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  PROOF OKC BOMBING FBI ATF Govt OP April 19th 1995 April 19, 2008


May 1st 2008 is a special day for Jesse Trentadue. This is the day he finds out if a Federal Judge permits an already mandated Video Deposition to take place of Terry Lynn Nichols.

Feb 2007, Jesse Trentadue Attorney, spent one and one-half days with Terry Lynn Nichols, obtaining the deposition. In it he stated that there were many other parties involved and that the operations were overseen by FBI. He won a Federal injunction allowing a vdieo deposition but the US Dept of Prisons and FBI had filed motions to quash his deposition of Terry. May 1st 2008 is May Day for the Old World Disorder, as this Video evidence will demand finally a Grand Jury, that will make complicit two and possibly three Presidencies, FBI, ATF, and US State's Attorney in Colorado, Arapahoe County Sherriff, and many more.


OKC Govt Bombing Ops ATF FBI Marazoff Docs
Jesse Trentadue - Sunday, April 13th 2008:

"This story about my brother's murder and that crime being linked to the Oklahoma City Bombing is not lengthy. Neither does it contain much detail. But it is significant. It is significant because it is an Associated Press story relating this account of my Brother 's murder and the complicity of the federal government both in that crime and the Bombing. This would have been unheard of just a short while ago. It shows how far we have come in getting the truth out." eMail Sunday, April 13th 2008 to Dr Bill Deagle MD ... Pull full Documents NOW !


OKC FBI Trentadue Release Informant Documents Marc

Trenatdue vs. FBI --- Release of Additional Informant Documents...

Upload this pdf of US Fed Court Release of Additional Documents re OKC Bombing --- Further Proof of US ATF and FBI Involvement !


The Trentadue File OKC Bombing by FBI Part 1 of 3

Affidavit of Terry Lynn Nichols - Trentadue FBI US Gov't Wrongful Death Suit - pdf document


The Trentadue File OKC Bombing by FBI Part 2 of 3

Jesse Trentadue Atty Motion to Conduct Discovery pdf


The Trentadue File OKC Bombing by FBI Part 3 of 3

Affidavit of David Paul Hammer FBI Involvement in OKC Bombing pdf



V.Z. Lawton documents government coverup of videotapes and fingerprints that would answer questions as to who did OKC Murray Bombings on April 19th 1995. Upload the scanned "Withouth the Truth There Can be No Justice " V.Z. Lawton 6 page analysis



Micronuclear Devices Used in OKC Bombing: Explosives Placed by FBI, ATF Sent to Jesse Trentadue, Atty re Suit Against FBI and US Gov't for Wrongful Death of His Brother by FBI in 1995 around OKC Gov't Sponsored Bombings


Trentadue OKC Video Deposition Federal Order Sept

This is the Federal filed documents for Video Deposition of David Paul Hammer and Terry Lynn Nichols with the Federal Court vs. the FBI and their involvement in the OKC Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in April 1995. This was filed Sept 20th 2007 by Jesse Trentadue Atty, Salt Lake City, Utah, after discovering FBI involvement in his brother's Ken Trentadue's death was tied to FBI involvment with OKC.


David Paul Hammer OKC Depo Files FBI Involved!
David Paul Hammer OKC Depo Files FBI Involved! April 11, 2008

Hammer David Paul - Secrets Worth Dying For - Timothy James McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Timothy James McVeigh provided the information contained within this book to us during the time he spent with us here on death row at the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. We engaged in various projects on Tim?s behalf, and at some risk to ourselves, in order to gain his trust or a semblance thereof, and his cooperation with the writing of this book. Some might even say that we bartered with him. Our associations were not always amiable, there were intense disputes and allegations of broken promises and even treachery, but in the end the necessity for cooperation won out. This was needed to advance McVeigh''s agenda.

Our conversations took on many forms during the twenty-three months spent living together in a unit designed for the condemned. These conversations and communications ranged from debates, arguments, chatter, gossip, idle conversation, explanations, question and answer sessions, and even confessions by McVeigh.

It stands to reason, given the segregation of those housed on this unit, that we spent more time with McVeigh, than anyone else, during the last two years of his life. Some of the information revealed to us was previously provided to outside sources in February of 2000, by way of tape-recorded telephone calls. Additionally, we provided information to reporters by way of letters in late 1999 and early 2000. This all occurred just prior to the January 2000 face-to-face interviews between reporters Lou Michel, Dan Herbeck and McVeigh. Those interviews were conducted here on January 14, 17 and 18, 2000.

It should be noted that Tim McVeigh was fully aware of our intentions to write this book about our interactions with him. His agreement to assist us and to provide details was contingent upon our not writing about, or publishing the information in book form, prior to the publication of his ?authorized biography,? which he wanted to be titled ?American Patriot.? That book, written by reporters Michel and Herbeck in early 2001, was instead titled, ?American Terrorist.? While it was not the exact biography McVeigh had hoped for, it did contain a version of events portraying him as a "lone wolf terrorist,? responsible for planning, financing, and carrying out the Oklahoma City bombing almost single-handedly. That is the picture he wanted the public to believe while he was alive, for, in his mind, he would remain a true and loyal soldier until the very end.

We have honored all aspects of our agreement with Tim McVeigh. That includes naming a chapter in this book "Blood Makes the Grass Grow.? This title comes from the cadence uttered by his platoon, during basic training at Fort Banning, Georgia. We have elected to leave out the ?Kill, Kill, Kill!? line of that cadence.

Wherever possible, the authors have attempted to verify the information provided to us by McVeigh. We have done so via our contacts on the outside. Because of our incarceration and the slow process of verification, this book has taken almost three years to write. We offer this version of events relating to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 19, 1995, because the public has just as much right to know McVeigh''s secrets as they have to know his so-called ?authorized lone wolf version.? We offer his accounts only for what they are worth, that value is left up to you, the reader, to decide.



OKC Nichols Feb 2007 Depo Trentadue FBI INVOLVED !

This deposition was taken by Jesse Trentadue Atty from Terry Lynn Nichols who supports FBI total control and complicit control of Timothy McVeigh in completion of the OKC Murrah Bldg April 1995 Bombing. Video Deposition Orders were filed Sept 21st 2007 by Trentadue in Federal Court and granted by the court Federal Judge to proceed with David Paul Hammer and Jesse Trentadue.


OKC Peter Kevin Langan Depo FBI OKC Bombing Involvement

Peter Kevin Langan provided his deposition to Jesse Trentadue Atty providing evidence for Timothy McVeigh Federal involvement in OKC Murrah April 1995 bombing. This correlates with Terry Lynn Nichols and David Paul Hammer's and my affidavit filed in Spril 2007 and sent to Jesse Trentadue to obtain Video Deposition Federal Orders which he succeeded in Sept 21st 2007, for Terry Lynn Nichols and David Paul Hammer to provide further video evidence of Video proofs supporting written depositions provided by these men, now in US Federal Penitentiary Systems, and affiliated in direct and indirect ways to Timothy McVeigh.


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