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Rick Ross

Steven Hassan

Larry Wollersheim

Three of the worst anti religious freedom offenders are Rick Ross, Steven Hassan and Larry Wollersheim.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is a convicted felon and conspirator against religious freedoms in America. He is anti-Christ as well and has no problems attacking Christian churches.

"Ross states that he became concerned about controversial religious groups in 1982, when a group that specifically evangelizes Jews "infiltrated" the paid staff of a Jewish nursing home in Arizona where his grandmother was a resident. Working with the director of the facility and the local Jewish community, he managed to stop their activities. According to The Arizona Republic, Ross joined a local committee that charged Jews for Jesus and other evangelical groups with being "anti-Semitic in that they seek the extinction of the Jewish people by conversion."

As you can see, Rick Ross had his start hating the gospel of Jesus Christ. And went as far as to falsely accuse and attack religious freedoms.

The Jason Scott case

"In 1990, Ross and associates attempted an involuntary deprogramming of Jason Scott, then an 18-year-old member of the Life Tabernacle Church, affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International. Scott's mother, Katherine Tonkin, had been a member of the church, but had left due to concerns about the means the church used to keep members in line, their focus on material donations to the church, and a relationship between an adult church member and one of her two minor sons, Jason's younger brothers. After leaving the church, Tonkin asked Ross to assist her in the deprogramming of her two minor sons. He persuaded the two minors to leave the church.

In 1991, Tonkin asked Ross to provide similar intervention for her son Jason, which was unsuccessful. Criminal charges of kidnapping were brought against Ross and two others for unlawful imprisonment during the deprogramming. The charges filed were dropped, but re-filed again two years later. The trial ended in acquittal for Ross in 1994.

In 1995, a civil suit was filed by Kendrick Moxon, a long-time member and counsel for the Church of Scientology on behalf of Jason Scott. The jury held Ross liable for conspiracy to deprive Scott of his civil rights regarding freedom of religion. The suit ended with Jason Scott being awarded $875,000 in compensatory damages and punitive damages in the amount of $1,000,000 against CAN, $2,500,000 against Ross, and $250,000 against each of Ross' two accomplices.

The judgment drove CAN, which had already been weakened by the cost of defending over 50 previous lawsuits, (most of them similar and filed by Moxon) into bankruptcy. Ross went into bankruptcy as well."

Rick Ross is affiliated with B'Nai B'rith.

"Ross' work on behalf of Jewish prisoners culminated in his election as chairman, of both the Religious Advisory Committee to the Arizona Department of Corrections and the International Coalition of Jewish Prisoner Programs sponsored by B'nai B'rith in Washington D.C. "

Here you can see the Vatican openly PRAISE B'NAI B'RITH:

Steven Hassan

Steve Hassan is a former member of the Unification Church and has been used by the CIA as a consultant. He thinks everything is a CULT like the CULT he was in. the problem is, the Unification Church really is a CULT but they're not dangerous. They just have beliefs and views that veer off of Fundamental christian beliefs.


"Reverend" Sun Myung Moon (Head of the Unification Church)

You have to know something's up with this "church" when you see all the people he's connected to.

I actually believe many groups are cults but i don't attack them with lies saying they're dangerous and all kinds of garbage like that. I witness to them and if they reject it and want to stay in a cult then that's their choice!

Each man and woman has a mind and free will. if they allow themselves to be duped or convinced to join a group then that's their choice. If they are deceived into thinking the group is something it's not it's their own fault. The catholic Church have the same exact methods any "CULT" has. they have all kinds of rules, rituals and they have a "Cult Leader" which they call "The Pope." But all kinds of kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers come and bow before this Cult Leader and yet no-one cares.


The Apostle John bowed before an Angel, "And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Revelation 19:10

Hey all you Cult Activists, How come you don't attack the biggest CULT in the world? Not a word about all the pedophilia priest scandals?!?

Larry Wollersheim

Larry Wollersheim is a former scientologist and he targets effeminate type men and weak minded women and acts like he sympathyses with them because he too "was once manipulated by a 'cult.'" Larry Wollersheim somehow successfully sued Scientology for over 8 million dollars. Now he goes around bullhorning city streets warning everyone about the Great whore of Revelation. Scientology. Give me a break! It's amazing that people actually follow this cultist and his feeble attempts to persude people with his weak deceptive tactics.

Link To Video of Larry Wollersheim.

Here you can see what I mean. If you can't tell that this guy is a psy-op, I don't know what to tell you. He's a fraud and he knows it. He was in Scientology for many years. He deserves whatever he got there. Now he sues them for what he did? Ridiculous!


Date of Message: | Oct 12, 2008