SpirituallySmart has been censored often. I am going to start detailing the major internet corperations that are doing this to me.

But this isn't about ME. It's about the message of truth. the most important aspect to secular and religious events. the Vatican and her many daughters!

Infowars.com (Alex Jones and all his affiliates and blogs, forums ect that are associated with him and Loose Change.)


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This is my Nazi - Vatican Video that I did. This screenshot is a picture someone took in Germany.

Here you can see that youtube deleted a documentary on the holocaust. Being that it was uploaded to my channel it was more important because it was IN CONTEXT with TRUTH! I want to ad that this video DID NOT violate youtube's terms of service.

NEW Censorship against the truth. Youtube has now disabled my Nazi - Vatican Video. If you click the link you will see that it was disabled simply due to someone claiming it was infringed copywrited material. Screenshot:

Additionally youtube is now threatening to delete my whole youtube account. You can view the video HERE

Being that these two videos touched upon the Holocaust and were taken down for two different reasons I will have to say that youtube will find a reason, any reason, to take down important documentaries from their site. And I testify that both of the reasons youtube used to censor me were inaccurate and just plain false. (If my video was about complete foolishness I'm sure they would leave it up though.)


I've been hosting my photos on photobucket since I first started building my web site. Suddenly they are deleting my pictures. Deleting even the banner to my Nazi Vatican Web Page

This was the picture they deleted:

Here you can see they deleted a whole section of my pictures. All of them were photos of high up members of the Vatican posing with high up members of Nazi-Germany

Read the captian underneath this last missing picture and you will see photobucket.com deleted the picture of Pope Ratzinger when he was in Hiler Youth.

This pic:

We'll see if they delete it again. I see several days later that photobucket.com are monitoring my account and deleting pictures. Often I don't remmeber what the picture was they deleted.


Wikipedia has often censored me. Some of the "administrators" there are agents for the Vatican. I have often caught wikipedia admins gatekeeping articles disallowing good evidence proving a point or weakening an opposing point.

Here's an article showing the Vatican (and the CIA) "anonymously" edited wikipedia entries.


I have received many letters from truthseekers telling me that when they mention me in any forum associated with Alex jones that all their posts are quickly deleted. Youtube deleted my video, "Alex Jones CIA Agent of project mockingbird through Alternative Media."

Here you can see my video, "Jesuit Fascism and their takeover of America and Alt Media" is being "blocked in some countries"

It is also the same way with any mention of the Jesuits or Knights of Malta in any of these forums.

In the future I will provide screenshots of these emails from truthseekers testifying of censorship of truth through Alex Jones. Obviously it will take some time to go through my emails and find them.


Date of Message: | Aug 28, 2009