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If anyone thinks the content in this article is unimportant let me tell you you're very wrong. This is a serious threat against Christians and religious freedoms and it is gaining steam. (Not that Christians have anything to worry about. But it's still good to be educated about the organizations, how they formed and what they're doing.)

If you don't know anything about the "anti-cult" movement, I think you should study up on it a little bit.

The "anti-cult" movement got it's big push from what happened at Jonestown with Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple.

It is well known that the CIA were all over that operation. I have put together a page showing some of the CIA connections to Jonestown on my Jonestown page. (If you want to understand me you’re going to have to look at this information and watch my videos.)


What Alberto Rivera said about jonestown:

"...the Vatican planned the infamous Jonestown massacre in Guyana in 1978. Jim Jones was a Jesuit under that secret oath with instructions from Rome to commit mass murder in order to discredit Christian camps. According to Alberto, "The cry went up that politicians should pass laws forbidding groups from setting up retreats. This way, Bible believers would have to hide when the great wave of persecution from Rome begins."

In case anyone doesn't know, the CIA was formed by a Knight of Malta, Roman Catholic named William "Wild Bill" Donovan.

Many directors of the CIA have been Roman Catholics and Knights of Malta.

That being said let's get into this "anti-cult" movement that gained a lot of steam after Jonestown by continuously propagating the "dangers" of mind control used by “Cult Leaders”. Jim Jones was CIA and “mind control” had nothing to do with his congregation wanting to stay affiliated with him. The truth is, Jim Jones led his flock into all kinds of good works in California which led to all kinds of praise and awards from powerful politicians at that time. After the “suicides” (murders) of the Peoples Temple and the assassination of Congressman Leo J Ryan the “anti cult” people which consisted of all different types of people ranging from Professors at top Universities to former topless dancers and convicted felons gained all kinds of attention.


The two major anti-cult groups that formed because of Jonestown were the AFF (American Family Foundation) and the CFF (Citizens Freedom Foundation). CFF later became CAN (Cult Awareness Network) and is now called “The Leo J Ryan Educational Foundation.”

Cynthia Kisser with the Leo J Ryan Award

Here’s what a former director of CAN Cynthia Kisser stated: "Kisser's own words and actions repeatedly came back to haunt her. In trial testimony, jurors heard how she had told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that if Jesus Christ were alive today, she would have him investigated by the old CAN and their findings shared with the media. They also learned how she had endorsed violent deprogrammer and convicted felon Rick Ross as "among the half-dozen best deprogrammers in the country." ~Source

There are also solo “experts on cults” like Steve Hassan who is an ex-Moonie (Unification Church member under Rev Sun Moon), Larry Wollersheim who is an ex-scientologist, and Rick Ross who from a young age fought against the Jews for Jesus calling them a “cult” and attacking them along with many other Christian churches.

Right now I am going to talk about Steve Hassan. I put up a blog on Steve Hassan which stated what I think about him and why. I began to get comments from “Anonymous” who claimed to be an avid follower of Steve Hassan and he really did know a lot about him pointing me to all kinds of articles and videos on the Internet.

But I cut to the chase and got out of him exactly the thing which concerns me about Steve Hassan and others like Steve Hassan. This is the “fruit” of Steve Hassan and let me just tell you, this fruit is BAD. This man ended up saying I’m a “cultist” because I believe that I am supposed to witness (evangelize) for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is the actually comments going back and forth.:

At 11:43 AM , Anonymous said...
You sure don't know much about the Moon organization or its goals. Not very much at all. You look silly defending something you obviously have never studied.Google "moon spiritual sales japan" and read about how this disgusting organization has swindled hundreds of millions of dollars from the Japanese targeting widows with their scams.

You act like it is just a few people who know that the Moon organizations is not what they claim to be. Not true. Moon doesn't even believe "religion" should exist so your fighting for their "religious" freedom is misplaced. Moon believes all religions are failed, they mock Christ as a loser. Yes they mock other's religions and saviors, maybe you should be attacking that.They are in fact anti any religion that does not accept Moon as the Messiah and do not absorb into their movement.

You ever read the Fraser Report?We are not talking a religion here, Moon's is right wing political front.Here is what James Whelan, the staunch conservative and first editor of the Washington Times who quit the paper saying he had blood on his hands for helping this subversive organization gain credibility, said about the Moon organization.

Whelan:"They (the Moonies) are subverting our political system. They're doing it through front organizations--most of them disguised--and through their funding of independent organizations--through the placement of volunteers in the inner sanctums of hard-pressed organizations. In every instance--in every instance--those who attend their conferences, those who accept their money or their volunteers, delude themselves that there is no loss of virtue because the Moonies have not proselytized.

That misses the central, crucial point: the Moonies are a political movement in religious clothing. Moon seeks power, not the salvation of souls. To achieve that, he needs religious fanatics as his palace guard and shock troops. But more importantly, he needs secular conscripts--seduced by money, free trips, free services, seemingly endless bounty and booty--in order to give him respectability and, with it, that image of influence which translates as power."You ever read this?So, you are cool with a political organization using religion as cover, bringing in billions of swindled cash into the USA to manipulate our political system?

At 11:53 AM , Thomas said...
Interesting. That just adds to my point. I stated the unification church is a cult. i even think it goes deeper than that. i think most of the people there are part of a bigger conspiracy. I explain why in my other blog post and in my Jonestown expose's. Thing is, if someone somehow gets caught up into that it's they're own fault. And the second thing is, now "ex" members of this cult are attacking people who are part of christian churches saying that the CHURCH they belong to is a CULT like the CULT they belonged to.thanks for the comment.

You still have to deal with everyone legally and up front even if it's a cult or whatever it is.If that church is what you say it is then it's definitely a set up to use against religious freedoms just like "terrorism" is used to attack other freedoms in this country.

At 1:08 PM , Anonymous said...
"Thing is, if someone somehow gets caught up into that it's they're own fault."

Are you saying people who are victims of the Moon organization's deceptions, it's their own fault? People who are deceived into cults, by people trained to do it, people who lie, that is "their" fault they are victims? You really don't get it if you do?Hassan in fact should be regarded as a hero to the Unification Church and other cults. He has developed and worked to create a kinder gentler way of helping people get away from these deceptive organizations.You ever see his talks on WACO? Highly critical of the governments actions.Watch this

At 1:34 PM , Thomas said...
I "get it" just fine. the Unification "church" is a Government CIA program. People who join should just leave if they're unhappy. I know more about Waco than you think. Steve Hasaan is himself a cult leader. Why are you pointing me to a cult leader? you just don't get it do you?

At 4:29 PM , Thomas said...
The problem i have with Hasaan is that he has targeted a specific group which I refute as being a cult. By Hasaan doing this he is causing this particular Church persecution. Even though Hasaan has never set foot into this particular church he still calls it a "cult". What does he base his findings on? Second hand info. i have no respect for someone as evil as that!

You are probably not a Christian. And neither is Steve Hasaan so there is no way that he can accurately judge what is Christian and what is not Christian. If he could pick up a Bible and show me in the Bible that a certain group is a cult then i would agree with him. Will he do that? Of course not. Therefore he cannot judge.

At 12:31 PM , Anonymous said...
What does he base his findings on? Second hand infoHassan is a mental health therapist and bases his statements about cults/groups on years of study, direct involvement and he has developed his guide which he calls the BITE model. Look at it and you may find out why he called your group a cult. Are you sure he designated them one? He does say groups may have characteristics of cults but he also defines these groups as dangerous or not.

Why don't you name the group? I suspect they are a cult and likely con people out of their lives like many of them do or you would name them.If he could pick up a Bible and show me in the Bible that a certain group is a cult then i would agree with him. Will he do that? Of course not. Therefore he cannot judge.And you call yourself a "Christian"? First, I may be wrong, but I don't think the term "cult" was even around when the Bible was written. Second the Good Book does speak about conning people out their money and lives does it not?Hassan is NOT anti religion no matter how many times you says it, but he is for freedom of mind.You have to think for yourself, use the Bible as a guide but think for yourself.

At 12:34 PM , Thomas said...
a "mental health therapist" has no place in a Christian's life except that the Christian should share the gospel with that person. Therapy will not save your soul. I sound like a "cult member" don't I?

At 12:37 PM , Thomas said...
Cult = Sect and sect member means "heretic". "Sect" and "heretic" are both in the bible. And remember this, ROME burned "heretics" at the stake. And guess what else, The "heretics" were Bible believers. You have no business in coming on here and commenting my posts. You are indoctrinated in crap. Crap rejected even by the APA. I'm fed up with this. Your comments are not welcome here.

At 12:51 PM , Anonymous said...
Yes you do sound like a cult member.I forgot to thank you for the link to the Larry Wollersheim video. I don't know if he is a Christian but he is doing the work of Christ. I cannot think of better work than trying to save people from turning their lives over to frauds.This has a couple minor errors in it, but is still quite well done, you ever watch it?

I know you hate Hassan but here you can find under "misc" the report from Rabbi Rudin and under "Government Investigations" find a long excerpt from Fraser. Read it.BTW, the Divine Principle may be an outline of their ideology but after Moon declared his words to be God's(he says he is God incarnate and better then God)he now has new bible which is made up of his speeches which he has declared to be the word of God.

At 1:22 PM , Thomas said...
Thank you very much. You proved my point with perfect clarity. You are a follower of a cult leader named Steve Hassan and you find the most basic fundamental Christian doctrine of evangelizing to be "cultish"Just goes to show how extremely dangerous your movement is to religious freedom here in the US and abroad. I will publish this conversation between us far and wide.

{End of Comments}

As you can see. This is what Christians face. Now many of you may have your own idea of what sound doctrine is and your own ideas of what a “cult” is. But let me say this. The Vatican says you’re ALL “CULTS” (Heretics) and I tell you before God they are going to use these atheists and are using them to shut the mouths of Christians and it is only going to get worse. These are the people responsible for the attack at Waco.

But just read what this man said in response to me only mentioning basic Biblical doctrines, he said I was a “cult member”.

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