The Genealogy of the Murdoch Family. (Taken From


    AA. Sir Keith Arthur Murdoch. Born 12 August 1885. Died 4th October 1952. Married 1928 Elisabeth Joy Greene (born 8th February 1909), dau of Rupert Greene. Numerous sites on the web say she was Jewish, but there is no evidence for this.    
    aa. (Keith) Rupert Murdoch. Born Melbourne 11th March 1931. Roman catholic. Chairman & chief exec News Corporation. Married first 1956 Patricia Booker (dvu 2000). Divorced 1960.    
    1. Prudence Murdoch. Married Alasdair MacLeod.    
    a. James MacLeod. Born UK 1991.    
    b. Angus MacLeod. Born UK 1993.    
    c. Clementine MacLeod. Born UK 1996.    
      Rupert Murdoch. Married second 1967 Anna Torv. Divorced June 1999. She married second 1999 William Mann.    
    2. Elisabeth Murdoch. Born Sydney 1968. Married first 1993 Elkin Kwesi Pianim, son of Cornelia and A. Kwame Pianim of Accra, Ghana. Separated 1998.    
    a. Cornelia Pianim. Born New York 1994.    
    b. Anna Pianim. Born London 1997.    
      Elisabeth married second August 2001 Matthew Freud (born 1963), son of Sir Clement Freud, ygst grandson of Dr Sigmund Freud.    
    c. Charlotte Freud. Born London November 2000.    
    3. Lachlan Keith Murdoch. Born 1971. Married 1999 Sarah O'Hare (born 31 May 1972).    
    a. Kalan Murdoch. Born Sydney November 2004.    
    b. Aidan Murdoch. Born 6 May 2006.    
    4. James Murdoch. Born December 1972. Married June 2000 Kathryn Hufschmid.    
    a. Anneka Murdoch. Born May 2003.    
    Rupert Murdoch. Married third 25th June 1999 Wendi Deng (born Shuzhou, China 1969)    
    5. Grace Helen Murdoch. Born 19 November 2001.    
    6. Chloe Murdoch. Born 17 July 2003.    
    bb. Helen Murdoch. Born 1929. Died November 2004. Married Geoff Handbury.    
    1. Matt Handbury.    
    2. Paul Handbury.    
    3. Paddy Handbury.    
    4. Judy Handbury.    
    cc. Anne Murdoch. Married Milan Kantor.    
    dd. (Elisabeth) Janet Murdoch, AM. Born 1st January 1939. Chairman, Herald & Weekly Times. Married 3rd February 1962 John Calvert- Jones, AM, stockbroker and winner of the Fastnet race. 1 sons, 1 daughter and    
    1. Mark Calvert-Jones. Possibly married to Louise.    
    2. Robert Calvert-Jones. Born hearing impaired.    


This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.  
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