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Description: I read an interview Alex Jones did with John DeCamp, attorney who filed suite on behalf of abuse victim who lived at Boys Town which was under the Arch Diocese of Omaha Nebraska. In the interview Alex Jones eems to swerve around info dealing with the over seer of Boys Town at the time who's name was Monsignor Robert Hupp. Alex Jones even edited the Monsignor's name out of the interview. I found it from another source.

I then did a search on google for " pedophilia" and found that Alex Jones just about completely omits the Catholic Church's role in the pedophilia and abuse in this country and in the world but instead spotlights almost ever OTHER case of pedophilia in the world. usually calling them "Elites" and "Republican Party" etc.

So Jones continues his whitewash of Catholic Church's corruption and evil in the earth.

More very important info on this subject is here: LINK

Overseer of Boystown at the time of the pedophilia was Monsignor Robert Hupp

Lawrence E King Jr. was the only one who did jail time

William Colby, Scowcroft, Rockefeller

Colby was a Knight of Malta and He was often referred to as "the warrior-priest."

Below is a Catholic Priest named Father Nicolas Gruner. Here you can see he promotes John DeCamps book which Gunderson was a major part of.

Father Gruner looking at some satanic looking art. His Comment on the art:

"Encyclopedia of symbolism"

- Rev Fr Nicholas Gruner(Fatima priest)
The Fatima center
Newyork & Canada

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Jesuit Trained (was Going to be a Jesuit Priest) Governor Jerry Brown appointed Ted L. Gunderson California Narcotics Authority Consultant 1981-82. Jerry Brown is now the current Attorney general of california.

Then current Governor of California, Jerry Brown and Jim Jones

This web page is a collection of information I have found which casts doubt on the official story of the Conspiracy of Silence. I believe these two men with histories in the CIA and the FBI are still covering for the Catholic Church to this day and are nothing more than a smokescreen for the many crimes of the Catholic Church clergy

"EX" FBI Gunderson and "EX" CIA Aid DeCamp:

Ted L Gunderson

John DeCamp

Ted Gunderson (left) with Roman Catholic Papal Puppet Ronald Reagan

The Franklin Cover-up AKA The conspiracy of Silence

"This was really one of the biggest scandals in recent US history. The story received some newspaper coverage but there was a TV News Media blackout on the subject. For this reason, most Americans have never heard of it.

Former republican Senator John Decamp was involved in the production of a documentary called "Conspiracy of Silence" that was to air May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired.

Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. Reported at least $500,000 was paid for the rights to buy and destroy it. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson."

~Sounds like phony balony to me... TR

It may interest everyone to know that John DeCamp was going to be a Catholic Priest. Then he was an aid to the CIA. Went to talk to then Cardinal Ratzinger about the archdiocese of Omaha Nebraska's involvement in the pedophilia at Boystown but somehow the Judge had DeCamp drop the Diocese from the Lawsuit and it is completely ommited from the "documentary."

Gunderson appears on the Geraldo (Sensationalist) Rivera show in 1987. Video:

See Alex jones appear on FOX News with geraldo just recently (5/08). ~Video

More Ted L Gunderson involved in MORE phony balony:

COOPER (Anderson from CNN): OK, I want to bring in James Randi. James, you've actually called Sylvia Browne a villain.

We spoke to Ted Gunderson, who's a retired senior special agent in charge of the FBI in Los Angeles. He's worked with Sylvia Browne, and he says -- he says he's worked with her quite a bit. And he said this about her. He says, quote, "I've worked with numerous psychics in the past and very few are really on target, but Sylvia Browne is probably one of the most accurate psychics in the country."

Now, that's from a former senior FBI official. Are you saying he's wrong?" ~CNN transcript

Anderson Cooper CIA ties

3/06/2008 BIG UPDATE

I'm going to be working on this for the next few days so watch out for updates. There will probably be another video on this also.

Emails From John DeCamp and someone named "Timothy White" regarding my research on Decamp, Gunderson, boystown and their whitewash of More Abuse at the hands of the catholic "Church" (Cult)

John DeCamp, Author of the book, “The Franklin Cover-up” which the documentary, "Conspiracy of Silence" was created after. Here is Alex Jones joining in the whitewash. You will read in this interview that later, John DeCamp was retained by the over seer of Boystown during the abuse. His name was Monsignor Robert Hupp.

Notice how this big Catholic web site even promotes John DeCamp's Vatican White-wash! (Come on! You may be THAT sound asleep but I'm not! Please read on....) The main priest associated with the Fatima web site is Father Nicolas Gruner who is said to be a controversial priest. Here you can see he was on "Coast to Coast" with George Noory (Noory, who really helped Alex Jones get started). Gruner also appeared in that John Birch Society propaganda piece (They're all tied together with the Vatican, the CIA and top government officials, and many other groups and organizations). Here, you can see Gruner giving MASS in May, 2000. Gruner is a Roman Catholic traditionalist like the Gibsons, Pat Buchanan and many others including Malachi Martin.


John DeCamp is the Ex Aid of CIA William Colby (William Colby (1920 – 1996) was the boss of the CIA from 1973 until 1976.)

John DeCamp, who had once worked for Colby, investigated the Franklin child sex abuse case. Shortly before Colby died, Colby warned DeCamp to give up the case. However, 'with the blessing of Colby', DeCamp wrote a book about the case: The Franklin Cover Up." (George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse) "He (Colby) knew a lot about CIA dirty tricks and he died in 'mysterious circumstances'."

"Shortly after warning DeCamp, Colby was found dead." Source

Death: On April 27, 1996, Colby died in an apparent boating accident near his home in Rock Point, Maryland, although his body was actually found, underwater, on May 6, 1996. The subsequent inquest found that he died from drowning and hypothermia after collapsing from a heart attack or stroke and falling out of his canoe, and there was no further investigation. Source

This "Conspiracy of Silence" was actually a huge cover-up of the Arch Diocese of Omaha Nebraska's involvement in the pedophilia taking place there.

The judge that heard the case "forced" John DeCamp to take the Arch Diocese off the law suit. Even though it was established that under aged boys were flown to Washington DC for degenerate political pedophilia parties only one man ended up being convicted of a crime and was sentenced to serve jail time (Larry King). Jones was in on this smokescreen and promoted it. Here's an article showing some of the abuses of priests at Boys Town, Nebraska.

Ted L Gunderson, who worked with DeCamp on this Conspiracy of Silence, and is a major source of dis-information in this country spot-lighting small time satan worshippers in this country as a threat when it is actually the Roman Catholic church who are the true luciferians and satanists who actively teach their followers that their "works" of performing their pagan rituals will allow them to enter heaven when they die.

Both of these men promote Alex Jones and his non catholic [div] version of the Bohemian Grove and Alex Jones promotes both of these men.

Alex Jones also, in turn, promotes these men and their whitewash of pedophilia at the hands of the Vatican through their institution called "Boystown" located in Omaha Nebraska.

Alex Jones Covering up Pedophilia within the Catholic Church

Dear Friends,

This is an excerpt of a interview Alex Jones had with John DeCamp Author of “The Franklin Cover-up” about Boys Town (Documentary "Conspiracy of Silence" was based on his book). In this bit of the interview you can see Alex Jones apparently white-washing a Monsignor's (Robert Hupp) involvement in the pedophilia conspiracy that was taking place there. The monsignor was the over seer of boys town yet he is automatically innocent according to Jones. They don't even consider him a possible suspect? Especially with all the pedophilia in the Catholic Church? They even edited the Monsignor's name out of the interview! DeCamp actually represented the abused boys initially but later he represented the over seer of Boystown (the Monsignor Priest Robert Hupp) in defense of Pedophilia!

Below is a screen shot of the portion of the interview where you can see Alex Jones covering up the Catholic's Church's involvement in what went down at Boystown (JD =r John DeCamp and AJ = Alex Jones):

Notice at the bottom John DeCamp says, "No, he's an old man that will probably be an outcast once he does this. So I've said too much on that already, probably." (!!!)

Again, here's an article showing some of the abuses of priests at Boys Town, Nebraska.

Two Videos I did on this Topic:
Warning! Sound the Alarm! Alternative Media Infiltrated
Conspiracy of Silence The Vatican Connection

Here is more overwhelming proof that Gunderson, Decamp are in with the Vatican. Also a Ron Paul connection to the whole thing. Observe the following links and descriptions: (1/25/11 Edit: Unfortunately Ted Gunderson shut all these pages down:)

Ted Gunderson - Investigations - Bohemian Grove <--- Link Closed down by Ted L Gunderson. The link had info promoting the Alex Jones's Hoax Version of the Bohemian Grove Hoax Version. This is the real Bohemian Grove Info which I have put together myself. Here is a search showing how many people were linking to his web page on the internet. - Products - Videos <--- Link shut down by ted L Gunderson. In the link was Gunderson promoting DeCamp's book and documentary, Conspiracy of silence which omits the Catholic church's involvement in the pedophilia at boystown. (DeCamp who represented the kids who were abused later ALSO represented the Monsignor who was the over seer of boystown (!!) DeCamp is the ex aid of the now deceased, ex director of the CIA, William Colby) - Headlines - Sexual Child Abuse <---- Link again was shut down by Ted L Gunderson This is all of Gunderson's links on pedophilia in the world. there is not one link on the Catholic church's involvement in pedophilia

Crusader 44 Page 42 <---- This link is from the Father Nicolas Gruner web site called "Fatima Network" who appears in a Catholic JBS propaganda piece with Ron Paul. On the Fatima Network webpage you will see they are promtong Gunderson and DeCamp.

Page_3_Catalog_of_FREE_DVDs This WAS (now shut down) a web site that offers free DVD's compliments of . you will see that they offer a special video about the Fatima Hoax from Father Nicolas Gruner's "Fatima Network web site.

Full Video of Father Gruner appearing with Ron Paul in a JBS propaganda video:
Although they are claiming to be warning America about the United Nations, Remember it was Pope Paul VI (Montini) who stated that the United Nations was "the last great hope for mankind" But in this documentary they make it appear that the Catholic Church is against the United Nations. Ron Paul, JBS and the Catholic church propaganda piece. Smokescreen, etc.

Insightful Comment (Mel Gibson was praised by the Catholic Church as a whole even though he's a "sedevacantist" like Gruner but Gruner is supposedly under reproach in the eyes of the Vatican)

Found online:

"The thing is incredible. Everybody is panting to give him seven bucks and sit at his feet to learn about the Passion. What is so exasperating about it is that this eagerness is transparently attributable to Mel Gibson's star status. If Fr. Nicholas Gruner had obtained funding and produced a movie about the death of Christ, we'd all be holding him off with the mucky end of a barge pole and loudly asserting that we don't do business with people who resist the legitimate authority of the Holy See. But Mel Gibson isn't a scruffy weirdo. ... He's famous! He's gorgeous! He's rich! What these star-struck types don't so commonly acknowledge is that He's a schismatic! One serious Catholic after another has succumbed to shivery gratification because Somebody Totally Cool is willing to admit to being a Catholic. And what makes the joke on them particularly bitter is that he isn't a Catholic at all. Catholics belong to churches which are subject to the authority of Rome, not to half-baked fly-by-night outfits which dress up in Catholic vestments and perform Catholic rituals, but whose emblem and rule of existence is Non Serviam." Source