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if you click this link you will read that Erin Ryan who is the daughter of the former congressman Leo Ryan (who was supposedly assassinated at Georgetown, Guyana), was a student at Georgetown university and went on to work for the CIA and then went on to work for then Senator Jackie Speier who was with Leo Ryan on that fact finding mission to Jonestown one day before the Massacres. Speier was supposedly shot 5 times.

Leo Ryan's other daughter, Patricia Ryan, went to work for the criminal network called the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) and became one of their earlier directors.
((Remember that I am somewhat suspicious that they faked Leo Ryan's death because it would make a stronger impact if Ryan was murdered by a "mind controlled cult." remember that he was Jesuit trained in High School and Under Graduate School at Georgetown. To this day the "anti cult" movement give out the "Leo Ryan Award" and even Cult Awareness Network is now called the "Leo J. Ryan Educational Foundation" and the American Family Foundation (AFF) was formed as well (due to Leo Ryan's death) which is now called the  International Cultic Studies Association and is Headed by,  Alan W. Scheflin, who is Current Faculty at the Jesuit Santa Clara Law School serving as Professor of Law. He also taught at Georgetown, scheflin (link) Also, many believe Jim Jones death was faked as well and wasn't actually among the dead there in Guyana. Many believe the body they said was his was a look alike. Also, his parents had him cremated before he was shipped back to the states))
So again, in the above article Link you can see that Erin was a student at Georgetown when her father was "killed" but remember who the alleged shooter was. It was Larry Layton. the son of the high up military officer and main financial contributors of Jonestown. Who did Larry Layton's sister marry? Deborah Layton married the CIA operative George Phillip Blakey. Deborah Layton Blakey was the main earlier defectors from peoples temple and brought all kinds of crazy accusations against them (Peoples Temple).

"Now the Layton family were inextricably linked with the People's Temple. In the first place, Dr. Lawrence Layton, Sr. was one of the main financial contributors to Jonestown and Dr. Lawrence Layton, Sr. had previously been in charge of research and development for the United States Army's Dugway proving ground, one of the top chemical and biological warfare research centers for the United States Army. He had also held a key position in the U.S. Navy's rocketry fuel development program in Maryland and the family itself was very prominent, a prominent southern family who had had ancestors fighting for the Confederate Army and the Layton family had a number of interesting connections to the national security establishment. The most interesting being Lawrence Layton, Sr." ....

"Now Lawrence Layton, Sr. had a number of children. Lawrence Layton, Jr. was one of them and it was Larry Layton, Jr. who led the firing squad which executed Representative Leo Ryan and others. Congressman Leo Ryan and a number of other people at the Port Kituma (sp) airstrip in Guiana. His sister was named Debra Layton Blakey (sp) and she was married to a fellow named George Phillip Blakey."

..... "George Phillip Blakey had been the individual who placed the down payment on the property in Guiana which was purchased by Jim Jones and the People's Temple. He had previously been a contract agent for the Central Intelligence Agency in Angola where the CIA was conducting a massive covert operation and the evidence suggests that among the purposes of Jonestown was the training of black Brazilian mercenaries to fight for the CIA in Angola."

Lawrence John (Larry) Layton, who was the only one ever prosecuted for the murders of the congressional team by Temple members. Larry Layton was released on parole in 2002, largely due to the testimony of Vernon Gosney, one of the few survivors of the massacre. ~Source

So this should bring scrutiny on the whole official story as well. One of the survivors brought testimony that lead to the release of the only one ever prosecuted for the murder of a congressman.

Again, the same people who are pushing all this cult hysteria have often branded small Christian churches "cult" as well. And remember that the Vatican calls everyone a "cult" who do not submit to Papal Authority. 
~heretic (link) 

More to come..

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Date of Message: | Nov 11, 2008