday Dec 21st 1997) quoted Nury (Rivera, Alberto's Wife)as saying, "They (Jesuits) murdered him. He was poisoned four years ago and was supposed to die right away. But it was a miracle he lived for four years. The Lord wanted him to go around the world."

Alberto told Jack that the guy who poisoned him was an old friend who he thought had also left the church. He visited the US, insisted on making dinner for Alberto, but then Alberto became deathly ill and had to be rushed to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. When he got back, his old friend was gone without any note, never to be heard from again.

Alberto had previously claimed the Jesuits had poisons that made people die of Cancer and thus, look like natural causes.) It was either an unlucky coincidence or grim prophecy that his own death seemed to follow the same M.O.

Hear Nury Rivera interview with Greg Szymanski

The Following is a reply I received in response to my
posting information on Alberto's poisoning:

Research "Cancer Causing Retro Viruses" - the AIDS viruses were manufactured via retro viruses supposedly and Alberto claimed that the Vatican used retro virus variations to poison people most likely by the description I read at your site now.

I read some amazing literature on them and did retro virus units in biology classes earlier in my life and its rather simple in theory - a virus injects its RNA into your DNA and then your ribosomes make what the virus RNA says to and your ribosomes can be programmed to make anything!

We make insulin this way. Or you can make MORE viruses this way.

Supposedly the CIA made AIDS, a tumor causing one retrovirus, and a third one when they merged with this research program in the 70's and all three virus creations are called AIDS by the ignorant public. The literature I read was on a myspace account but well researched, BUT it said that the government passed it to the public in Manhattan in 1980 first then Seattle and other locations through a fake research experiment asking for gay men to test a vaccine for Hepatitis.

This is definitely a worth researching one day when you have some free time.