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The Monty Collier Report
By Thomas Richards

Monty L. Collier is a Calvinist and self professed "Teaching Elder" of "Geneva Dutch Calvinist Church" which church doesn't exist. Monty Collier has for almost a full year been attacking me publicly with videos, lying about me and twisting everything I say, to purposely try and undermine my work.

Updated, New important Information about Monty Collier
in lower half of this page!

March 4, 2008
Dear Readers,

I have been doing my work exposing Vatican intrigue since 1997. My web site has been up since 2001. But in the past 4 years I have been stepping up my research and have been very busy exposing what Rome is doing in and through America.

I then began doing videos on the subject 2 years ago. I started on google video and then at some of my readers urging I began uploading videos to youtube.

In August of 2007 after my suspicion had been building up in regard to Alex Jones I began doing videos about him and his Vatican/CIA connections.

A few months later I see that someone else did a video on youtube about Alex Jones and his latest movie called "End Game".

I watched the video and thought it was good. So I forwarded his video around and got a lot of attention to this young man. His name is Monty Collier.

I contacted Monty and told him that I liked his video but Monty quickly changed the conversation to the topic of Bible doctrine and began asking me what Eric Phelps' doctrine was.

I became uninterested in continuing dialogue with Monty due to his obvious desire to begin dissecting people's biblical doctrine rather than keep the conversation on the Vatican, who is the Great Whore of Revelation chapters 17 and 18.

I then told him if he was interested in learning of Eric Phelps' doctrines then he should ask Eric personally. Soon after I began being harassed by Monty in regard to my biblical views. When I told him I wasn't interested in carrying on this dialogue he refused and became more insistent and sent me several messages alleging that I am a Catholic and teach the same biblical doctrines as the Jesuits.

While all this is debatable I would like to say that at many times I have heard Eric Phelps, who is a Calvinist, touch upon biblical doctrines which was utter heresy in my eyes. But after bringing it up to Eric, and him defending his doctrines I let it go and continued dialogue in exposing the Jesuits and sharing information on that front.

Next thing I know it is brought to my attention that this Monty Collier is doing videos alleging that I am indeed still a Catholic and teaching Jesuit principles espoused by the Jesuits and Vatican in the council of Trent.

What I noticed about these Monty Collier videos is that this man was grossly twisting things I say and the biblical doctrines that I have learned and teach.

He then begins to attack my very salvation testimony and other sound doctrines that we read of in the Word of God. He then began distributing FAR and WIDE on the Internet these videos he is doing "exposing" me.

Although monty has been doing videos on Calvinism, which doctrines I mostly disagree upon, I did not attack him personally. I even helped bring him attention. Monty initiated the attack on me personally by name.

Over all, Monty has wasted a lot of my valuable time. What's even more unfortunate was that many of my supporters questioned me for not answering this Monty Collier. After all the hard work and revelations I have brought forth regarding the jesuits this is the treatment I have received. Oh Well! It indeed has turned out to be a thankless job. Amen to that.

What I am doing with this web page is showing that Monty Collier is not any sort of teacher, elder and according to Eric Phelps, Monty is not even a Calvinist. So what is Monty? The question looms. Yes, and so. May this web page turn up in search results when people look into Monty Collier, self appointed "teaching Elder" of the Geneva Dutch Calvinist Church.

Yours in Christ,

Thomas Richards

Monty Collier AKA "RedBeetle" (Red Beetle)

He joined youtube on 6/6/6 and began attacking me with videos, lying about me and twisting my words. I did a search on him and found out that the name of the church he is supposedly a "teaching elder" at didn't exist (The only results that turn up in the search are from himself). Then I found him in a public forum using profanity and laughing about fist fighting and his friends who are bouncers at bars. In this same forum he then begins to try and be a "christian witness" to the Catholics on the message board.

This is Monty Collier with his head shaved, fighting in a Roman Gladiator type sport called MMA (Yes, that's his own blood splattered on his face. The fight was stopped because of the gash on Monty's head. He lost due to a TKO). Is this what he calls "Redeeming the Time"? How does one justify this as Christian Behavior? Then he attacks me for my salvation testimony!?

If anyone still thinks he's a Christian, why didn't Monty win? Maybe the other guy was more of a christian than Monty was? Maybe Christ was on the other guy's side?

Other Videos defending my Bible Doctrines against Monty Collier:

How to Answer a Heretic (Part 1)

How to Answer a Heretic (Part II)

Book Monty Collier Wrote

The Cover says it all doesn't it?

I might do another "segment" about how Monty Collier keeps promoting Malachi Martin and even quotes from him often. Martin continued to offer Mass privately and vigorously exercised his CATHOLIC priestly ministry all the way up until his death. Yet, Monty loves him and hates me. You have to really question what this Monty Collier is all about. Next you may see Monty trying to debunk Alberto Rivera. I know he wasn't a Calvinist. It's for sure Malachi martin wasn't a Calvinist.

It's said that Malachi Martin was a "sedevacantist". this is the same position that Pat Buchanan and Mel Gibson share. and of course they are friends with Alex Jones. I have seen this before. What Monty is promoting are thinkers who reject the second Vatican council which actually toned down the outward appearance of the Catholic Church. of course this is just a farce. A smokescreen. Interesting how Monty attacks Alex Jones with Malachi Martin's work. Very odd indeed.

I asked Eric Phelps what his position on Malachi Martin was and this was his answer:

"Any man that promotes Malachi Martin has a real problem. Thanks for the update.

Brother Eric"

If you look at this Reformed Theology message board and you can see Monty does not fit in and has attacked some men on there as well.
More Links exposing Calvinism


My Web Page on Calvinism with lots of Links

My Web Page on Calvinist Pastor who initiated a debate with me.

Words of an honest Calvinist:

"What would you say to someone like me who understands the theology, can assert the correct doctrines, but somehow doesn't "see" how such a God can be "good"?

I have found that every single Calvinist I've ever spoken to is in the same boat as me. They understand the theology on an intellectual level only - and theology never got anybody into heaven."

Monty Collier found to be a liar and banned from the prominant Reformed theology forum called The Puritan Board

Post taken from R. Scott Clark's blog. (R. Scott Clark, D.Phil Associate Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology)


I want to use your words, “The Beetle fella is a teaching elder at a Tennessee Reformed church. Not sure which one,” as a jumping off point.

After Monty Collier posted on the PuritanBoard I saw the name of his church, “Geneva Dutch Calvinist Church” and thought to myself, “That was an interesting name,” so I went online to find out more info. IT DOESN’T EXIST. There is no phone number, no address, no contact info, no website, no Yellow Pages listing, nothing, nada, nil. All I could find were his YouTube “lectures,” a site that was devoted to exposing him, and pictures of him half-naked on the floor with another man wrestling.

To give you a sense of his intellectual abilities, the site devoted to exposing him made a big deal that Christians should not be involved in Mixed Martial Arts fighting. So, the Rev. Dr. Beetle posted a video “proving” that wrestling is biblical. His proof: Jacob wrestled with God, but here’s the kicker, even the NT talks about wrestling. He quotes from Eph. 6, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A verse that says “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood” is proof that wrestling is biblical and legitimate for Christians to engage in?

Anyways, the moderators on the PuritanBoard e-mailed him and asked for proof that he was a “teaching elder” and he offered none, I was told, so that banned him from the list.

I think this Beetle is of the dung kind."

"I left the PCA when they refused to condemn the Auburn Ave. Theology. It was the last insult to Calvinism. If the PCA can't identify the Roman Catholic teaching of Justification by Faith and Works, then it doesn't deserve to be called presbyterian.


I remember when Westminster Presbytery (PCA) would not allow heretic R.C. Sproul, Jr.'s outfit to come into the Presbytery. They didn't refuse him for his Catholic theology; they thought he was nutty about home-schooling. Think about that." ~Monty L. Collier (redbeetle)


(People like Monty Collier get inflamed with anger when someone tells them they are to BE a Christian. They will turn it around and say you are preaching "faith and works" to try and divert the attenttion away from themselves and their non-christian lifestyle and onto a debate about the book of James and other passages.

As you can see he is trying to create divisions all over the place with the same rhetoric. This is the same "reason" why he began his attacks on me. Here is my explanation of what I believe as far as being "Justified by Faith" -TR)

Faith is Work. -The Work of God

Justification by Faith (Hebrews 11:7)


-Thomas Richards

Email from Troy regarding Monty Collier's attacks:



I just watched the two videos listed below that you made.

Serious thanks for making the first one. The whole "free will v no free will" issue is one that has perplexed me & I haven't had/taken the time to see what the Biblical justifications are for either, so I applaud your bringing this to light.

Monty Collier is a mysterious character, so it was interesting to have the info that you brought to light on him. Interesting that the day that he joined YouTube is the same day that Zagami states that he left the Monte Carlo Lodge = 6/6/06. Well spotted.

I actually found it a bit upsetting towards the end of the second video that someone who claims to be a Christian (Collier) & has such a strong internet presence (if not in the "outside" world), would clearly lie about scripture in an attempt to defame another professed - & I would say devout - Christian (yourself). The truth of the scripture speaks in your defence - not his - in this & I believe that the Lord brought about his attack in order for you to find the truth in HIS Word, in order to help others to help themselves in discernment & Salvation.

It is good to see that you have had the time to become very well acquainted with Scripture, well enough to prepare a more than rigorous defence - a watertight defence in these two cases. I'm not saying that you're right in all Biblical matters, as I wish that I had more time for studying the Gospel, but in these two cases the Bible speaks on your behalf.

I am aware that it is a dangerous game - spiritually if nothing else - in my reasonably neutral stance to presenting & responding to Zagami's information, but I say that the likes of Szymanski haven't helped any of us be in a better position to know where Zagami is coming from & to act in an appropriate matter of response by refusing to have him on air. Szymanski's problem is that he would never challenge his guests. He didn't have to be antagonistic per se, but he should have challenged them to justify their actions & statements, whether Phelps, O'Collins, Zagami or whoever.

Maybe he is well meaning, if misguided - maybe we all are our in slight & sometimes differing degrees. His response to your getting upset on air was one of Christian compassion I felt, & that I applaud, but his downfall is having an "all or nothing approach" in supporting his guests on an intellectual & spiritual basis. This leads to a schizophrenic situation, if he is true in his response to all of them. I told Zagami in interview #3 that I understood your decision to disassociate from me, related to your position that you'd adopted that he was either back or always remained in league with the Jesuits.

It is my belief - right or wrong - that I am currently acting as witness for testimony that the Lord himself will judge, if others & myself - using our own discernment - can benefit from having this information & these statements brought to light rather than hidden, then I am satisfied that I am justified in my actions & stance.

In Christ -


Info on Collier that you presented that I checked:

Style: VLogging
Joined: June 06, 2006

God Given Free Will

Video Link

Monty Collier Report Ex Catholic Thomas Richards Fires Back

Video Link


In your reply you exuded tremendous patience, love and humbleness in your approach. If there is no change resulting from your exortation, then there is no light in them and their hearts belong to another (satan).

Perhaps these scoffers need time to re-examine the scriptures, I do fear that they are not looking for the truth, only to prove you wrong. With such a proud and pride filled heart, they may be unable to see, or understand the Word. They are not looking to learn, but rather they are clearly immersed in a personal debate with you. Seems like a pointless distraction and I'm sure that soon, it'll be coming to a close.

Bro Charles"

This was a response to Monty and Nelson Turner's obnoxious video challenging me to a debate on "Free Will" in the Bible. I refused to debate with them but I did a video on "Free Will" ;)

Their Video Challenge:

My Video on "Free Will":