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The "Anti-Cult" Movement

May really be The "Anti-Religious Freedom" Movement
"While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption:" -2 Peter 2:19a

"She (the R.C. Church) has ever considered as heretics or schismatics (cult members) all who refuse to submit to Papal authority." - Page 388 of "The New Mission Book" with works largely drawn from St. Alphonsus Maria De Ligouri. "Uncle Sam or the Pope Which?" page 94

Two of the Major "Anti-Cult" groups, AFF and CFF were formed in the wake of the Jonestown "Suicides" (Murders). It is said that there was heavy CIA involvement in that operation. ~Link

CFF (Citizen's Freedom Foundation) became CAN (Cult Awareness Network) and finally is now called, The Leo J Ryan Educational Foundation.

"I am particularly honored to receive the Leo J. Ryan award from the hands of Priscilla Coates. It is, after all, through Priscilla's hands that the legacy of this award flows - from the Citizens Freedom Foundation to the Cult Awareness Network - and now the Leo J. Ryan Educational Foundation." Robert Minton

AFF (American family Foundation) is now called, "International Cultic Studies Association."

"AFF's official history claims it was founded in 1979 by a concerned parent, Kay Barney, the retired Raytheon International Affairs Director, and Dr. John Clark of Harvard Medical School."

(Raytheon just happens to be a major American defense contractor and the world's largest producer of guided missiles.)

My Research:

More Jim Jones - Jonestown Info (added 11/11/08)

Heretic = Cult Member

Cult Awareness Network (CAN)

Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network (FACTNET)

Jim Jones, Jonestown, Peoples Temple

Waco - The Vatican Connection

Catholic Priests, CIA within the "Anti-Cult" Movement

"Heavy Hitters" in the "Anti-Cult" Movement

Tom Cruise - Catholic Connections

Conversations with a Steve Hassan Supporter

Jesuit Law Professor is President of ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association -Formerly American Family Foundation - AFF)

ICSA - "The Masons, the Jesuits, Opus Dei and the Military are NOT "CULTS"

Margaret Singer began her work by interviewing "a number of Jesuit Priests"

My Videos:

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Other Videos:

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Other People's research:
All non-Romanists declared 'Heretics' (Cult Members)

Brainwashing and the Cults: The Rise and Fall of a Theory by J. Gordon Melton

Unknown Sources with some good info: (I can not endorse the writers because I don't know enough about them. They may have other positions, agendas and beliefs that I do not agree with.)

1. CIA Proprietaries, CIA Infiltrated or Influenced Organizations, and CIA Contractors by Michael Sweeney

2. Children of Satan III "The Sexual Congress For Cultural Fascism" (They mean, "The Congress for Cultural Freedom") American Family Foundation: The Wardens in—Dirty Bertie’s ‘Lethal Chamber’ by Barbara Boyd June 2004 ~Link

3. Cult Awareness brainwashers, Galen Kelly exposed at last ~LINK

4. The death of Deborah L. Malone

5. Michael G. Rokos

Additional Facts:
Margaret Singer spent a lot of time championing this theory of mind control. Her testimony regarding this subject was rejected by the Board of Social and Ethical Responsibility for Psychology (BSERP) of the American Psychological Association. Check out some astounding information on Margaret Singer (CIA connections).

Dr. Singer is the author of the book "Cults In Our Midst," which summarizes fifty years of work on the subject. In the 1950s, as a senior psychologist in the laboratory of psychology at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, she worked with Dr. Robert Jay Lifton and others who were studying prisoners of war from the Korean War. It was there that she first encountered the forms of coercive persuasion, or thought reform programs, that not only prisoners of war but also civilians in a variety of milieus had been exposed to in the Far East. She also interviewed a number of Jesuit priests who had been exposed to thought reform processes while imprisoned in mainland China.

Cynthia Kisser: "Kisser's own words and actions repeatedly came back to haunt her. In trial testimony, jurors heard how she had told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that if Jesus Christ were alive today, she would have him investigated by the old CAN and their findings shared with the media. They also learned how she had endorsed violent deprogrammer and convicted felon Rick Ross as "among the half-dozen best deprogrammers in the country." ~Source

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